Avery Dennison - Dennison Manufacturing

The Dennison Manufacturing Company was founded by Andrew Dennison and his son Aaron Lufkin Dennison, residents of Brunswick. Maine, in 1844, as a jewelry- and watch-box manufacturing company located in the Dunlap Block of Maine Street. Five years later Aaron turned the Dennison Manufacturing Company over to his younger brother, Eliphalet Whorf Dennison, who took over and developed the company into a significant-size industrial enterprise. It was in 1898 that the business moved to a location in Framingham, Massachusetts. (Aaron Dennison went on to co-found the Waltham Watch Company in 1850, a leader in the American system of watch manufacturing using interchangeable parts.)

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - The Dennison Watch Case Company

In about 1862, Aaron Dennison started a business making watch cases in Birmingham and supplied the London office of the Waltham Watch Company. In 1879, Alfred Wigley joined Aaron to form the firm of Dennison, Wigley & Company. Following Aaron Dennison’s death in 1895, his son Franklin became a partner in the firm. This very successful company continued until 1905 when it was renamed the Dennison Watch Case Company, and that company continued until 1967.

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - Dennison, Howard & Davis, and the Boston Watch Company

About 1840, while Dennison was repairing watches, he began to wonder about manufacturing watches. After several years of thought, he conceived a plan to do so, even making a scale model. By around 1845, Dennison had decided to adopt the use of interchangeable parts, rather than crafting every watch by hand.

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - Dennison, Howard & Davis, and the Boston Watch Company

In 1854, the company moved to a new factory in Waltham, Massachusetts, and took the name of the Boston Watch Company. Aaron Dennison was the factory superintendent. Watches were manufactured there until the company was forced into bankruptcy at the beginning of 1857.

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - Dennison, Howard & Davis, and the Boston Watch Company

Dennison went to England to buy parts which could not be manufactured in America, to hire journeymen watchmakers to make the watches, and to learn the art of gilding brass watch plates. On his return, he designed and built machinery and made a model of the first watch to be made. However, the watch (which ran eight days and had a single mainspring barrel) did not keep time accurately enough to be used and the machinery was a failure. (Regarding the machinery, Dennison later admitted he had no ability as a machinist. ) In addition, Dennison could not gild the plates successfully.

Aaron Lufkin Dennison - Dennison, Howard & Davis, and the Boston Watch Company

In 1849, Dennison approached Edward Howard, partner in the company Howard & Davis, with his plan to manufacture watches. Howard agreed to the proposal and, with capital from Howard & Davis and Howard’s father-in-law Samuel Curtis, they started in 1850. Dennison was the only person with knowledge of watchmaking.


Dennison may refer to:

Omaha race riot of 1919 - Tom Dennison

Many within Omaha saw the riot within the context of a conspiracy theory, the direct result of alleged conspiracy directed by Omaha political and criminal boss Tom Dennison. A turncoat from Dennison's machine said he had heard Boss Dennison boasting that some of the assailants were white Dennison operatives disguised in blackface. According to local historian Orville D. Menard, Dennison fomented the riot in the Gibson neighborhood near South Omaha. Dennison's scheme was corroborated by police reports that one white attacker was still wearing the make-up when apprehended. As in many other Dennison-related cases, no one was ever found guilty for their participation in the riot. A later grand jury trial corroborated this claim, stating "Several reported assaults on white women had actually been perpetrated by whites in blackface." They went on to report that the riot was planned and begun by "the vice element of the city." The riot "was not a casual affair; it was premeditated and planned by those secret and invisible forces that today are fighting you and the men who represent good government."

IFHT - Matt Dennison

Dennison's passion for filmmaking started at a young age, making mountain biking videos. Like a samurai warrior, Dennison wields the lens like a mighty katana, eviscerating the competition with deadly discipline. The only thing Dennison does better than making films is busting gnarly tailwhips on his razor scooter.

Christabel Dennison

Christabel Dennison (1884-1924) was a British artist, known for her paintings and sculptures.

Dennison, Ohio - Geography

Dennison is located at 40.39417°N, -81.33°W (40.394045, -81.330064).

John Dennison

John Sebastian Dennison (born 28 May 1978) is a New Zealand poet, as well as a poetry scholar who has published on the poetry of New Zealand poet James K. Baxter.

Dennison Fork

On May 31, 1985, a tornado ripped through North Central Pennsylvania. As a result, over 8,000 acres of forest land in the Sproul State Forest was flattened. The Dennison Fork Trail, located on the Chuck Keiper Trail was damaged severely. As a result, the trail in this area has been relocated. The only access to the Chuck Keiper Trail is via Pennsylvania Route 144, through the vastly underpopulated and lonely plateau between Renovo and Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania.

Dennison Fork

Dennison Fork is a stream located northwest of Lock Haven, about 6.9 miles from Renovo in Noyes Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The stream is located south east of Cooks Run. The Dennison Fork branches off from the Fish Dam Run stream, which branches off from the south side of the West Branch Susquehanna River.

Dennison Wheelock - Wheelocks at Carlisle

In August 1914, Dennison wrote Oscar Lipps, Acting Superintendent at Carlisle: "My sister, Martha Wheelock, aged twenty years, whose term expired at Flandreau, South Dakota last June, and is now with me in West De Pere, desires to be admitted to the Carlisle Indian School as a pupil. I am very anxious that she shall go if possible. She is in eighth grade. My son, Edmund is also very anxious to have the benefit of a diploma from Carlisle on account of the prestige it carries with it throughout the West." Edmund, who was born in at the Carlisle Indian School in 1896, had been attending public school in Wisconsin and doing well, but Dennison was concerned about the environment. "Unfortunately, however, De Pere is a city of less than five thousand inhabitants, yet has in the neighborhood of twenty-two, or twenty-four saloons, and on account of what is falsely termed liberal sentiment, the saloon keepers do not hold strictly to the law of the land, and as a result we see young boys very frequently under the influence of liquor." Within a month, both Edmund and Martha were attending Carlisle and active in school life and literary societies.

Dennison, Ohio - History

In the 1980s, Dennison elected Greg DiDonato as a member of council (while he was still a high school student) and then elected him mayor. He went on to serve as Ohio State Representative, Ohio State Senator and minority leader of the Ohio Senate.

Richard Dennison - Filmography

Various documentaries produced by Richard Dennison through Orana Films.

Julian Dennison - Life and career

Dennison played Russell Collins / Firefist in the 2018 film Deadpool 2. He was cast because of his Wilderpeople performance, and the friendship of Waititi with Deadpools filmmakers. In June 2018, Dennison was the first to be cast for Godzilla vs. Kong in a supporting role. Dennison currently lives in Foxton, New Zealand.

Frederick Dennison - Later life

In 1920 Dennison first moved to Dunedin and then in 1925 to Timaru where he started a new business, Dennison & Shipley Ltd at 55 Sophia Street. The company was the district agent for Commerce trucks. The company became South Canterbury Motors and remained in business until 1931. Dennison moved to Christchurch in 1940.

Frederick Dennison - Background

Dennison was born Hilderthorpe on 2 January 1876. His father was a blacksmith and his mother the local Post Mistress. He was educated at Pukeuri. He moved to Christchurch and was employed working as a mechanical engineer.