Speakable items

Speakable items is part of the speech recognition feature in the classic Mac OS and macOS operating systems. It allows the user to control their computer with natural speech, without having to train the computer beforehand. The commands must be present in the Speakable items folder though but can be created with something as simple as a shortcut, AppleScript, keyboard command, or Automator workflows.

Speakable items - Automation

If a workflow is saved as an application and put in the Speakable items folder it becomes available to the speech recognition software. The words the computer will recognize to execute the command will be the name of the saved Automator application. Some words might have to be misspelt for the computer to know the proper pronunciation. (For example, the computer best recognizes "Les Misérables" as Lay Mizzer Ob).

Comfort items

Good behavior is rewarded with an increase in comfort items such as fast food or additional reading material. Detainees can also receive a white two-piece outfit that is closer to traditional wear for men in most Islamic countries.

News Items

News Items (Faits divers) is a 1983 French documentary film, directed by Raymond Depardon, about daily life at police station in the fifth arrondissement of Paris. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival. It was selected for screening as part of the Cannes Classics section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Collectors' Items

Collectors' Items is a 1956 studio album by Miles Davis. There are two sessions collected on the album with largely different musicians. The first 1953 session is "Compulsion", "The Serpent's Tooth" (two takes) and "'Round About Midnight". The second 1956 session is "In Your Own Sweet Way", "Vierd Blues" and "No Line". The personnel for the first session were Davis, Sonny Rollins and Charlie Parker (credited under the pseudonym "Charlie Chan" due to his contractual obligations to a rival label) on tenor saxes, Walter Bishop on piano, Percy Heath on bass and Philly Joe Jones on drums. For the second session, the tenor sax was Rollins alone, the piano was Tommy Flanagan, the bass Paul Chambers and Art Taylor on drums.

Differential item functioning - Items

Aside from identifying the number of items being used in DIF detection, of additional importance is determining the number of items on the entire test or measure itself. The typical recommendation as noted by Zumbo (1999) is to have a minimum of 20 items. The reasoning for a minimum of 20 items directly relates to the formation of matching criteria. As noted in earlier sections, a total test score is typically used as a method for matching individuals on ability. The total test score is divided up into normally 3–5 ability levels (k) which is then used to match individuals on ability prior to DIF analysis procedures. Using a minimum of 20 items allows for greater variance in the score distribution which results in more meaningful ability level groups. Although the psychometric properties of the instrument should have been assessed prior to being utilized, it is important that the validity and reliability of an instrument be adequate. Test items need to accurately tap into the construct of interest in order to derive meaningful ability level groups. Of course, one does not want to inflate reliability coefficients by simply adding redundant items. The key is to have a valid and reliable measure with sufficient items to develop meaningful matching groups. Gadermann et al. (2012), Revelle and Zinbarg (2009), and John and Soto (2007) offer more information on modern approaches to structural validation and more precise and appropriate methods for assessing reliability.

Crazy Arcade - Items

Green Devils - Spit out one of the items he ate, and the effect of the spitting items disappears as well.

Sacred (video game) - Items

Sacred features a vast array of items that can be obtained from shops, various containers (chests, barrels, graves...), dead monsters or "magical hiding places" in many of the rocks and bushes throughout Ancaria, which are indicated by a yellow sparkle. Many of the items can be only equipped by one type of character, like wings, which can only be equipped by a Seraphim.

Haft-sin - Items

Other symbolic items that are typically used to accompany Haft-sin include a mirror, candles, painted eggs, a bowl of water, goldfish, coins, hyacinth, and traditional confectioneries. A "book of wisdom" is also commonly included, which might be the Quran, Ad’iyyih-i-Hadrat-i-Mahbú, the Bible, the Avesta, the [[Shahnameh|]] of Ferdowsi, or the of Hafez.

