Andrew Kerr (festival co-founder)

Andrew Kerr (29 November 1933 – 6 October 2014) was a co-founder of Glastonbury Fair, the 1971 forerunner of today's Glastonbury Festival. Kerr managed the festival site up to the mid-1980s, helping establish it as the UK's foremost music festival.

Dillon, Read & Co. - Dillon, Read & Co.

C. Douglas Dillon, the son of Dillon Read co-founder Clarence Dillon, served as chairman of the company before serving as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under John F. Kennedy and as U.S. Undersecretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to France under Dwight Eisenhower.

Organizational founder - Legal status

The language of securities regulation in the United States considers co-founders to be "promoters" under Regulation D. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission definition of "Promoter" includes: (i) Any person who, acting alone or in conjunction with one or more other persons, directly or indirectly takes initiative in founding and organizing the business or enterprise of an issuer; However, not every promoter is a co-founder. In fact, there is no formal, legal definition of what makes somebody a co-founder. The right to call oneself a co-founder can be established through an agreement with one's fellow co-founders or with permission of the board of directors, investors, or shareholders of a startup company. When there is no definitive agreement (like shareholders' agreement), disputes about who the co-founders are can arise.

Wiki-Watch - Criticism of co-founder

In July 2011 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper published articles describing an alleged conflict of interest between co-founder Wolfgang Stock's work for Wiki-Watch and his work for a pharmaceutical company that was a client of his agency Convincet. Stock had last made edits to Wikipedia articles in the area of pharmaceuticals and health issues in spring 2009, which was one year before founding Wiki-Watch (late 2010) and two years before the accusation (July 2011).

Students for Trump - Ryan Fournier, co-founder

In April 2019, John Lambert, the co-founder of Students for Trump and friend of Fournier's was arrested and charged with wire fraud and conspiracy for allegedly taking upward of $16,000 under false pretenses, while pretending to be an attorney.

Zdravko Mlinar - Founder

He conceptualized and led a series of scientific meetings in Slovenia and during eight world congresses of the International Sociological Association (ISA), in which he was also Chairman and Vice-Chairman of two of its research committees and co-founder of the working group of Sociology of local-global relations.

J. Scott Armstrong - Founder

Armstrong is a founder or co-founder of these organizations, journals, and websites:

The Modern School, Faridabad - Founder

Lala Raghubir Singh was the primary founder, he worked for the improvement of the school and in this endeavour he teamed up with Sardar Sobha Singh. Sardar Sobha Singh was the co-founder of the school. A builder during the height of the Raj, he was involved in the construction of buildings in Delhi like Connaught Place, National Museum, Modern School, South Block and India Gate. His own two sons, Bhagwant Singh and Khushwant Singh (the noted writer) were amongst the first students of Modern School.

Larry Sanger - Status as Wikipedia co-founder

Sanger posted on his personal webpage several links which supported his role as a co-founder. As early as January 17, 2001 Sanger was noted as "Instigator of Nupedia's wiki" by chief Nupedia copyeditor Ruth Ifcher, and he was identified as a co-founder of Wikipedia as of September 2001. Sanger has said that he organized Wikipedia while Wales was mostly focused on Bomis.com.

Li Dazhao - Co-founder of the CPC

Li initiated the Peking Socialist Youth Corps in 1920 (Pringsheim 1962, p76), in advance of the first meeting of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Shanghai in July, 1921. Though Li was unable to attend, he was named co-founder of the CPC, along with Chen Duxiu.

The Crossing (choral ensemble) - Death of co-founder Jeffrey Dinsmore

In April 2014, Crossing co-founder Jeffrey Dinsmore died at age 42; he was preparing for a rehearsal with The Crossing and the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Disney Hall. The ensemble subsequently established The Jeffrey Dinsmore Memorial Fund.

