Alice N' Chains - Post-Alice N' Chains

Shortly after Alice N' Chains broke up, Staley joined a different group of musicians led by guitarist Jerry Cantrell that eventually took up the name Alice in Chains. This band rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s, along with other Seattle bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. Staley also formed the supergroup Mad Season along with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin.

Alice in Chains - 1995–1996: Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains resurfaced on April 10, 1996, to perform their first concert in two and a half years for MTV Unplugged, a program featuring all-acoustic set lists. The performance featured some of the band's highest charting singles, including "Rooster", "Down in a Hole", "Heaven Beside You", "No Excuses" and "Would?", and introduced a new song, "Killer Is Me", with Cantrell on lead vocals. The show marked Alice in Chains' only appearance as a five-piece band, adding second guitarist Scott Olson. A live album of the performance was released in July 1996, debuting at number three on the Billboard 200, and was accompanied by a home video release, both of which received platinum certification by the RIAA. Following the Unplugged concert, Alice in Chains performed "Again" on the TV show Saturday Night Special on April 20, 1996. The band also made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on May 10, 1996, performing the songs "Again" and "We Die Young".

Alice in Chains - 1995–1996: Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains performed four shows supporting the reunited original Kiss lineup on their 1996/97 Alive/Worldwide Tour, including the final live appearance of Layne Staley on July 3, 1996, in Kansas City, Missouri. Shortly after the show, Staley was found unresponsive after he overdosed on heroin and was taken to the hospital. Although he recovered, the band was forced to go on hiatus.

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The following are the world's largest movie theatre chains in the world as of 2018:

Alice in Chains - 1995–1996: Alice in Chains

While Alice in Chains was inactive during 1995, Staley joined the "grunge supergroup" Mad Season, which also featured Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, bassist John Baker Saunders from The Walkabouts, and Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin. Mad Season released one album, Above, for which Staley provided lead vocals and the album artwork. The album spawned a number-two single, "River of Deceit", as well as a home video release of Live at the Moore.

Alice in Chains - 1995–1996: Alice in Chains

In April 1995, Alice in Chains entered Bad Animals Studio in Seattle with producer Toby Wright, who had previously worked with Corrosion of Conformity and Slayer. While in the studio, an inferior version of the song "Grind" was leaked to radio, and received major airplay. On October 6, 1995, the band released the studio version of the song to radio via satellite uplink to stem excessive spread of taped copies of the song.

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Asian supermarket - Chains

Though most Asian supermarkets tend to be neighborhood oriented, small and independent and may carry similar or even identical names, many large chains of stores have floor area that is comparable to other American supermarket chain stores. Among the largest of these chains is H Mart, which has 61 locations.

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The three largest chains are vertical owned by the wholesalers while Ditt Apotek is a franchise concept owned by Norsk Medisinaldepot. All the hospital pharmacies use Alliance Healthcare as supplier.

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This topic is divided into the major subtopics of "UNITY of Believers", "COOPERATION", and "STRIFE", each of which is divided into further topics. The general section contains 12 individual chains, some of considerable size. Many also incorporate references to chains treated elsewhere, such as the reference to Saints' Fellowship (chain 1325). The chain numbers feature prominently in the Thompson system, and the chain topics are listed in numerical order.

Thompson Chain-Reference Bible - Chains

indicating the end of the chain. Other chains are more complex. Chain topic 3724, for example, concerns the general topic of unity:

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This list contains chains that were much larger in the past (some as large as over 1,000) but have been reduced to a single restaurant location (and cannot really be considered a chain anymore).

Chains Changed

Chains Changed is an EP recording by Throwing Muses, released in 1987 (see 1987 in music).

Gold Chains - Aftermath of the fire: 2015-present

A massive four-alarm fire in San Francisco's Mission District left one person dead and six injured. Along with the offices of nearby nonprofit Mission Local, the blaze completely destroyed LaFata's apartment of 18 years, all his belongings and gear, and the studio in which he recorded Gold Chains material.

Food Chains

Food Chains is a 2014 American documentary film about agricultural labor in the United States directed by Sanjay Rawal. It was the Recipient of the 2015 James Beard Foundation Award for Special/Documentary.

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Additionally, the correct Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) class of snow chains must be installed, based on the wheel clearance of the vehicle.

Food Chains - Critical reception

In a review for The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck suggested not much had changed since Harvest of Shame, a 1960 documentary about the same topic. He concluded that Food Chains was 'simultaneously inspirational and deeply depressing.' Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, Tara Duggan added that there were 'many chilling moments' in the documentary. In The New York Daily News, Elizabeth Weitzman called the documentary 'unsettling,' concluding 'you will certainly leave the theater more enlightened than when you arrived.'. Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times called the film 'rousing' and 'emphatic and empathetic.'.

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Shattered Chains is a Magic: The Gathering novel which details the efforts of an untrained mage (Greensleeves) and her brother (Gull the Woodcutter) as they try to combat the evil manipulation of magic for wizards' personal gain.

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Most tire chains are wrapped around the circumference of the tires and held in place with rim chains, which may be chain or cable, elastic or adjustable tensioners. Automatic chains do not wrap around the tire but swing under the tire from devices permanently mounted under the vehicle which deploy via an electronic solenoid activated in the cab. Some tire chains mount onto the tires from only one side. Others use a ratcheting system for easier installation.

Broken Chains

Broken Chains may refer to: