April Crisis - April Theses

On 3 April, the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin arrived in Petrograd on a sealed train from Switzerland. At the Finland Station, he made statements against both the "Appeal to All the Peoples of the World" and the "Declaration of War Aims," instead demanding "all power to the soviets." He rejected any cooperation with the Provisional government or the Mensheviks, and called for withdrawal of Russia's troops from the war. Lenin's views on these issues were published in the Bolshevik newspaper, Pravda, on 7 April in what is known as his April Theses.

April Fools' Day - April fish

In Italy, France, Belgium and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, April 1 tradition is often known as "April fish" (poissons d'avril in French, april vis in Dutch or pesce d'aprile in Italian). This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed. Such fish feature is prominently present on many late 19th- to early 20th-century French April Fools' Day postcards. Many newspapers also spread a false story on April Fish Day, and a subtle reference to a fish is sometimes given as a clue to the fact that it is an April fools' prank.

April 1909 - April 15, 1909 (Thursday)

*Wilbur and Orville Wright demonstrated their airplane at the Centocelle military field near Rome, at the invitation of Mario Calderara and Umberto Savoia, whom they taught to fly. By the close of their visit on April 26, an Italian air force was Army launched and production of aircraft began at the Facciolli automobile factory later in the year.

April Weeps - The April Weeds Era

The band originally formed in 2004 with the name April Weeds. In 2007 they released an unofficial, home recorded demo album titled "Songs From The Old House". After playing few gigs, the constant line-up changes caused the band to go dormant and went silent. In 2010 the band went through a reboot and because of the name similarity with marijuana, changed its name to April Weeps.

April 1961 - April 22, 1961 (Saturday)

*Four retired French Generals — Maurice Challe and Raoul Salan, both of whom had formerly been Commanders-in-Chief of the French Army in Algeria; Edmond Jouhaud, former Inspector General of the French Air Force; and André Zeller, former Chief of Staff of the French Ground Army attempted a coup and sent at least 2,000 paratroopers to seize control of cities in Algeria to prevent the transfer of power from France to Algerian nationals. In the early morning hours in Algiers, France's delegate general, Jean Morin, French Transport Minister Robert Buron, and General Fernand Gambiez were taken prisoner as the troops seized control of government offices. Expecting that an attempted coup would reach the French mainland, President Charles De Gaulle ordered loyal units to fight the mutineers. Failing to win support in the coup, General Challe surrendered to loyal troops on April 26 and was flown to Paris to face trial for treason, while Salan, Jouhad and Zeller fled, along with former Prime Minister Georges Bidault, who had joined the generals in a statement calling for the overthrow of De Gaulle.

April 1927 - April 24, 1927 (Sunday)

*Members of the Chinese Communist Party, who had survived the April 12 massacre, met at Wuhan and re-elected Chen Duxiu (Ch'en Tu-hsiu) as the Party's Secretary General.

April 1960 - April 29, 1960 (Friday)

*Italy's new government, led by Fernando Tambroni of the Christian Democrats, narrowly won a vote of confidence, 128–110, in the Italian Senate. Tambroni had quit on April 11, shortly after taking office.

April 1949 - April 17, 1949 (Sunday)

*The Chinese Communists gave the Nationalist government until April 20 to sign surrender terms. The consequences of refusal were not stated, but it was obviously a threat to invade southern China.

April 1909 - April 12, 1909 (Monday)

*Doc Powers, the popular catcher for baseball's Philadelphia Athletics, became seriously ill after the first game played at the new Shibe Park. In front of a record crowd of 30,162 the hometeam A's won 8–1. Over the next two weeks, Powers (who was a physician as well as a ballplayer), underwent three intestinal operations and died of peritonitis on April 26. Powers said at the time that his problems had happened as a result of eating a cheese sandwich prior to the game, while other observers thought he had been hurt while straining to catch a foul ball, or crashing into a wall.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

By April 3, the Syrian Army had retaken Sarmin. CNN reported they were assaulting Binnish, Taoum, Sarmin, and Taftanaz with tanks and helicopters.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 5, the Syrian Army announced a pause in fighting in Taftanaz for residents to collect the dead. Imagery released by Ambassador Robert Ford showed that the Army withdrew from Taftanaz after taking it, then took the nearby town of Zardana.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 12, Khirbet al-Joz was reported to have been taken by the Syrian Army after two hours of clashes.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 13, though, it was reported the FSA still held Khirbet al-Joz and shelling was ongoing.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 1, it was reported that the FSA was outgunned, so they were making homemade bombs to defend themselves.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 6, the Syrian Army started shelling the village of Killi.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 4, the Syrian Army was still shelling Binnish and Taftanaz. Citizens were reported to be fleeing Binnish, but could not flee Taftanaz because it was surrounded by the Syrian Army. 20 were reported killed in Taftanaz.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

By April 7, it was reported at least 100 had been killed in Taftanaz and Killi.

April 2012 Idlib Governorate Operation - April Operation

On April 8, the Syrian Army, with about 90 tanks backed by helicopters, assaulted the al-Rouge plain with the FSA being surrounded and shelled in the village al-Bashiriyah in the plain.

April 2013 Bachu unrest - April 2013 violence

On 24 April 2013, deadly clashes broke out between policemen and ethnic Uyghur suspected terrorists, which according to state officials began when three local government officials reported a suspicious group of individuals armed with knives, outside a home in the Selibuya township located outside the city of Kashgar. While the group was in process of reporting this to their superiors, they were apprehended by the armed men hiding inside the home, killing the three unarmed officials. Afterwards policemen and community cadres at the local police station were informed by the workers' earlier reports and went to handle the matter.

Tornado outbreak of April 13–15, 2018 - April 15

The SPC first mentioned the threat for organized severe weather across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions on April 12, noting that the main threat was expected to be damaging winds. A day 3 Slight risk was outlined for central Florida northward into extreme southern Virginia the next day, with an Enhanced risk of severe weather introduced across much of South Carolina and central North Carolina during the morning hours of April 15. This outlook included a 10% risk area for tornadoes. The potent upper-level trough that sparked severe weather farther west over subsequent days began to tilt in a northwest-to-southeast fashion, forcing rapid cooling aloft and geopotential height falls over a large region. The surface low progressed from Iowa into Ohio and across the Appalachian Mountains, resulting in strong low-level flow and substantial moisture return across the severe weather risk area; dewpoints in the low to mid-60s caused an unstable atmosphere that ultimately led to a quasi-linear convective system and hundreds of damaging wind reports. Embedded semi-discrete supercell structures within this line produced several tornadoes, including EF2 ones that affected areas east of Gilbert, South Carolina and the eastern sections of Greensboro, North Carolina. Another strong tornado moved through the Virginia towns of Timberlake and Lynchburg before reaching EF3 strength as it destroyed several homes in Elon.