FBI–Apple encryption dispute - Other All Writs Act cases involving iPhones

In addition to the San Bernardino case and the Brooklyn case, Apple has received at least nine different requests from federal courts under the All Writs Act for iPhone or iPad products. Apple has objected to these requests. This fact was revealed by Apple in court filings in the Brooklyn case made at the request of the judge in that case. Most of these requests call upon Apple "to use its existing capabilities to extract data like contacts, photos and calls from locked iPhones running on operating systems iOS7 and older" (as in the Brooklyn case), while others "involve phones with more extensive encryption, which Apple cannot break" and presumably seek to order Apple to "design new software to let the government circumvent the device's security protocols and unlock the phone" (as in the San Bernardino case).

Guitarist (magazine) - Digital versions

Since late-2011, Guitarist has been available to purchase in digital forms - initially just on Apple iPad, but later on Android devices, iPhones and the Kindle Fire.

Gomez (band)

Ball, Ottewell, Peacock and Pattison (engineer) created the Final Keep Me Up in 2009. They recorded an album using only iPhones in the back lounge of the tour bus from Calais to Köln, on 2 May 2009. The album exists only in streaming form.

IPad Pro

The third generation of iPad Pro was announced on October 30, 2018. It is available in two screen sizes: 11 in and 12.9 in. They feature full-screen displays, with the 11-inch model replacing the 10.5-inch model of the previous generation. They also feature up to 1 TB of storage and Face ID which works in both vertical and horizontal orientations, a feature that does not apply to iPhones with Face ID. Due to the lack of Touch ID, these tablets are the first iPads not to feature a home button.

IPhone 4S - Commercial reception

On October 17, 2011, Apple had announced that four million units of the iPhone 4S were sold in the first three days of release, and 25 million iOS users had upgraded to the then latest version of iOS, iOS 5, which was released upon the introduction of the phone. Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, stated that the "iPhone 4S is off to a great start with more than four million sold in its first weekend—the most ever for a phone and more than double the iPhone 4 launch during its first three days." The used phone market saw unprecedented rates of trade-ins in the weeks leading up to the 4S announcement, and after it there was a drop in prices offered. Previous generation iPhones are recirculated through the markets through various methods and third-party buyers may purchase older generation iPhones. Apple also buys back previous generation iPhones under a special program. On April 24, 2012, AT&T announced that 7.6 million iPhone units were activated in Q4 2011, and 4.3 million in Q1 2012. In total, AT&T sold 5.5 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2012, out of which 78% were iPhones.

Heat-not-burn product - IQOS

The IQOS product consists of a charger around the size of a mobile phone and a holder that looks like a pen. The packaging of IQOS is similar to iPhones and other upscale smartphones. The disposable tobacco stick called HeatSticks or HEETS in some places they are sold, is described as a mini-cigarette. The sticks contain processed tobacco and has been soaked in propylene glycol. The stick is inserted into the holder which then heats it to temperatures up to 350 °C. The amount of nicotine provided may be a little strong for light cigarette smokers. The sticks are available in regular, balanced regular, menthol and mint flavor. Users have reported less smell and odor on clothing. There is a limited amount of research on the effect of IQOS on the user's health. A 2017 review found "little research on what substances are released after the device heats the tobacco-based paste. The physical effects on users are also not yet known." The emissions generated by IQOS contains the identical harmful constituents as tobacco cigarette smoke, including volatile organic compounds at comparable levels to cigarette smoke, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at vast various ranges, and carbon monoxide. Each of these substances, on the basis of rigorous research of cigarette smoke, are known to result in significant harms to health. According to Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, IQOS is "harmful to health, but probably less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes."

History of Nokia - Partnership with Microsoft

On 26 January 2012, Nokia reported its sales of the Lumia smartphones was "well above one million", two million sales in the first quarter of the 2012 financial year and four million sales in the second quarter of the 2012 financial year. However, in the second quarter of the 2012 financial year, in North America, Nokia sold 600,000 Symbian and Windows phones combined. In the same period, 26 million iPhones and 105 million Android phones were sold.

