Dangerous (Yandel album) - Dangerous Tour

Dangerous Tour is the second concert tour by Yandel, being De Líder a Leyenda VIP Tour his first one, which was from June to November 2014. After some months promoting his album and his future tour through other concerts around the Americas, Dangerous Tour started on October 7, 2016 in Puerto Rico, and will end on November 6, 2016 in Orlando, United States.

Hidden & Dangerous - Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe

A fully updated version of the game, Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe, was released for free as a commercial promotion for the sequel Hidden & Dangerous 2. It is still available as freeware.

Elite Dangerous - Elite Dangerous: Arena

Simultaneously announced and launched on 16 February 2016, Elite Dangerous: Arena was a low-priced standalone version of the CQC (Closed Quarters Combat) arena mode from Elite Dangerous allowing newcomers and those who already have Elite Dangerous to compete against each other. The corresponding game mode in Elite Dangerous was also renamed from "CQC" to "Arena" on the same day.

Elite Dangerous - Elite Dangerous: Arena

From 7 to 11 July 2016, the game was offered for free on Steam. On 10 February 2017 it was removed for sale on Steam but it remains available as a play mode from the main Elite Dangerous game.

Dangerous Dave - Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue

Like the previous title, Dangerous Dave is on a mission to save his little brother Delbert, this time from the evil "Dr. Nemesis" (who is also the main antagonist in Softdisk's Catacomb franchise).

Dangerous Dave - Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue

Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue (known informally as Dangerous Dave 3) was published by Softdisk in 1993, and is the first Dangerous Dave game to not be programmed by John Romero. This is because he, John Carmack, Adrian Carmack and Tom Hall had left Softdisk by this point to form id Software. It was followed by a sequel, Dave Goes Nutz!, which shares similar gameplay elements.

Hidden & Dangerous 2 - Hidden & Dangerous 2

Eurogamer said that "It takes all that was good about the original, improves every element, successfully adds new features and delivers a well-rounded game." GamesTM claimed that the game's "minor flaws have to be put into perspective against the sheer quality and quantity on offer." Computer Gaming World stated that Hidden and Dangerous 2 is a "really good game", but also complained about the "dubious tradition of bugs" and criticised the "same pesky bugs and problematic A.I. as the original". Edge called it "One of the finest WWII games of recent memory. Hidden & Dangerous 2 manages to distract you from errors that would cripple a lesser game through its sheer ambition and scale." IGN stated that Hidden & Dangerous 2 is "a great game lurking somewhere underneath all of these questionable design decisions." Game Revolution criticised the difficulty level, artificial intelligence and controls, but praised the game overall, saying "the atmosphere, graphics, scope, versatility and ultimately fun gameplay keeps the bad bits in check." GameSpy called it "a compelling World War II experience." GameSpot called it "frustrating to play" and said "there's clearly a wonderful game hidden amongst the major bugs, cumbersome controls, questionable AI, and other flaws." GamePro also criticised the AI, while stating "If you dig tactical shooters, Hidden & Dangerous 2 should be in your sights." Game Informer said that "Though the campaign is long, you could pack all of the action into a container half of the size of the Max Payne 2 quest."

Hidden & Dangerous 2 - Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron

An expansion pack titled Sabre Squadron was released during October 19, 2004, in the US, introduced nine new single player missions, seven new multi-player maps, and a now finished, death-match map called "Poland", which had been featured in the game's intro and was titled "London" and available for play in its unfinished state before this release, new weapons: the RPzB 54, the MAS-36, the G43, a suppressed P08 and a Harrington & Richardson Mk VI flare pistol; the ability to hold your breath while looking through a telescopic sight, a co-operative multi-player mode, along with access to the original Hidden & Dangerous 2 missions through Sabre Squadrons interface.

Dangerous driving - Excluding causing death or bodily harm by dangerous driving

A licence suspension is mandatory, and will be for a minimum of 12 months if the person has no prior Criminal Code driving convictions on his or her record. Anyone with a prior conviction, for a Criminal Code driving offence, will receive a longer licence suspension, but will also receive a prison sentence. Some provinces count equivalents, to Criminal Code driving convictions, if such convictions occur in certain American states. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation counts equivalents, to Criminal Code driving convictions, if they occur in New York or Michigan. Those equivalent to dangerous driving are included.

