America-class steamship - America

America won the Blue Riband on her second outward voyage in 1848 with a run from Liverpool–Halifax of 9 days 16 minutes, averaging 11.7 kn. America maintained Cunard's Halifax route when most of the rest of the fleet trooped during the Crimean War. On 14 February 1859 America made headlines when she broke through ice-choked Halifax Harbour after the normally ice-free port was paralyzed by a sudden freeze. She was chartered to the Allan Line in 1863 before being sold for conversion to a sailing ship. The former America was broken up in 1875.

Destination America - Destination America

The network also began to increase its focus on programs dealing with paranormal topics and investigations; on October 30, 2015, it aired Exorcism Live—a live special broadcast from the St. Louis site of the exorcism of Roland Doe, featuring the cast of Ghost Asylum and Chip Coffey. The March 4, 2016 premiere of Paranormal Lockdown was among the highest-rated series premieres in the channel's history, which prompted further growth in the channel's focus on paranormal series. Destination America underwent a rebranding in 2017, with on-air presentation carrying a darker and "uneasy" atmosphere (including a signature "glitch" effect) to reflect its change in programming direction.

Ferrari America - 375 America

The 375 America was introduced in 1953 and a Pinin Farina bodied example was shown at that year's Paris Salon. Built as a successor to the 342 America, The 375 used the new 4.5 L (4,522 cc) "long block" Lampredi designed V12 engine that produced up to 300 PS at 6300 rpm, with three Weber 40DCF (or DCZ) carburettors, and allowed it do 0-60 mph in under seven seconds and reach a top speed of almost 160 mph (257.5 kmh). The 375 and later used odd chassis numbering of a road cars, while the 340/342 Americas using even chassis numbering of a race cars. The 375 was expensive and exclusive and was only built from late 1953 through 1954. 12 cars were made, with ten being original 375s and two being 250 Europas that were subsequently converted to 375 specifications (the 250 Europa and 375 had a nearly identical wheelbase, chassis and mechanicals). The majority of 375s had either three or five-window coupe bodies by Pinin Farina, though Vignale bodied around three Coupés and one convertible.

America 2040 - America 2040

Eight Years Later Into The Year 2040, The Shuttle Known As Spirit Of America Is Preparing To Launch Into Space To Find The New Frontier And The Shuttle Commander Duncan Rodrick Along With His Crew Like Jackie Garvey, Rocky Miller And His Wife, Mandy Along With Pat Renfro, Jack Purdy And His Wife, Dinah Are Joining For The Frontier While The Young Man Named Clay Girard And His Dog, Jumper Wants To Be Part Of This Until Death And Tragedy Hurting Them And They Are Looking Afford Into The Future Until The New Chapter Is About To Begin Forever.

Ferrari America - 340 America

The first America cars were the 340, produced between 1950 and 1952. Using the new Lampredi V12 developed for Formula One racing, the 340 America could produce 220 PS. Originally only 23 copies were built: 11 by Vignale, eight by Touring, and four by Ghia. Giovanni Michelotti designed Coupé and 2+2 Coupé for Ghia and Coupé and Spider for Vignale. The first two Americas were converted from the 275 S. In 1951, 340 America Vignale Berlinetta won Mille Miglia race driven by Luigi Villoresi. Three Touring barchettas were also entered that year but did not finish.

Ferrari America - 342 America

Only six road cars were made: Vignale Cabriolet (designed by Giovanni Michelotti), two Pinin Farina Cabriolets and three Pinin Farina Coupés. Using the same Lampredi-designed engine as in 340 America with a different carburettor air filter arrangement and thus was detuned to 200 PS. Last example, the Pinin Farina Cabriolet s/n 0248AL presented at 1953 New York Auto show, was upgraded to 4.5 L engine. Both 340/342 Americas used even chassis numbering of a race cars, while 375 America and later used odd chassis numbering of a road cars. A Black Pinin Farina Cabriolet was owned by King Leopold III of Belgium.

Ferrari America - 340 America

The 340/342 America was replaced by its larger-engined brother, the 375 America.

America One - America One Sports

Historically, America One had a longstanding partnership with the Canadian Football League that lasted through much of the 2000s; this ended prior to the 2010 season, with NFL Network taking over U.S. broadcast rights; as of 2014, ESPN holds those rights.

Channel America - Channel America Broadcasting

Channel America Broadcasting, Inc., formerly Moreno-Cripple Creek Corporation, Moreno Uranium Corporation, EnviroSearch Corp., to EVRO Financial Corp. and EVRO Corporation, was the owner of Channel America Network, Inc. and The Sports & Shopping Network Inc.