History of iPhone - European release

On June 4, 2008, Movistar announced that it had signed a deal with Apple to sell iPhones in Spain beginning on July 11, 2008.

Harvey Norman - History

Harvey Norman also sold Apple Computer products for several years. The launch of Windows 95 was a huge success, with a few Sydney stores opening at midnight, and some regional areas opening at 6 a.m. The products came with a bonus pack featuring Harvard Graphics on CD and an introductory internet offer from OzEmail. Apple decided to stop supplying the chain in the late 1990s, but returned in 2004 with the iPod range, which later expanded into iPads, iPhones and iMacs. A Norman Ross store was opened at Bennetts Green in 1995, with the purpose of being a clearance centre. That had mixed results, and was closed within 12 months. However, the Bennetts Green store expanded into larger premises in 1996, where it operates today. Part of the relocation was a dedicated educational centre, named Kidscape. Specialist employees from Dataflow provided advice to parents on which software was best for their child. Kidscape was installed at a number of stores, but it was discontinued at a number of them within two years.

The Scarecrow (2013 film) - Description

The Scarecrow ends with a brief teaser for a mobile app game available for iPhones and iPads, where the player can take down the fictional Crow Foods Factory. In a different version, a singer sings a parody of the song talking about the film as an advertisement and how they made it. Chipotle described the film as a "companion" piece to the game.

Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 - Release

The standard edition of the album, titled Live at Roseland, was released exclusively through Walmart in the United States on November 21, 2011. The deluxe edition, titled Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 was released as a two-disc DVD on November 25, 2011, featuring the complete concert, bonus offstage footage, a twenty-page booklet and a video anthology featuring seven music videos from 4. It includes videos for "1+1", "Best Thing I Never Had", "Party", "Love on Top", "Countdown", "Run the World (Girls)" and "Dance for You". Beyoncé partnered with Treemo Labs to create the Beyoncé: Live at Roseland app, which was made available on January 5, 2012 for iPhones and iPads. The app features the entire concert and photo gallery of the performances during the 4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé revue as well as the bonus contents "Behind the Stage" from the Roseland Ballroom and a "Behind the Camera" from Beyoncé's music videos. On March 22, 2012, Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 was made available worldwide.

Panopto - Company history

In early 2011 Panopto raised $4 million from a consortium of 17 investors. By the end of the year, it had signed licensing agreements with 400 separate universities globally. In 2012 the company released an iOS app version of its software allowing students to utilize its media software on iPhones and iPads to record media and submit the recordings as assignments. An additional product capability called Unison was released in 2011 that allowed the uploading of existing video into Panopto's media library. The software is also compatible with IMS Global Learning Consortium cross-platform incorporation tools, specifically with the university standard software integration program Learning Tools Interoperability. According to Professor Michael Weston of the University of Houston–Victoria, Panopto was helpful in cases when it came to athletes or other students that were required to miss classes in order to take care of other responsibilities. Meanwhile, other professors have integrated the software directly into their courses in a process of blended learning.

Silent Old Mtns - Formation (2010–11)

Silent Old Mtns' began in 2010 as a solo project by lead singer Andrew Bromhal. Bromhal would play various coffee shops and bars in the Baltimore-Washington area before expanding to a trio with the addition of Pat Acuña and Thom Huenger in the spring of 2011. Though the expansion was originally only intended to last one night, it was so well received that the move was made permanent and Silent Old Mtns became a band. Shortly after their first performances, local poet Samuel Whalen began to perform spoken word before and during the Mtns' sets. Eventually he was adopted as a banjo player, and became one of the most memorable aspects of their live performance, described by Trebuchet Magazine as... "Sam is the Silent Old Mtns' resident poet. Live, Sam is an IED. At first the crowd is usually confused when a madman next to the drum set starts screaming poems at them. But by his last line, the place has frozen. They’ve just watched a Gypsy king with shooting stars in his crown. And they’re not sure what they feel, but it's enough to take their iPhones out and get the videos streaming." By mid-2011 Steve Younkins, nephew of Kix guitarist Ronnie Younkins, was added on bass guitar, creating the original lineup.

