Classified information in the United States - Classified classifications

Executive Order 13526, which forms the legal basis for the U.S. classification system, states that "information may be classified at one of the following three levels", with Top Secret as the highest level (Sec. 1.2). However, this executive order provides for special access programs that further restricted access to a small number of individuals and permit additional security measures (Sec. 4.3). These practices can be compared with (and may have inspired) the concepts multilevel security and role-based access control. U.S. law also has special provisions protecting information related to cryptography ( 18 USC 798), nuclear weapons and atomic energy (see Controls on atomic-energy information) and the identity of covert intelligence agents (see Intelligence Identities Protection Act).

Classified (Classified album)

Classified is the self-titled and third major release studio album by Canadian rapper Classified released on January 22, 2013 on Universal Music Canada. This is his fourteenth studio album overall. The album had debuted at #1 on the Canadian Albums Chart, earning Classified his first number one album in the country. The first official single; "Inner Ninja" reached #5 on the Canadian Hot 100, making it Classified's first top-ten hit on the chart; the song has earned a 2013 Juno Award for "Rap Recording of the Year" and has been certified 4x Platinum in digital downloads by Music Canada, it Classified's second song to receive platinum status, the first being "Oh...Canada". The second official single off the album is "3 Foot Tall" which was also certified Platinum. The third single off the album is "Pay Day". Other promotional singles from the album include "Anything Goes" and "Familiar", both of which had accompanying music videos. As of March 2014, the album was certified Gold by Music Canada and was also re-released on March 11, 2014, adding the hit single "Higher" featuring B.o.B. In September 2017, the album was certified Platinum by Music Canada.

Classification of Built Heritage in Portugal - Classified

A property is considered of public interest when its national protection or appreciation represent a cultural value of national importance, but for which the protection regime inherent in being of national interest may be disproportionate. Property belonging to private individuals may be classified if their loss may constitute a serious damage or irreparable cultural loss to the cultural heritage (classification in the form of an ordinance).

List of Madagascar (franchise) characters - Classified

Classified (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) is a courageous yet slightly arrogant British wolf and the team leader of North Wind. He is at loggerheads with Skipper. Skipper calls him Classified, who states his name isn't really "Classified". His name is classified (as in "top secret") because he is the leader of the team. He is the North Wind's counterpart of Skipper.

Information sensitivity - Classified

Classified information may also be further denoted with the method of communication or access. For example, Protectively Marked "Secret" Eyes Only or Protectively Marked "Secret" Encrypted transfer only. Indicating that the document must be physically read by the recipient and cannot be openly discussed for example over a telephone conversation or that the communication can be sent only using encrypted means. Often mistakenly listed as meaning for the eyes of the intended recipient only the anomaly becomes apparent when the additional tag "Not within windowed area" is also used.

Information sensitivity - Classified

Classified information generally refers to information that is subject to special security classification regulations imposed by many national governments, the disclosure of which may cause harm to national interests and security. The protocol of restriction imposed upon such information is categorized into a hierarchy of classification levels in almost every national government worldwide, with the most restricted levels containing information that may cause the greatest danger to national security if leaked. Authorized access is granted to individuals on a need to know basis who have also passed the appropriate level of security clearance. Classified information can be reclassified to a different level or declassified (made available to the public) depending on changes of situation or new intelligence.

Classification of Built Heritage in Portugal - Classified

A property is considered of national interest when its protection or appreciation, in total or in part, represents a significant cultural value to the nation. These possessions can only be classified as of a national interest when its ruin or degradation may result in its irreparable cultural loss, as defined by Government decree.

Classified information in the United States - Sharing of classified information with other countries

In cases where the United States wishes to share classified information bilaterally (or multilaterally) with a country that has a sharing agreement, the information is marked with "REL TO USA", (release) and the three-letter country code. For example, if the U.S. wanted to release classified information to the government of Canada, it would mark the document "REL TO USA, CAN". There are also group releases, such as NATO, FVEY or UKUSA. Those countries would have to maintain the classification of the document at the level originally classified (Top Secret, Secret, etc.).

Classified information - Government classification

However, classified information is frequently "leaked" to reporters by officials for political purposes. Several U.S. presidents have leaked sensitive information to get their point across to the public.

