Jailbreak (album) - Reception

In a retrospective assessment for AllMusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine describes Jailbreak as a "truly exceptional album", with "a dimension of richness that sustains, but there's such kinetic energy to the band that it still sounds immediate no matter how many times it's played". Highlighting Lynott's songs as "lovingly florid... crammed with specifics and overflowing with life", he says that Gorham and Robertson's guitar work is "intertwined, dual-lead guitar interplay that was one of the most distinctive sounds of '70s rock". In his review Martin Popoff described Jailbreak as "the band's last album where eclecticism outweighs the cohesive signals" which made later releases "much more singular in intent". He praised "Gorham and Robertson's sharpest metal to date" and remarked how the album is made of "a coterie of songs that very often struck the same emotional heartstrings of Springsteen."

PlayStation 3 Jailbreak

Multiple devices to perform code execution exist, such as the open sourced versions (e.g. PSgroove, PSfreedom). Most of these only work on PlayStation 3 system software v3.41 or lower as PlayStation's System Software v3.42 patches the mod chip exploit on the console. The creators of PS3 Jailbreak also released PSDowngrade which enables downgrading of PlayStation 3's System Software to v3.41 (Or lower) from v3.42, v3.50, and v3.55.

PlayStation 3 Jailbreak - Present and future support

In October, 2012, a hacking group known as The Three Musketeers released the Level 0 keys for the PlayStation 3. These were the same keys that would have allowed a Chinese hacking group known as "BlueDisk" to release a purchasable CFW (custom firmware) for 4.21 and above. Shortly after, a well-known PlayStation 3 developer, "Rogero," released his free of charge 4.21 CFW. There are now different developers releasing CFWs for the latest versions of PlayStation 3's firmware. These custom firmware render the PlayStation Jailbreak obsolete. They cannot, however, be installed unless the PlayStation 3 is on system software version 3.55 or below.

Jailbreak (1936 film)

Jailbreak is a 1936 American (Precursor) film noir, crime, mystery, drama film directed by Nick Grinde and written by Robert Hardy Andrews and Joseph Hoffman. The film stars Barton MacLane, June Travis, Craig Reynolds, Dick Purcell, Joe King, and George E. Stone. The film was released by Warner Bros. on August 5, 1936.

Jailbreak (album) - Reception

Village Voice critic Robert Christgau likened the album's songs to Bruce Springsteen cast-offs, finding Lynott's lyrical ideas "boring" and Gorham's guitar lines "second-hand". Stuart Bailie of Classic Rock magazine referred back to Christgau's appraisal, writing that both Springsteen and Lynott "were indebted to Van Morrison and his Celtic soul", and remarked how on Jailbreak "Lynott's best attributes were coming on strong."

Batticaloa Jailbreak

Batticaloa Jailbreak may refer to:

PP Jailbreak - Features

PP Jailbreak gives users access to software that is unavailable on the iOS App Store using Cydia, an iOS application and digital distribution platform. Although PP Jailbreak was initially incompatible with Cydia, it now includes recommended resources for Cydia and other software tools such as OpenSSH.

Jailbreak (album)

Jailbreak is the sixth studio album by Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy, released in 1976. It proved to be the band's commercial breakthrough in the US, and the only Thin Lizzy album with a certification (in this case, Gold) in that country. The singles include "Jailbreak" and "The Boys Are Back in Town", the latter being Thin Lizzy's biggest US hit, winning the 1976 NME Award for Best Single.

Jailbreak (album) - Remastered edition

On 24 January 2011, a new remastered and expanded version of Jailbreak was released. This new edition is a 2-CD set, with the original album on disc one, and bonus material on disc two. On the original vinyl release of the album, the back cover included a short story, which is also reprinted inside some editions of the new deluxe edition.

PP Jailbreak - Features

If an iOS user removes PP Jailbreak from their device, they will have to update their device to the latest iOS version due to firmware updates by Apple. Furthermore, a device loaded with the latest iOS version cannot go back to a previous iOS version. The initial release of the PP Jailbreak tool included support for iOS 9.3, as the team suspected that an imminent firmware update by Apple would fix the vulnerabilities used in the tool.

Jailbreak: Source - Points & Perks

In the first three beta releases of Jailbreak: Source, gameplay was very similar to Team Deathmatch, with frags for kills and little reward for playing the game in a tactical fashion. To rectify this, the current release of Jailbreak included a new system where players gained points for playing the game in either defensive, offensive, or attack styles. For example, players receive bonus points for defending their release button, or for escaping from Jail.

Jailbreak: Source - Critical reception

In an article published by the Planet Half-Life website on the GameSpy network, IGN, staff writer Thomas "Editor321" Rogers described the game as a "unique modification with dynamic gameplay". The review was mainly positive, with the writer going on to state that "The content of the game is good, but I look forward to the different map environments the most". One of the key things criticised in the review was the points and perks system ''"Something I believe that holds these back from being a pinnacle part of gameplay is, they are incredibly expensive point wise. Some of these perks cost upwards of 80 points! That’s a lot of killing and capturing you have to do, which quite frankly, is really hard to do." The writers overall opinion of the game was that "Jailbreak is not a game for everyone, if you're looking for realism and military tactics, look away, but if you fancy some team based arcade action, sign right up!"''.

PP Jailbreak - Features

PP Jailbreak is only available in Chinese and is notable as the only application able to jailbreak iOS 8.4 on Mac or iOS 8.4 on Windows.

Jailbreak (TV series)

Jailbreak was a reality television game show. It was hosted by Craig Charles, and co-presented by Charlie Stayt and Ruth England. It was shown in 2000 by Five in the United Kingdom. Original host Ulrika Jonsson had to pull out of the project due to health concerns over her newborn child.

Jailbreak: Source

The gamemode of Jailbreak has been a long-standing staple of the modding community, appearing in many different game engines over the last ten years. Originating as a Quake II modification developed by Team Reaction, the game has seen success on the GoldSrc engine, and more recently the Unreal Tournament 2003 Engine.

Jailbreak (disambiguation)

Jailbreak or jailbreaking refers to a prison escape. It may also refer to:

PP Jailbreak - Features

The tools in the PP Jailbreak application help users bypass device restrictions in order to obtain root access to the operating system. Users are then able to install applications and customizations not typically available through the App Store for iOS.

Jailbreak: Source - Critical reception

The latest release attracted coverage across a range of high-profile sites, including Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Writer, Alec Meer commented that ''"It’s just hit its 0.6 release, and the Jailbreak Team seem to be treating this as though it’s the mod’s first proper release. Maybe it is, and any prior memories we have of it are simply a collective hallucination, like that time when poodles took over the planet for an entire Wednesday."''

'74 Jailbreak

'74 Jailbreak is an EP by Australian rock band AC/DC, comprising five tracks that had previously been released only in Australia. It was released in 1984 only in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, the US, Uruguay and Venezuela. The song "Jailbreak" was also released as a single and a video. The EP was reissued worldwide in 2003 as part of the AC/DC Remasters series.

Pangu Team - Pangu jailbreak

Pangu or Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 - 7.1.x is a free iOS jailbreaking tool developed by the Pangu Team that is capable of executing jailbreaks on various iOS 7.1 devices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) by using various exploits. The tool was first released on 23 June 2014 UTC+08:00 to jailbreak iOS 7.1 on all iOS devices and the new fourth generation Apple TV (for tvOS 9.0 and 9.0.1). The initial release of the tool included support for iOS 7.1.2. This was because the team suspected that a firmware update was imminent, and Apple would use that release to patch the vulnerabilities used in the tool.