Expatriate delicatessen - Items

Examples of the items that are sold in these stores such as in an American expatriate delicatessen are Lucky Charms breakfast cereal, 3 Musketeers, Hershey's chocolate and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups confectionery, Fluff marshmallow spread, A1 steak sauce and Mountain Dew fizzy drink, while a Polish store sells jarred bigos, sauerkraut, gherkins, smetana and kielbasa wiejska sausage. Such items are usually either directly imported from the country or ordered through grey market importers. Some items are impossible to import as the local country bans them or controls their imports. For example, Mountain Dew is banned in the UK as it contains an ingredient (BVO) which is not allowed in the local food chain.

Yume Penguin Monogatari - Items

Diet Drink: These items are central to the game, as they increase the fitness meter. There are two varieties: a weaker orange-flavored type which increases the fitness meter by one unit, and a stronger pink strawberry-flavored type with the power of three weaker diet drinks.

GunBound - Items

Defensive items are healing items. They increase the health of your 'bot' upon usage. The bandage item takes up one slot and recovers about 10% with an extra 5% for biological bots. The First-aid kit item takes up two slots and recovers about 25% with an extra 5% for biological bots.

Metroid Prime - Items

Throughout the game, players must find and collect items that improve Samus's arsenal and suit, including weapons, armor upgrades for Samus's Power Suit and items that grant abilities—including the Morph Ball, which allows Samus to compress herself into a ball in order to roll into narrow passages and drop energy bombs, and the Grapple Beam, which works by latching onto special hooks called grapple points, allowing Samus to swing across gaps. Unlike those in earlier games in the series, the beam weapons in Metroid Prime have no stacking ability, in which the traits of each beam merge. Instead, the player must cycle the four beam weapons; there are charge combos with radically different effects for each. Other upgrades include boots that allow Samus to double-jump and a Spider Ball upgrade that allows her to climb magnetic rails.

Speakable items - History

With the release of Mac OS X v10.4 it was featured as #12 on their list of features. In OS X Mountain Lion, Speakable Items has been relocated to the Accessibility panel in System Preferences.

Psychopathy Checklist - Items

Each of the 20 items in the PCL-R is scored on a three-point scale, with a rating of 0 if it does not apply at all, 1 if there is a partial match or mixed information, and 2 if there is a reasonably good match to the offender. This is said to be ideally done through a face-to-face interview together with supporting information on lifetime behavior (e.g., from case files), but is also done based only on file information. It can take up to three hours to collect and review the information.

MiniMonos - Items

MiniMonos offers players the opportunity to find objects, such as trash and jewels, and to find or earn game currency (in the form of Banana Chips and Shells) which they can use to buy other objects (such as costume elements for their avatars) at the game's store, Traderz. Themed activities and events call for different costumes and items. The purchase of some items is restricted to members who have purchased (using real-life money) premium memberships.

Dream Craft - Items

Items can be equipped to a character or held in stock. Am equipped item can be used immediately in battle. An item held in stock can only be used outside of battle. Both the character and stock can only hold a certain number of items.

Buckaroo! - Items

The items which players must place on the mule's back are (variations in names from 2007 UK version in parentheses):

Tōkaidō Gojūsan-tsugi (video game) - Items

Items will appear if Kantaro uses his firework grenades in certain locations. Koban coins can be found throughout each map, and 2 coins can be used to create bridges to cross over rivers (2 coins are always hidden around each river area), 6 coins can pay the passage fee at the checkpoints if the player does not have a passport, and 10 coins can open a secret passageway into other levels (see #Secrets). The kanzashi item does not appear in the original Family Computer version (Otami will go away if Kantaro has 4 coins), but in other installments, it prevents Otami from following Kantaro around. The O-fuda (Japanese amulet) item will protect Kantaro from the ghost character, and the katana will do the same against the thief. The onigiri (rice ball) item will transform Kantaro into a rolling ball, making him invincible for a short period of time unless he falls into a pit. The geta (sandal) item allows Kantaro to stand on top of clouds.

Gameplay of Pokémon - Items

Items can be found in the world, given to the player by NPCs, or bought at shops for in-game currency.