List of ReBoot characters - Daemon

"The Word" may be a reference to a unit of memory called a word. In her final scene she reveals that The Word is "Cron" ("I am not an entity, I am a time. My time is now. The Word is Cron."), and Bob realizes that she is a "cron virus"-an "end to all things" virus (possibly just an entry in a Unix system's "crontab" file, which is used by the "cron" process to run jobs at preselected times, chronologically). It may also be a reference to Cronos, the personification of time in Greek mythology. The chant that Daemon makes her followers say is a binary countdown. The first to do this is Daecon who counts down his deletion at 5 (101 in binary). The full binary countdown is [tel:1010011010 1010011010] which is the binary representation of the number 666.

List of ReBoot characters - Daemon

She speaks in a French accent and calls Mike the TV "Michel", and is depicted in the style of Joan of Arc, a petite female holy warrior. She is a disconcerting villain because while what she is doing is insanely evil, her personality is actually quite gentle and benign (like referring to Mike the TV as "little one" and giggling). Despite her seeming benevolence, her infection turns people peaceful at the cost of their free will - to the point where they do not care if they die doing Daemon's will. Her possessed Guardians use lethal force countering any and all resistance. A Guardian hit squad was sent to retrieve Matrix (whom they mistook for Bob) while in presumably the early stages of her infection, and they were far more hard-edged than the infected Guardians in Season 4. Daemon is complicated in her feelings. She has an interest in the concept of love, taking time to observe it and stating that sprites are lucky because they can feel love when viruses cannot— or at least so she believes, given that Hexidecimal later violently opposes her almost purely based out of romantic love for Bob once she returns to her viral state. However she also has pride as a virus because when she found out that Hexidecimal was helping the sprites and had become sprite-like, she was enraged. In fact Hexidecimal is the only character in the entire series Daemon shows true animosity towards, calling her an abomination and a disgrace to her kind. This animosity disappeared when Hex returned to her true form: Daemon wondering why they were still fighting and stating that, as viruses, they should be friends. When her attempts to persuade Hex fail, she proves to be completely willing to continue their battle before her hourglass necklace empties its top half, sending her into the final stage of her attempted attack on the net.

Radvd - Daemon

The Router Advertisement Daemon is used by system administrators in stateless autoconfiguration(. ) methods of network hosts on Internet Protocol version 6 networks.

List of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero characters (D–G) - Daemon

Daemon is killed in the Devil's Due G.I. Joe series, when his neck is snapped by Serpentor during a battle with The Coil.

List of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero characters (D–G) - Daemon

Daemon is the code name of Jeff Lacefield. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and developed an interest in computers at an early age. By the time he graduated from college at age 21, he had become quite a computer programmer, and started to develop computer viruses in his spare time. When one of these viruses was inadvertently set loose in the FBI central computer system, he was tracked down and arrested. However, the Feds saw his abilities as a programmer, and instead of being sent to federal prison, Daemon was appointed to the reinstated G.I. Joe task force, to help them thwart the top-secret nano-mite technology that was stolen from the U.S. Army by Cobra.

List of ReBoot characters - Daemon

In "The Episode With No Name", Turbo revealed Daemon to be the one who sent the Web creature to attack Mainframe in the first place (during Season 2's "Nullzilla"). The reason for this is unknown, but as Season 2 also had a reference to the Web "getting out of control and invading Systems", it may have been a diversionary tactic to keep the Guardians looking elsewhere. (Better Scenario) Since Daemon's army of Guardians lost their Key-Tools after becoming fully infected, she had briefly lost her chance to fully infect the entire Net. Since Daemon had full access to the Super-Computer and its records, she eventually learned of KiloByte's upgrade to Class-5 Virus GigaByte (flash-back in Season 4, prequel to Season 1). Since GigaByte has many high level functions such as creating portals, it was necessary for Daemon to gain control GigaByte, unfortunately, soon after becoming GigaByte, he was pulled into a portal to MainFrame and was split in two, thus creating MegaByte and Hexadecimal. After learning of the split, Daemon sent the Web creature to force the merger of MegaByte and Hexadecimal to create GigaByte once more. But again, GigaByte's life was shortly lived as he was later split by Bob (Season 2).

Background process - Daemon

A daemon is a type of background process designed to run continually in the background, waiting for event(s) to occur or condition(s) to be met. These processes typically use minimal system resources and perform tasks which require little to no input from the user. When launched with the daemon function, daemons are disassociated from their parent terminal.

