Radio fix - Obtaining a radio fix

A radio fix on two stations can be found in exactly the same way. The intersection of the two position lines gives the position of the receiver. For the diagram on the right, the LOPs are found as before:

Fix and Foxi - Fix & Foxi TV

Your Family Entertainment launched a Fix & Foxi television channel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on December 1, 2014. In the years since, the channel has operated feeds around the world.

Fix (beer) - Resurgence of the brand Fix

Ownership and usage of the historic trademark has been a source of conflict; there are Fix Beers brewed in the United States and in Canada which claim to use the Fix recipes.

California Water Fix and Eco Restore - Water Fix

Though the Water Fix proposal aims to resolve some issues with the California water system, there are many it does not address. The plan does not consider the possibility that there could be less flow in the Sacramento River, nor does it address how to allocate water to fisheries found in the Delta, some of which are already struggling because of current water exports from the Delta. There are also no plans to deal with the extreme subsidence that is happening in the Delta.

Fix (beer) - Resurgence of the brand Fix

Already in 1985 John Manolakos from the company Greco-Roman Importers from Florida had tried to revive the brand and brew a beer called FIX Special at Carlsberg in Greece. The project failed for unknown reasons. In 1995 Aris Zizis protected the Fix 1864 Special brand in the United States with the aim of brewing the beer at the Holsten brewery in Germany and exporting it to the US and Greece. Kourtakis had in the meantime acquired the trademark rights of the old brewery from the owner National Bank of Greece for 120 million drachma plus 1.5 percent of sales and could thus prevent the misappropriation of the trade mark. He founded the Olympic Brewery ( Olymbiaki Zythopiia Ολυμπιακή Ζυθοποιία) and had the beer brewed in the varieties Lager and Export at Mythos in Atalanta near Thessaloniki. The success was rather small. Meanwhile, Fix was authorized brewed in the US and Canada. In the meantime, Karolos Fix had a beer brewed in Holland according to his own old recipe and the name Karolos I. Fix, which was sold in Greece via the supermarket chain of his brother-in-law Marinopoulos. However, this was stopped in court. The fix brand started to be produced in 2008 by the Olympic Brewery to Greek microbreweries ( Ellinikes Mikrozythopiies, Ελληνικές Μικροζυθοποιίες), since the output was only 1000 hectoliters. Sklavenitis was the only supermarket chain to sell the beer. In 2009, the Olympic Brewery was sold to the previous minority shareholder Chitos AVEE. The old Fix logo was reintroduced and a separate brewery for the brand was put into operation in Ritsona of Euboea island. There, only lager beer with an alcohol content of 5% is brewed. In 2009 there was achieved a beer output of 150,000 hectoliters. The ingredients come from organic agriculture, although the product bears no biolabel. Since 2010, FIX beer has been available again. The relaunched beer has a new label, with references to the gold medals and prizes won by the original FIX beer. An aggressive advertising campaign, with references to the strong historic legacy of FIX beer in the Greek society, has dramatically boosted sales, effectively leading to a strong comeback of the brand.

California Water Fix and Eco Restore - Water Fix

The Water Fix proposal includes two categories of construction: the north tunnels and the main tunnels. The north tunnels are three separate tunnels, each about 14 miles long, which connect the three intake facilities to the Intermediate Forebay (IF). The main tunnels are intended to connect the Intermediate Forebay to the Clifton Court Forebay. These twin tunnels, depicted in the adjacent image, will be about 30 miles long. The main tunnels are also known as the twin tunnels, but are different from the Peripheral Canals proposed in 1982. The Water Fix is intended to make conveyance of water for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project more reliable while relieving environmental pressure on the Delta area.

Jim'll Fix It - Well known "Fix-its"

In the 1980s a young girl wrote to ask if she could "accidentally" drop and smash a seemingly valuable vase on an edition of Antiques Roadshow. This was broadcast as part of a regular edition of Antiques Roadshow (as well as in the Jim'll Fix It episode), with many of the crowd at the Roadshow looking on, horrified, until the antiques expert explained the ruse.