America One - America One Sports

America One had broadcast rights to several rugby league organizations. From 2010 the predominantly Britain-based Super League matches were shown live (rights to that league have since transitioned to Fox Sports 2 (then called Fuel TV) in 2013) in addition to Australasia's National Rugby League games. They also showed the American National Rugby League Grand final.

America One - America One Sports

America One held the U.S. broadcast rights to the Ontario Hockey League, Australian Football League, the USAR Hooters Pro Cup, the ECHL, playoffs in the Indoor Football League, and the American Hockey League's all star game. America One syndicated many of these broadcasts to various regional sports networks in the US (usually, those not part of the Fox Sports Net family). America One also carried tape-delayed broadcasts of the English Premier League, specifically Bolton Wanderers and Everton. America One also showed Midwest-based Victory Fighting M.M.A. Usually, those events were on tape delay.

America One - America One Sports

In 1999, America One broadcast NWA Wildside pro wrestling.

Spaceport America - Spaceport America Cup

An annual rocketry competition and engineering event, Spaceport America Cup, takes place at the site, is an Intercollegiate Rocketry Engineering Competition (IREC)-official event, and is sanctioned by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA). An international field of college and commercial teams operate sounding and sport-class rockets of several varieties and specifications, including solid, liquid, and hybrid fuel rockets, with altitude ranges between 3 and 10 km, and utilize the airspace of the immediate area as well as downrange towards the White Sands facilitates.

America One - America One Sports

In 2012, America One became the first American network to broadcast a Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) game (Hiroshima Toyo Carp home game) on tape delay.

Universalist Church of America - Early America

One of the most important early Universalist evangelists was Dr. George de Benneville. Born in a Huguenot family exiled to England, he arrived in America in 1741. A physician and lay preacher, he spread Universalism among the German immigrants of Berks County, Pennsylvania, and later around Philadelphia and New Jersey. Benneville also commonly visited the Ephrata Cloister, a utopian community with Universalist beliefs. He arranged for the translation of a German book about universalism, The Everlasting Gospel (1753 translation), by Georg Klein-Nicolai of Friessdorf, Germany. Nearly forty years later, Elhanan Winchester read the book and converted to Universalism. He was influential in the printing of the Sauer Bible of Christoph Sauer (1695–1758), the first German Bible printed in America, with passages supporting Winchester's belief in the universal availability of salvation.

Consumer Federation of America - America Saves

America Saves is a nationwide campaign of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) that assists and encourages individuals to save money, reduce spending, and "build wealth." The campaign is a social marketing effort that seeks to stimulate behavior change, similar to other social marketing efforts to reduce smoking, curtail drunk driving, and promote wearing seat belts.

Consumer Federation of America - America Saves

Examples of local campaigns include (among others) Cleveland Saves, Philadelphia Saves, and Milwaukee Saves. Regional campaigns include Silicon Valley/South Bay Saves, Northwoods Saves, and Okaloosa County Saves. And, statewide campaigns have been organized in Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona (based in Phoenix), and Delaware. In addition to individual campaigns, America Saves plans and implements initiatives related to particular populations—youth, faith-based organizations, military personnel, African Americans, Hispanic Americans; and, to specific savings strategies—homeownership, tax refunds, at work saving, and car purchases.

Consumer Federation of America - America Saves

Launched in Cleveland in 2001, America Saves campaigns have expanded to over 65 communities, enrolled almost 400,000 savers, and involved over 2,500 organizations in supporting local, regional and statewide campaigns. Banks and credit unions are offering low minimum balance, no-fee savings accounts. In order to enroll as a Saver, individuals commit to a savings plan that identifies a savings goal.

Consumer Federation of America - America Saves

With the American Savings Education Council, America Saves organizes an annual "America Saves Week" where they encourage new individuals to join the campaign and existing members to assess their goals. During Saves Weeks, America Saves comes together with its partners (Federal Reserve Board, Cooperative Extension, Department of Defense, etc.) as well as its locally run campaigns. These organizations work during the week to assist individuals to manage their existing funds, participate in informational workshops, and to create savings accounts.

Transportation in North America - Central America

Mexico has a connection to Guatemala, but it is a break of gauge, since Mexico uses, while Guatemala and Central America use narrow gauge. Aside from a short spur line linking border city of Ciudad Tecún Umán, Guatemala, the entire nation is on gauge.