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The catalog on OpenEd is searchable by keyword and by standard: Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, Next Gen Science Standards, California History, TEKS (Texas) and New York Common Core Social Studies. The search provides multiple assessments, homework assignments videos, games and exercises for each of the individual standards that OpenEd tracks. Users can also search the OpenEd catalog by keyword.

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The OpenEd Catalog is built by deep semantic crawling of Internet-based educational resources and hosting sites; it imports extensive metadata on each resource (videos, games, exercises and other content) determining their creator, subject area, duration, quality, and grade level. The resulting catalog of resources is then aligned to standards probabilistically via machine learning. The results are then curated and validated through professional educators and then posted live on OpenEd.

OpenEd - Technology

The OpenEd site consists of several components, working together to help teachers find resources for their class and the standards they might be teaching.

OpenEd - History

OpenEd was founded in August 2012, with the purpose of providing a catalog of educational resources and aligning them to Common Core and other standards. The OpenEd cataloging process is not consistent with the current industry standard of crowdsourcing and curating individually, rather OpenEd has implemented the use of algorithms for automated alignment of resources combined with professional educator curators to validate those alignments. The process allows for a bigger scale of aligned content. At present moment the site contains over 750,000 resources, most of them aligned to the Common Core.


OpenEd is an online catalog of educational assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans aligned to every Common Core standard and several other standards, and includes the only open source formative item bank. The site offers the ability for teachers to assign resources to their students online, letting students take assessments, do homework etc on their own computers or tablets. Assignments done online are graded automatically and presented to the teacher in a mastery chart. OpenEd's slogan mentions "assessment to instruction" meaning, formative assessments given on OpenEd can access OpenEd's large catalog on a per student basis to recommend the right resource to each student individually. The company has stated that functionality of searching the site and most of its resources are free and will continue to be free going forward. However, the company is also distributing premium content from publishers such as Pearson and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to teachers for $9.95 per month.

OpenEd - History

The site also initially launched with the goal of providing materials cataloged to Common Core and later expanded to include other standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. OpenEd is continuing to add other standards across the USA and internationally. In May 2015, the company changed its domain name from www.opened.io to www.opened.com.

Naharlagun railway station - Opened

The engine trial run was completed on 15 October 2012, but the railway station was only opened on 7 April 2014. On the same day a Naharlagun-Dekargaon Passenger was inaugurated. The station has three platforms. Many trains are running from Naharlagun Station at present. First is Naharlagun - Guwahati Donyi Polo Express on daily basis, second is 22411/Naharlagun - New Delhi AC SF Express, third is Naharlagun−Guwahati Shatabdi Express and fourth is 15907/ Naharlagun- Tinsukia Shatabdi express

Lanjigarh–Junagarh section - Opened

The Lanjigarh–Junagarh line was completed in two sections. One up to Bhawanipatna which was completed in 2011. Another one from Bhawanipatna to Junagarh. An engine trial run was done on 5 June 2011 from Lanjigarh to Bhawanipatna. After a year of completion, the rail line opened up to Bhawanipatna on 11 August 2012. On the same day, the first train on this line Bhawanipatna–Bhubaneswar Link Express flagged off by Lok Sabha member and former railway minister Bhakta Charan Das. Bhawanipatna-Junagarh section completion became late due to the non-acquisition of 2.5 km forest land. Bhawanipatna-Junagarh section opened on March 2, 2014.

Windows Opened

Windows Opened is an album by flautist Herbie Mann recorded in 1968 and released on the Atlantic label.

Windows Opened - Reception

The Allmusic site awarded the album 4 stars stating "Recorded with Herbie Mann's working band at the time, Windows Opened captures the quintet tackling a mixed set of contemporary jazz and pop tunes. ...Although this is not one of the essential recordings in Mann's catalog, it features excellent playing throughout, with an amazing collection of talent".

Denishawn school - Schools opened

During the second summer that the school was opened St. Denis and Shawn decided to hire a manager. Mrs. Edwina Hamilton was brought on staff at the school and was praised by Ruth for her kindness. That winter St. Denis and Shawn went on tour and left the school open and in the hands of Mrs. Hamilton and the assistant teachers. While they were on tour, the registration for upcoming classes looked promising and Mrs. Hamilton suggested that the Denishawn School find a bigger home.

Dead Eyes Opened

"Dead Eyes Opened" is a song by the experimental Australian group Severed Heads, originally released on their 1983 album Since the Accident. Upon its initial release as a 12-inch record single in 1984, the track received critical success. A remixed version released in October 1994 achieved commercial success in Australia, peaking at #16 on the ARIA Charts.

Christina of Norway, Infanta of Castile - Tomb opened

In 1952, her sarcophagus was opened by craftsmen while in the midst of doing restoration work. The parish priest at Covarrubias, Father Rufino Vargas Blanco, was shown a piece of written parchment that was found in the casket. The lid was replaced, later to be officially opened in 1958, partially based upon a 1757 church manuscript that indicated this as the resting place of Infanta Christina. (The year 1958 marked 700 years since the marriage had taken place).

Denishawn school - Schools opened

Their second school location in Los Angeles was in an old house in West Lake Park and shared similar characteristics to the St. Paul Street estate.This location had a garden and a tennis court, like the previous school had. Another dance platform was built over the tennis court, a tent was placed over that, and an auditorium was positioned on one side of the area and a dressing room on the opposite side. Eventually, the school went on to spreading farther than just California as Shawn and St. Denis spread their repertory and style through performing. In 1927 they opened a school on Stevenson Place in the The Bronx, New York.

Brymbo railway branch lines - Lines opened

The main line from Ruabon to Saltney opened on 4 November 1846; the Company got access to Chester over a short section of the Chester and Holyhead Railway; this section opened on the same day; there were five passenger trains each way daily. Opening on to Shrewsbury followed in 1848.

Denishawn school - Schools opened

The first school that St. Denis and Shawn opened as partners was an older Spanish-style mansion in the hills of Los Angeles on St. Paul Street. It had an indoor room that was perfectly sized to fit smaller classes, a swimming pool and a tennis court for additional endurance training and/or leisure time, and the estate was filled with eucalyptus trees. Once they settled in, they built their own dancing platform over the tennis court. They also strategically built canopies over the outside space so that they could use it year-round.

Dead Eyes Opened - Background

Initially, Since the Accident was a cassette tape recorded between 1982 and 1983, and "Dead Eyes Opened" was only left on said tape to help fill up the blank space. The song includes a spoken word sample, which was credited by Tom Ellard in 2006 to be Edgar Lustgarten in the television series Scales of Justice. Lustgarten is the narrator, but the sample is from the episode Death on the Crumbles from the earlier BBC radio series of the same name. The show was based on the 1924 murder of Emily Kaye.

Opened by Mistake

Opened by Mistake is a 1940 film starring Charlie Ruggles and Janice Logan.

Bundesautobahn 26 - Opened section

The first section between Stade and Horneburg started construction in 2002. It was opened gradually between 5 August and 23 October 2008.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive - Opened and re-opened stations

Eleven new stations were opened by SYPTE between 1983 and 1993. Many of these were re-opened former stations previously closed in the 1960s under the Beeching cuts, but not all; Goldthorpe and Thurnscoe were entirely new stations, Rotherham Central was built to replace the closing which was further away from Rotherham town centre, and Meadowhall Interchange was built to serve the new Meadowhall Shopping Centre. Rotherham Parkgate, the terminus of the Sheffield Supertram tram-train pilot scheme from Sheffield city centre, opened in October 2018.