Designed to Sell - Designed to Sell: Room by Room

In April 2008, "Designed to Sell: Room by Room" debuted on HGTV's real estate website, FrontDoor.com with more than 80 video clips and slideshows cut from episode archives. Users are able to search by room type for home staging ideas and inspiration delivered in short three- to four-minute webisodes and before-and-after slideshows.

List of typefaces designed by Frederic Goudy - "Goudy" faces designed by others

Goudy also cut the matrices for Foster Abstract, an ultra-bold Art Deco block letter designed by his friend Robert Foster. 1931, Continental with matrices cut by Goudy and cast privately. Goudy personally felt that the design 'violated every canon of type design'.

Designed landscape

A designed landscape is an area of land which has been modified by people for primarily aesthetic effect. The term is used by historians to denote various types of site, such as gardens, parks, cemeteries, and estates. Such sites are often protected for their historic or artistic value. A designed landscape may comprise landform, water, built structures, trees and plants, all of which may be naturally occurring or introduced.

Designed landscape

Many designed landscapes take advantage of existing geographical features, emphasising them through the planting of woodlands, or the creation of artificial lakes. For example, the parklands created by landscape gardeners such as Lancelot "Capability" Brown, are designed landscapes.

Apple-designed processors - S series

The Apple "S" series is a family of Systems in Package (SiP) used in the Apple Watch. It uses a customized application processor that together with memory, storage and support processors for wireless connectivity, sensors and I/O comprise a complete computer in a single package. They are designed by Apple, and manufactured by contract manufacturers such as Samsung.

Designed to Sell - Locations

Designed to Sell features homes in four real estate markets (and nearby suburbs): Los Angeles, California, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Illinois, and Atlanta, Georgia. Each location has its own specific host, designer, carpenters, and real estate experts.

Apple-designed processors - Apple A8

The A8 features an Apple-designed 1.4 GHz 64-bit ARMv8-A dual-core CPU, and an integrated custom PowerVR GX6450 GPU in a four cluster configuration. The GPU features custom shader cores and compiler designed by Apple. The A8 is manufactured on a 20 nm process by TSMC, which replaced Samsung as the manufacturer of Apple's mobile device processors. It contains 2 billion transistors. Despite that being double the number of transistors compared to the A7, its physical size has been reduced by 13% to 89 mm 2 (consistent with a shrink only, not known to be a new microarchitecture).

Apple-designed processors - Apple S4

Used in the Apple Watch Series 4. It has an Apple designed custom 64-bit dual-core processor with up to 2× faster performance. It also contains the W3 wireless chip, which supports Bluetooth 5.

Apple-designed processors - Apple S1

The Apple S1 is an integrated computer designed by Apple. It includes memory, storage and support circuits like wireless modems and I/O controllers in a sealed integrated package. It was announced on September 9, 2014 as part of the "Wish we could say more" event. Its first appearance was in the original Apple Watch.

Apple-designed processors - Apple H1

The Apple H1 chip was first used in the 2019 version of AirPods and AirPods Pro. Specifically designed for headphones, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and offers 30 percent lower latency compared to the W1 chip in the prior version of AirPods.

Apple-designed processors

Apple Inc. has designed System on Chip (SoC) and System in Package (SiP) processors for their mobile consumer devices. They combine a low-power central processing unit (CPU) and other components into a physically compact package to meet the stringent power and space constraints common to mobile devices.

Apple-designed processors - Apple S5

Used in the Apple Watch Series 5. It has the same Apple designed custom 64-bit dual-core processor and GPU as the S4, with the exception of the built-in magnetometer.

Designed to Sell

Designed to Sell is an HGTV American reality television show produced by Pie Town Productions in Los Angeles and Chicago and Edelman Productions in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta. Each 30-minute episode focuses on fixing up a home that is about to go on the market or that has been on the market but has not attracted buyers. The show began airing in 2004 and was canceled in 2011.

Albert Kahn Associates - Buildings designed

Below are some of the buildings designed by Albert Kahn Associates:

George Cobb (golf) - Courses designed

The following table is a (partial) list of courses that George Cobb either designed alone (prior to 1971) or co-designed with John LaFoy.

Synthetic biology - Designed proteins

Natural proteins can be engineered, e.g., by directed evolution, novel protein structures that match or improve on the functionality of existing proteins can be produced. One group generated a helix bundle that was capable of binding oxygen with similar properties as hemoglobin, yet did not bind carbon monoxide. A similar protein structure was generated to support a variety of oxidoreductase activities. Another group generated a family of G-protein coupled receptors that could be activated by the inert small molecule clozapine-N-oxide but insensitive to the native ligand, acetylcholine. Novel functionalities or protein specificity can also be engineered using computational approaches. One study was able to use two different computational methods – a bioinformatics and molecular modeling method to mine sequence databases, and a computational enzyme design method to reprogram enzyme specificity. Both methods resulted in designed enzymes with >100 fold specificity for production of longer chain alcohols from sugar.

Vinay Saynekar - Designed fonts

His recent works include typefaces designed in Bengali and Kannada Script for Vodafone and Virgin Mobile ads in Indian regions.

William Langford (golf) - Courses Designed

The following is a (partial) list of other courses designed or remodeled by William Langford:

Archibald Cary Smith - Yachts designed

Smith designed the schooner yacht Meteor III for the German Emperor in 1902, which came about from the previous yacht Yampa. Smith had originally designed and built Yampa for Chester W. Chapin, which in time came into the hands of the emperor. The Kaiser desired to have an additional similar yacht as the Yampa, however bigger and faster, so contacted Smith to design one. This was Meteor III.

Archibald Cary Smith - Yachts designed

Smith as a naval architect and marine engineer designed several yachts and schooners. Among these were Comment (1860), Prospero (1873), Intrepid (1878), Mischief (1879), Norma (1879), Fortuna (1883), Rajah (1884), Priscilla (1885), Cinderella (1886), Iroquois (1886), Banshee (1887), Yampa (1887), Gorilla (1889), Lasca (1892), Richard Peck (1892), Ariel (1893), City of Lowell (1894), Amorita (1895), Katrina (1899), Genesee (1900), and Elimina (1905). He designed the Sound steamers City of Lowell, ''Chester W. Chapin, the Refuge and the Free Lance. He also designed and built the iron yacht Vindex.''