Milo Yiannopoulos - Dangerous

An autobiography titled Dangerous was announced in December 2016. Yiannopoulos reportedly received a $250,000 advance payment from the book's planned publisher, Simon & Schuster. It was intended to be published under their Threshold Editions imprint and to be issued on 14 March 2017, but Yiannopoulos pushed back the schedule to June so he could write about the demonstrations during his campus tour. A day after its announcement, pre-sales for the book elevated it to first place on Amazon.com's list of best-sellers.

Dangerous Danny Davis - "Dangerous" Danny Davis (1987–1989)

On the January 26, 1987 edition of Superstars, the Hart Foundation defeated the British Bulldogs to win the WWF Tag Team Championship. Danny Davis was the referee for the match and as part of the storyline, he allowed the Hart Foundation to use illegal double-team maneuvers in the match. As a result of the match, WWF president Jack Tunney stripped Davis of his referee duties. That same night, Davis was approached by manager Jimmy Hart about joining his stable of wrestlers. Davis joined up with Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) and became known as "Dangerous" Danny Davis. He accompanied the Hart Foundation to the ring for their matches and often became involved by attacking the Hart Foundation's opponents from outside the ring or entering the ring to reverse pinfalls by placing Hart or Neidhart on top of their opponents. At the beginning of his suspension as a referee, Davis was involved in a scripted storyline in which he occasionally came to the ring and insisted that he would referee a match. This led to officials from the state athletic commission removing Davis from ringside.


Dangerous may refer to:

Dangerous - People with the surname

*Chris Dangerous (born 1978), Swedish musician

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations - Dangerous occurrences reportable in all workplaces

Dangerous occurrences that are reportable by all responsible persons are defined as (reg.2(1)/ Sch.2, Pt.1, paras.1-17):

Carlmont High School - Dangerous Minds

The novel My Posse Don't Do Homework by LouAnne Johnson and subsequent movie adaptation Dangerous Minds were based upon her experience as a teacher at Carlmont in the 1990s. In the film, the school was named Parkmont. Most of her students were African-Americans and Hispanics bused in to Carlmont from East Palo Alto, a town at the opposite end of the school district from Carlmont.

The Dirty Pair - Dangerous Acquaintances

Dangerous Acquaintances is an original English-language manga written Toren Smith and Adam Warren and illustrated by Warren, based on the Dirty Pair characters created by Haruka Takachiho. The series was originally published by Eclipse Comics between June 1989 and March 1990, and was first published in paperback and hardcover graphic novel format in 1991. With the transfer of the property rights to Dark Horse Comics, Dangerous Acquaintances was republished as a trade paperback in June 1997.

Manwel Dimech - Considered dangerous

But the Catholic Church was not the only institution disgruntled with Dimech. The British colonial government was unhappy with his widespread and growing influence amongst the workers at the Royal shipyards. Indeed, the great majority of Dimech's foot soldiers came from there, and this threatened to precariously disrupt the use of Malta as one of His Majesty's major Mediterranean naval base. Slowly but surely, and perhaps not without a push or two from the authorities of the Catholic Church, the powers to be began to close upon this little man who was considered dangerous enough to be destroyed.

Chris Evans (British politician) - Dangerous dogs

Since then, he has been campaigning to promote responsible dog ownership. In May 2012 he held a Westminster Hall debate on dangerous dog legislation and called on the government to introduce the compulsory microchipping of all dogs, recorded by a single national database.

Paul Keres - Dangerous circumstances

The close of World War II placed Keres in dangerous circumstances. During the war, his native Estonia was successively occupied by the Soviet Union, Germany and again the Soviet Union. Estonia had been under Russian control when Keres was born in 1916, but it was an independent nation between the two world wars.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations - Dangerous occurrences reportable save in offshore workplaces

Dangerous occurrences that are reportable by responsible persons, save in offshore workplaces, are defined as (reg.2(1)/ Sch.2, Pt.1, paras.18-21):