Teresa de Dios Unanue - Co-founder of Atlantic University College

Dr. Teresa de Dios Unanue has dedicated her life to the development of Puerto Rican children and youths. In 1983, Dr. de Dios began her work developing Atlantic University College, the only university institution in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. She is a co-founder of the College, and currently serves as its President. This university institution has been credited with strengthening the city's economy. Similarly, Atlantic University College is considered to be a pioneer in digital arts on the island. Another great success of Dr. de Dios was her establishment of the historic first bachelor's degree in graphic arts, and the incorporation into the College's curriculum, in 2001, of the first master's degree in graphic arts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean which specializes in digital graphic design. Also, in 2014, the Master of Science in Interactive Technologies Programming

B612 Foundation - Ed Lu, co-founder and CEO

Edward Tsang "Ed" Lu (b. July 1, 1963) is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the B612 Foundation, and as well, a U.S. physicist and a former NASA astronaut. He is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and an extended stay aboard the International Space Station which included a six-hour spacewalk outside the station performing construction work. During his three missions he logged a total of 206 days in space.

Connect (biotechnology organization) - Founder credentials

In 2005 CONNECT was a co-founder of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, in 2008 CONNECT founded CleanTECH San Diego, and in 2009 founded San Diego Sport Innovators, now headed by Bill Walton.

Georgia Ensemble Theatre and Conservatory - The Founder

Robert J. Farley was the co-founder and Artistic Director of the acclaimed Alaska Repertory Theatre in the 70's. He served as Artistic Director of the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta during the late 80's., where he directed the Atlanta premiere of Driving Miss Daisy in 1988..

List of lawsuits and controversies of Tesla, Inc. - Founder dispute

The company founding was the subject of a lawsuit that was later dropped after an out-of-court settlement. On May 26, 2009, Eberhard filed suit against Tesla and Musk for slander, libel and breach of contract. Musk wrote a lengthy blog post that included original source documents, including emails between senior executives and other artifacts attempting to demonstrate that Eberhard was fired by Tesla's unanimous board of directors. A judge struck down Eberhard's claim that he was one of only two company founders. Tesla said in a statement that the ruling is "consistent with Tesla's belief in a team of founders, including the company's current CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk, and Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel, who were both fundamental to the creation of Tesla from inception." Eberhard withdrew the case and the parties reached a final settlement. One public provision said that the parties will consider Eberhard, Musk, Straubel, Tarpenning and Wright to be the five co-founders. Eberhard issued a statement about Musk's foundational role in the company: "As a co-founder of the company, Elon's contributions to Tesla have been extraordinary."

William McNulty (relief organization founder)

William McNulty (born 1977) is the co-founder of the international disaster relief organization Team Rubicon, and the founder of Team Rubicon Global.

Jimmy Wales - Controversy regarding Wales's status as co-founder

In late 2005, Wales edited his own biographical entry on the English Wikipedia. Writer Rogers Cadenhead drew attention to logs showing that in his edits to the page, Wales had removed references to Sanger as the co-founder of Wikipedia. Sanger commented that "having seen edits like this, it does seem that Jimmy is attempting to rewrite history. But this is a futile process because in our brave new world of transparent activity and maximum communication, the truth will out." Wales was also observed to have modified references to Bomis in a way that was characterized as downplaying the sexual nature of some of his former company's products. Though Wales argued that his modifications were solely intended to improve the accuracy of the content, he apologized for editing his own biography, a practice generally discouraged on Wikipedia.

B612 Foundation - Piet Hut, co-founder and strategic adviser

Dr. Piet Hut (b. September 26, 1952, Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a co-founder of the B612 Foundation, one of its strategic advisers, and a Dutch astrophysicist, who divides his time between research in computer simulations of dense stellar systems and broadly interdisciplinary collaborations, ranging from fields in natural science to computer science, cognitive psychology and philosophy. He is currently Program Head in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, former home to Albert Einstein.

Wellesley & Co.

Wellesley Group is an established alternative property investment platform, that issues Bond investments to the UK retail market. The Wellesley Group consists of Wellesley & Co., Wellesley Finance Plc and Wellesley Group Investors Ltd. Wellesley Group is named after co-founder Graham Wellesley, 8th Earl Cowley, who was previously Chief Executive of IFX and Finspreads.