High culture - High art

Much of high culture consists of the appreciation of what is sometimes called "high art". This term is rather broader than Arnold's definition and besides literature includes music, visual arts (especially painting), and traditional forms of the performing arts (including some cinema). The decorative arts would not generally be considered high art.

High king - High kingship

In this model, a high king might be chosen from among a group of kings in his personal capacity, for instance by election or on the basis of genealogical superiority. Alternatively, the high kingship might be attached to the kingship of one of the constituent kingdoms, either permanently or when one kingdom is able to assert supremacy over the others. The high king's authority over other kings is usually limited, and in some high kingships his duties are largely ceremonial or restricted to occasions such as war that create a need for a unified command structure.

High culture - High art

The cultural products most often regarded as forming part of high culture are most likely to have been produced during periods of high civilization, for which a large, sophisticated, and wealthy urban-based society provides a coherent and conscious aesthetic framework, and a large-scale milieu of training, and, for the visual arts, sourcing materials and financing work. Such an environment enables artists, as near as possible, to realize their creative potential with as few as possible practical and technical constraints. Although the Western concept of high culture naturally concentrates on the Greco-Roman tradition, and its resumption from the Renaissance onwards, such conditions existed in other places at other times.

High king - High kingship

In history and literature, high kings may be found where there is a high degree of cultural unity, along with sufficient political fragmentation that the high king's subordinates style themselves kings. In this respect, high kingships frequently differ from empires, which are culturally as well as politically heterogeneous, as well as from feudal monarchies, where the subordinate rulers take lesser titles (such as duke or count) and may be, at least in theory, subject to appointment and dismissal by the sovereign.

Eden, High Wycombe - High Street

The town centre of High Wycombe has gradually been moving west and the High Street is no longer the place for high-brand shops though it retains WHSmith, Boots and a McDonald's, amongst others so is still used by shoppers. The High Street and nearby streets are notable for containing the main banks like HSBC, TSB Bank, Metro Bank, Halifax and Barclays Bank and it leads the way to the railway station. Supermarket Iceland, who was forced to leave their former site on Desborough Road in 2005 as part of the Eden shopping centre redevelopment, re-opened on the High Street in 2010, occupying the space that previously housed Woolworth's.

High king - Historical high kings

The title "king of kings" also expresses much the same concept as "high king" – it was used at various times by the Emperor of Persia () and the Emperor of Ethiopia. Similarly, the Imperial Mongolian title Khagan is sometimes translated as Khan of Kahns.

High Atlas - Central High Atlas

A solid chalk mass morphologically dominated by tabular zones reaching an altitude of 2,500 m extends from Azilal to Ouarzazate. Here, the contrasting landscapes are similar to Colorado in the United States, with high plateaux, gorges and box canyons, and peaks sometimes splintered by erosion. Several peaks in this area exceed 4000 m, with Jbel Mgoun at 4068 m being the highest peak in this part of the High Atlas. The area is populated by Berbers.

High king - Historical high kings

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong (literally "supreme lord") in Malaysia could probably be seen as a "high king", as he is elected from among nine Malay rulers of the states (seven sultans, a raja, and a Yang di-Pertuan Besar-literally "great lord") by the Conference of Rulers (through informal agreement, on a rotational basis). In practice, however, the term "high king" is rarely applied to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (king).

High king - Historical high kings

In Imperial Germany, the German Emperor (Deutscher Kaiser), who was also the King of Prussia, could be considered a contemporary "high king", as he held seniority over the other monarchs of the empire (three kings, six grand dukes, five reigning dukes and seven reigning princes) as "president of the confederation".

High king - Historical high kings

Adhiraja or Adiraja is the comparable term of high king in India. The maharaja could possibly be rendered as "high king", although the literal meaning is closer to "emperor".

High Atlas - Western High Atlas

In the west lies the oldest portion of the range. Its high point is the Jbel Toubkal, which is visible from the city of Marrakech. Jbel Toubkal lies in the Toubkal national park, which was created in 1942. The massif consists of Jurassic and Cretaceous formations notched by deep erosion-carved valleys. This part of the range includes the Ourika Valley, which is the only location in the High Atlas where the endangered primate, the Barbary macaque, Macaca sylvanus, is found; however, this primate is also found in parts of the Middle Atlas and the Rif, as well as parts of Algeria. The Ourika Valley is also a location where a diverse flora was recorded as early as the 19th century.

High Guard - Restored High Guard

After the Nietzschean rebellion which laid waste to the Commonwealth, Captain Dylan Hunt attempted to rebuild his government, and a new High Guard was formed. Initially composed of standing navies and marines from the restored Systems Commonwealth's member worlds, the new High Guard is gradually inching its way up to the level of the old, though it is expected to take decades (if not centuries) to reach such levels.

High Halden - RAF High Halden

RAF High Halden is a former Royal Air Force Advanced Landing Ground in Kent, England

High Park - High Park Zoo

The zoo animals are cared for by Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division staff and Friends of High Park Zoo volunteers. The zoo's budget is partly paid for by volunteer donations to donation boxes located along the zoo and online donations that are matched by charitable foundations. Friends of High Park Zoo was formed after Toronto City Council voted to cancel funding for the zoo in 2012. The organization has announced a master plan of improvements it hopes to make to the zoo.

High Com - High Com

However, the finally released High Com system, which was marketed by Telefunken since 1978, worked as a broadband 2:1:2 compander, achieving almost 15 dB of noise reduction for low and up to 20 dB RMS A-weighted for higher frequencies, while avoiding most of the acoustic problems observed with other high compression broadband companders such as EMT/NoiseBX, Burwen (noise reduction) or dbx.

High Sabbaths - High Holy Days

The ten-day period between the High Sabbaths of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur inclusive is commonly referred to as the High Holy Days.

High Atlas - Eastern High Atlas

The eastern part of the High Atlas forms vast plateaux at high altitude which provide the headwaters for the Moulouya River. It extends from the town of Khenifra. This portion of the range includes the solid mass of the Tamlelt whose northern edge is occupied by its higher peaks, such Jbel Ayachi at 3,747 m. The altitude falls towards the east where the mountains join the pre-Saharan zone.

High Park - High Park Zoo

High Park Zoo is a small collection of animals along Deer Pen Road, which rises from the eastern ravine up to the plateau near the Grenadier Restaurant. The zoo keeps American bison, Barbary sheep, capybaras, emus, Highland cattle, llamas, Mouflon sheep, peacocks, reindeer, wallabies and yaks in eleven paddocks. The zoo is open year-round from 7:00 a.m. to dusk. On weekends from March to October, the llama pen is open for visitors to feed and pet the llamas. Chickens and rabbits are also kept for children to interact with at the same time as the llama visits.

Lick-Wilmerding High School - Aim High

Aim High was founded in 1986, with 50 students and 12 teachers, on the campus of Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco.

Conrad Weiser High School - High school

Science in Motion Conrad Weiser High School does not take advantage of a state program called Science in Motion which brings college professors and sophisticated science equipment to the school to raise science awareness and to provide inquiry-based experiences for the students. The Science in Motion program was funded by a state appropriation and cost the school nothing to participate. Ursinus College provides the experiences to schools in the region.