Starr Long - Career

The two then parted ways for a time, with Garriott forming a new company, Portalarium, and Long moving his family to Los Angeles, where he was hired by The Walt Disney Company as an executive producer. During the next four years, Long oversaw the creation of several social games and mobile apps for Disney and its subdivision Disney Interactive, such as the Disney Connected Learning Platform, the Disney Parent App for Facebook, several educational mini-games and a mobile version for Club Penguin, and several educational games for iPhones and iPads. Educators collaborating on the projects included Stanford University's Roy Pea and professors from the University of Georgia such as John Olive and Linda Labbo. Some games created were original concepts such as Pufflescape, Jelly Bean Counter, and Bits & Bolts, while others leveraged existing Disney properties, such as Cinderella Shapes & Patterns, Toy Story Letters & Letter Sounds, Fairies Art Studio, Ariel Numbers and Counting, Cars Numbers and Counting, and Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique. For a time, Long also managed the Disney online worlds Toontown Online, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and Pixie Hollow, which were all closed in late 2013.

RSA Conference - Recent history

The first RSA Conference in the Asia-Pacific was introduced in 2013. This was followed by the inaugural United Arab Emirates conference two years later. In 2015 the conference added a clause to exhibitor contracts effectively prohibiting "booth babes" by requiring professional attire on the exhibitor floor. The policy was implemented in response to feedback that booth babes made the conference feel unprofessional. Fortune Magazine called the widespread practice of having booth babes at professional conferences "outdated" and unwelcoming to female attendees. The following year, the RSA conference was focused on the FBI–Apple encryption dispute, regarding attempts by the government to gain access to iPhones containing evidence in criminal investigations.

Video gaming in China - Social and mobile gaming (2008–2014)

This further prepared the China market for mobile games around 2012, where there are about one billion mobile phone subscriptions in China owned a mobile phone according to a United Nations report,, and after Apple secured deals to distribute their iPhones within China. Mobile devices in China are less expensive than computer or console hardware, as well as provide Internet functionality, and for many, the only form of Internet connectivity they have, making them popular gaming devices. Mobile games in China grew rapidly over the next several years, growing from about 10% of the Chinese video game market in 2012 to 41% in 2016. This expanded to more than 50% by 2018. Furthering the growth of the social and mobile game markets was the fact that the anti-addiction measures applied to online games did not apply to these types of titles; it was not until 2017 where renewed concerns about mobile titles like Honour of Kings led Tencent to implement a similar anti-addiction system for its portfolio.

Fair Labor Association - Criticism

Teresa Cheng, an international campaigns coordinator for United Students Against Sweatshops, was angered by Heerdeen's comments. "Mr. van Heerden's comments are outrageous and shocking, even to those of us who have been monitoring the FLA's irresponsible reporting for years," she told Fox News. "Attributing the suicides of sweatshop workers who make iPhones to mere boredom is insulting and the FLA's most creative argument to date for defending its corporate funders."

Dr Brendan - History

The company was conceived when founder, Apple Guru Brendan McElroy, who taught himself to fix iPhones after breaking his own, started advertising his repair services on Craigslist in June 2009. McElroy was able to popularize his service through networking and relationship building with his customers. After gaining significant media attention in 2010, Dr Brendan moved out of the apartment and into a brick and mortar shop on St. Mark's Place, in Manhattan, and soon after added a larger, second location in Park Slope, Brooklyn in 2012 which has closed as of July 2013. The company has expanded its services to include IT, computer repair, education, and house calls. Brooklyn location closed as of 2015.

Izabo - Biography

On March 2010, the band released a music video for their song "On My Way" using Apple Inc.'s iPhones as a creative motif.

Mark Pearson (entrepreneur) - Controversy

On 1 July 2010, Pearson's company, Groupola.com, ran a deal where the public could purchase an iPhone 4 for £99 instead of the RRP of £499. The high traffic of people wanting the phone brought the servers hosting the site down and caused a backlash on Twitter and Facebook Although the company reported to have 200 iPhones, only 10 iPhones were available.