California Water Fix and Eco Restore - Water Fix

The proposal details the planning and construction of the project. It provides that the Department of Water Resources enters a contract with the project manager for the Water Fix and a program director will coordinate with the department. Managing the project would be a board of directors known as the "Authority Board", which would receive and review monthly status updates on the construction of the Water Fix. The "Authority Board" has a "Program Advisory Group" to advise board members, made up of technical experts from the Department of Water Resources. The director of the Department of Water Resources would have final control of all aspects of the project. To control and monitor each of the facilities the proposal includes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at each location which can be controlled locally or remotely. The system would connect to the Delta Field Division Operations and Maintenance Center as well as to the Joint Operations Center in Sacramento.

California Water Fix and Eco Restore - Water Fix

The Water Fix project was proposed to address the issues of the water system infrastructure in California being "unreliable and outdated". The proposal also prepares for possible threats to the water system such as climate change and seismic activity.

Jim'll Fix It - Well known "Fix-its"

A group of Cub Scouts from the 2nd Sutton St Mary’s troop, wrote to the programme asking to have a meal in an unusual place. The show opted to send them, complete with packed lunch, to ride the Revolution rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach — the result, thanks to the force of gravity and momentum, being lots of little faces full of food and drink. This was repeated with the same former Cubs in 2007 for Jim'll Fix It Strikes Again, with similar results.

Jim'll Fix It - Well known "Fix-its"

The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, appeared in the second episode, where he tore off and handed away the frayed ends of his scarf to girls visiting the studio. Ten years later, a young Doctor Who fan, Gareth Jenkins, was able to take part in a short adventure titled A Fix with Sontarans with Colin Baker and Janet Fielding.

Jim'll Fix It - 2007 revival (Jim'll Fix It Strikes Again)

This new series saw the return of Savile and began on 5 April 2007 on UKTV Gold, and was titled Jim'll Fix It Strikes Again. The series showed classic moments from the original shows, 're-fix' it for some of the original participants, and make dreams come true for a number of new people.


Fix or FIX may refer to:

Fix - Films

* Fix (film), a feature film by Tao Ruspoli

The Dresden Files characters - Fix

He is one of the young changelings (along with close friend Meryl who was killed during the events of Summer Knight) who hired Harry Dresden to find his friend Lily, who had gone missing. When first introduced into the series he was described as being scrawny and nervous looking with spiky hair. As it turned out, Lily was imprisoned by Lady Aurora at the Stone Table. Fix went with Dresden and the Alphas to find Lily and stop Aurora and the war at the Table. During the ensuing struggle, Fix fought and defeated Lloyd Slate with a monkey wrench. Lily then made him the Summer Knight. Since then, he has become a strong individual, helping Harry whenever asked despite what the Courts dictate. Harry and Fix have not always seen eye-to-eye exactly, but Fix always gives aid to Harry in the end. As of Small Favor their friendship has become strained after Fix was sent on behalf of the summer court to tell Harry to give up on his mission for Mab. Fix, fearful of Harry's much stronger magic and uncertain temper, took a gun with him when they talked.

Fix - People with the name

* Fix (surname)

First fix and second fix - Electrical installations and "third fixes"

The UK national building specifications, British Standard 5295:1989, specifically addresses "clean room" environments serving electronics manufacturers, as well as the pharmaceutical industry (the Pharmaceutical Industry has, for some time, worked to the ISO standard 14644 which is subtly different). Standard 5295:1989 specifically pertains to constructed interior spaces where higher than normal environmental standards must be maintained, in order to control particulate contamination, temperature and humidity. It is only at the third fix stage, when building site conditions are rendered virtually dust free, so as to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of particles which may contaminate equipment serving the electronics and pharmaceuticals manufacturing process, that the build-out of "clean room" spaces can commence.

Fix (surname)

Fix is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Saxbe fix - Arguments for its constitutionality

One way to interpret the clause is by the intentionalist view. As stated by University of North Carolina School of Law professor Michael J. Gerhardt, this is the position that "the critical inquiry is not whether the letter of the law has been broken (it has) but rather whether the problem that the clause exists to preclude—conflicts of interest in nominating a member of Congress who has been able to vote himself or herself a raise—has been avoided". The commonly used term for this spirit of the law argument is "net increases". According to conservative constitutional law attorney Bruce Fein, "The so-called fix fits the purpose of the clause like a glove."

Bernd Fix - Biography

After the death of his friend Wau Holland (co-founder of the Chaos Computer Club) in 2001 Fix helped to establish the Wau Holland Foundation and serves as a founding member of the Board of Directors ever since.