Commons Daemon

Daemon provides a portable means of starting and stopping a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is running server-side applications. Such applications often have additional requirements compared to client-side applications. For example, the servlet container Tomcat 4 would need to serialize sessions and shutdown web applications before the JVM process terminates.

BSD Daemon - Copyright

In a request to use a license such as Creative Commons, McKusick replied: ''I prefer that the BSD Daemon be used in the context of BSD software. That is the reason that I carefully control my copyright of the BSD Daemon image to ensure that the image is not used inappropriately. I have agreed to allow the small image to appear on Wikipedia but not the larger ones. It is also why I am not going to put a Creative Commons copyright on it.''

BSD Daemon - Overview

The BSD Daemon is named after software daemons, a class of long-running computer programs in Unix-like operating systems, which through a play on words takes the cartoon shape of a demon. The BSD Daemon's nickname Beastie is a slurred phonetic pronunciation of BSD. Beastie customarily carries a trident to symbolize a software daemon's forking of processes. The FreeBSD web site has noted Evi Nemeth's 1988 remarks about cultural-historical daemons in the Unix System Administration Handbook: "The ancient Greeks' concept of a 'personal daemon' was similar to the modern concept of a 'guardian angel' ...As a rule, UNIX systems seem to be infested with both daemons and demons."

Vachellia daemon

Vachellia daemon is a species of legume in the family Fabaceae found only in Cuba. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Daemon (film)

Daemon is a 1985 British horror film about a young man who is possessed by a demon. It was written and directed by Colin Finbow and starred Susannah York, Bert Parnaby and Arnaud Morell. It is a ghost story set in suburbia.

BSD Daemon - Use in operating system logos

The FreeBSD project used the 1988 Lasseter drawing as both a logo and mascot for 12 years. However, questions arose as to the graphic's effectiveness as a logo. The daemon was not unique to FreeBSD since it was historically used by other BSD variants and members of the FreeBSD core team considered it inappropriate for corporate and marketing purposes. Lithographically, the scanned Lasseter drawing is not line art and however drawn neither scaled easily in a wide range of sizes nor rendered appealingly in only two or three colours. A contest to create a new FreeBSD logo began in February 2005 and a scalable graphic which somewhat echoes the BSD Daemon's head was chosen the following October, although "the little red fellow" has been kept on as an official project mascot.

BSD Daemon - Copyright

The copyright of the official BSD Daemon images is held by Marshall Kirk McKusick (a very early BSD developer who worked with Bill Joy). He has freely licensed the mascot for individual "personal use within the bounds of good taste (an example of bad taste was a picture of the BSD Daemon blowtorching a Solaris logo)." Any use requires both a copyright notice and attribution.

BSD Daemon - Copyright

McKusick has said that during the early 1990s "I almost lost the daemon to a certain large company because I failed to show due diligence in protecting it. So, I've taken due diligence seriously since then."

BSD Daemon - Use in operating system logos

Walnut Creek CDROM also produced two variations of the daemon for its CDROM covers. The FreeBSD 1.0 and 1.1 CDROM covers used the 1988 Lasseter drawing. The FreeBSD 2.0 CDROM used a variant with different colored (specifically green) tennis shoes. Other distributions used this image with different colored tennis shoes over the years. Starting with FreeBSD 2.0.5, Walnut Creek CDROM covers used the daemon walking out of a CDROM. Starting with FreeBSD 4.5, the FreeBSD Mall used a mirrored image of the Walnut Creek 2.0 image. The Walnut Creek 2.0 image has also appeared on the cover of different FreeBSD Handbook editions.

BSD Daemon - ASCII image

This ASCII art image of the BSD Daemon by Felix Lee appeared in the startup menu of FreeBSD version 5.x and can still be set as startup image in later versions. It is also used in the daemon_saver screensaver.

Daemon (computing) - Etymology

In the general sense, daemon is an older form of the word demon, from the Greek δαίμων. In the Unix System Administration Handbook, page 403, Evi Nemeth states the following about daemons:

BSD Daemon - Deprecated name

In the mid-1990s a marketer for Walnut Creek CDROM called the mascot Chuck, perhaps referring to a brand name for the kind of shoes worn by the character but this name is strongly deprecated by the copyright holder who has said the BSD Daemon "is very proud of the fact that he does not have a name, he is just the BSD Daemon. If you insist on a name, call him Beastie."

Daemon Tools - File format

The default file format of DAEMON Tools is Media Data eXtended (MDX). MDX is a disc image file format similar to MDS/MDF images. It supports all of MDS/MDF format features except that all data is in one monolithic file only. The files of these types bear the filename extension of .mdx.