Classified Ventures

In April 2014, Apartments.com and its associated sites were sold to CoStar Group for $585 million. On August 5, 2014, Gannett announced that it would buy out the other owners' stakes in Classified Ventures for $1.8 billion. The acquisition was closed on October 1, 2014.

Classified information

The question exists among some political science and legal experts, whether the definition of classified ought to be information that would cause injury to the cause of justice, human rights, etc, rather than information that would cause injury to the national interest, to distinguish when classifying information is in the collective best interest of a just society or merely the best interest of a society acting unjustly, to protect its people, government, or administrative officials from legitimate recourses consistent with a fair and just social contract.

Classified X

Classified X is a 1998 French-US documentary movie written by Melvin Van Peebles, directed by Mark Daniels and narrated by Van Peebles, that details the history of black people in American cinema throughout the 20th century. According to the review in Variety: ""... Van Peebles' distinctive analyses and his ever-growing importance to new black helmers via 1971's breakthrough Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song make this a package with shelf life for cinematheques, schools and select broadcaster webs.... Scaredy-cat comedy-relief types, jungle "savages," mammies and minstrels (Van Peebles acidly observes that Caucasian players "put on blackface when they felt like doing something extra-stupid") gave way after World War II to "The New Negro" -- a put-upon "keeper of conscience" for the white protagonists. Pic briefly exits Hollywood to consider the independent black cinema that flourished -- with strict low-budget bounds -- from silent days till the late '40s, supported by a network of blacks-only theaters.""

Classified (rapper) - 2008–2014: Self Explanatory, Handshakes and Middle Fingers, and self titled album

In March 2014, Classified co-hosted the 2014 Juno Awards along with Serena Ryder and Johnny Reid as well as releasing a new single "Higher" featuring B.o.B.

CATS Classified - History

The person in charge was Mr Koh Tiong Choo. Mr Koh joined Classified when he was 28 years old. Mr Koh had to scrutinise all ads, as far as English was concerned. Also he had to be sure of the genuine nature of the advertisers. Death certificates had to be produced before publication of the death announcement. For engagement ads, both parties had to be present and identified from their IDs.

Classified Ventures

Classified Ventures, LLC was a Chicago-based media company. The company, established to capitalize on the revenue growth in the online classified advertising categories of automotive and rentals, was a joint venture among five major newspaper publishers: A. H. Belo, Gannett Company, The McClatchy Company, Tribune Company, and Graham Holdings Company It was the owner of Apartments.com and Cars.com.

Classified information - New Zealand

Because of strict privacy requirements around personal information, personnel files are controlled in all parts of the public and private sectors. Information relating to the security vetting of an individual is usually classified at the In Confidence level.

Classified information - Brazil

A top secret (ultrassecreto) government-issued document may be classified for a period of 25 years, which may be extended up to another 25 years. Thus, no document remains classified for more than 50 years. This is mandated by the 2011 Information Access Law (Lei de Acesso à Informação), a change from the previous rule, under which documents could have their classification time length renewed indefinitely, effectively shuttering state secrets from the public. The 2011 law applies retroactively to existing documents.

Classified information - Sweden

The Swedish classification has been updated due to increased NATO/PfP cooperation. All classified defence documents will now have both a Swedish classification (Kvalificerat hemlig or Hemlig), and an English classification (Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, or Restricted). The term skyddad identitet, "protected identity", is used in the case of protection of a threatened person, basically implying "secret identity", accessible only to certain members of the police force and explicitly authorised officials.

Classified (rapper) - 2008–2014: Self Explanatory, Handshakes and Middle Fingers, and self titled album

In 2013, Classified would reach the height of his music career with the release of his fourteenth album, eponymously titled Classified, which debuted at #1 on the Canadian Albums Chart, earning him his first chart-topping album and would eventually be certified Platinum by Music Canada. The first single off the album, "Inner Ninja" reached #5 on the Canadian Hot 100, earning Classified his first top ten hit and highest charting song. The song has been certified 5x Platinum in digital downloads by Music Canada.

CATS Classified - Online Products

In 2006, CATS Classified launched an online Classifieds product, ST701 with four sections, Jobs, Cars, Property and Shops. From January – June 2010, ST701.com was ranked number one in the Hitwise Singapore 'Shopping and Classifieds - Classifieds' industry based on monthly average market share.