Gravity, Completed

Gravity, Completed is the third extended play (EP) by South Korean boy band KNK. It is the reissue of the band’s second single album, Gravity. The EP contains six songs including the lead single, "Rain".

Completed revelation

According to the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church, completed revelation is the doctrine that God has fulfilled and completed divine revelation in Jesus Christ, and there will be no new divine revelation until the Second Coming.

Course Completed

Course Completed (Asignatura aprobada) is a 1987 Spanish drama film written, produced and directed by José Luis Garci.

Completed staff work

The earliest description of the concept of Completed Staff Work appears in U.S. Army publications, although some sources indicate its origin to be a decade earlier from the Canadian Army. Since its early military origin, it has subsequently found favor in police management texts in the U.S.

Completed staff work

In Completed Staff Work, the subordinate is responsible for identifying the problem or issue requiring decision by some higher authority. In written form such as a memorandum, the subordinate documents the research done, the facts gathered, and analysis made of alternative courses of action. The memo concludes with a specific recommendation for action by the superior.

Completed-contract method - When to use

The completed-contract method is used when costs are difficult to estimate, there are many ongoing small jobs (one time work), and projects are of short duration. This method can be used only when the job will be completed within two years from inception of a contract.

Completed staff work

James Webb, Director of the Bureau of the Budget (1946-1949), attributes the Doctrine of Completed Staff Work to President Harry S. Truman. However, a memo written and circulated by Briagadier General George A. Rehm, executive officer for the G-3, Operations section, attributes the policy to General MacArthur's headquarters in the Southwest Pacific Areas during World War 2.

List of tallest buildings in Poland - Completed

This list ranks completed and topped out buildings that stand at least 80 m tall by architectural height.

List of tallest residential buildings in Dubai - Completed

This list ranks completed and topped out residential buildings in Dubai that stand at least 180 m tall, based on standard height measurement. An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings.

The Enchanter Completed

The Enchanter Completed (or a variant thereof) is a title that has been given to two separate books relating to the fiction of science fiction and fantasy writer L. Sprague de Camp:

Completed staff work

Completed staff work is a principle of management which states that subordinates are responsible for submitting written recommendations to superiors in such a manner that the superior need do nothing further in the process than review the submitted document and indicate approval or disapproval.

Completed-contract method - General description

Accounting for long term contracts can be done in two ways: through the completed-contract method and the percentage of completion method. The choice between the two depends on the provisions of SOP 81-1 from the AICPA. The completed-contract method recognizes income only when the contract is completed or substantially completed.

Type XVII submarine - Completed boats

Three Type XVIIB boats were completed by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg between 1943 and 1944:, and U-1407. U-1405 was completed in December 1944, U-1406 in February 1945, and U-1407 in March 1945.

Cityscape of Lexington, Kentucky - Never completed

One ambitious project that was never completed was the Lexington Sky Bridge Plaza. Proposed on October 11, 1984, it never progressed further than the design phases. Envisioned by two University of Kentucky professors, the civic space would have been located 14.5 ft above the Harrison Avenue viaduct (now Martin Luther King Drive), and would have included a bandstand for live music, an outdoor cafe with meeting space, and a display area for local art scene. It would have included provisions for an ice-skating rink. The facility would have been constructed on four concrete piers that extend upward from the existing viaduct with two steel trusses and concrete brace supports. It was loosely modeled after the Belvedere along Interstate 64 in Louisville, Kentucky and Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Columbia (Arrow Lakes sternwheeler) - Construction completed

Columbia had entered operations in the summer of 1891 before she was fully complete. This was done on occasion with steamboats so that they could earn some money during the summer navigation season. (Navigation on the Arrow Lakes and other parts of the Columbia River system was restricted by ice, low water and other winter conditions.) During the post-season lay up at Revelstoke in the fall of 1891, Alexander Watson completed Columbia's construction. He built a new upper row of cabins, called a "Texas" and placed the pilot house (the smaller cabin structure where the ship's wheel was located) on top of the Texas. Electric lighting was also installed. These changes made the Columbia the premier vessel operating on the Upper Columbia. Columbia can be readily distinguished in photographs of the period by her high pilot house.

Reversible destiny - Completed projects

(Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan Completed October 2005)

Raritan River Greenway - Completed sections

The longest completed section of the Raritan River Greenway is three miles (5 km) long and runs from a hill near Red Oak Way in Bridgewater to Nevius Street in Raritan. The hill at an elevation of seventy feet has a nice view of south side of the Raritan River. The dirt path from the top of the hill to a small parking lot (at the driveway for the Sellars Maintenance Facility on Old York Road) is part of county property that is undeveloped. Through the fence of the parking lot is the developed part of the trail, beginning as a gravel pathway bound by the Raritan Water Power Canal and the Raritan River. This part of the trail is in Duke Island Park in Bridgewater. Less than a quarter mile east, a paved bicycle path begins, which ends near an old railroad bridge near Woodmere Street. The gravel and dirt footpath continues along the canal and meets up with the bicycle path again near the old railroad bridge. The dirt pedestrian path continues on the much narrower strip of land between the canal and river until it reaches a small foot bridge at the end of Canal Street in Raritan. A new pedestrian bridge further west on Old York Road has been installed with parking provided for further access to the greenway. After reaching Raritan center, the greenway continues across a mowed field without a trail and under a tunnel beneath the Lyman Street Bridge. On the south side of the Lyman Street Bridge is a small sign with some history of the Raritan Power Canal. The Nevius Street Bridge, where the trail currently ends can be crossed by pedestrians and bicyclists into Hillsborough.

Joseph Philippe Karam - Completed projects

During his short life, Karam was a prolific designer and builder. His completed projects include: (not an exhaustive list)

Belfast Buildings Trust - Completed projects

The BBT has completed three regeneration projects: St Patrick's School, Donegall Street; Christ Church, College Square North; and The Gate Lodge at the former Good Shepherd Convent on Ormeau Road, which now serves as the trust's headquarters.

China Wu Culture Expo Park - Completed Projects

Lianghong Wetland borders the Hongshan Ruins Park Agricultural Eco-Ehibition Zone to the east, the Taibo Canal to the west, the Zhan Bridge at Taibo Canal to the north and the natural village Qiaotou Lane to the south. The total planned area amounts to 1km2: Phase 1 covers 0.4 km2, which was completed at the end of March 2009. Phase 2 covers 0.6 km2, which will be completed in March 2010. The total investment reaches 500 million yuan.