Coin Operated

Coin Operated is a 2017 animated short film written and directed by Nicholas Arioli and produced by Jennifer Dahlman. The film premiered at the 2017 Brooklyn Film Festival.

SIM operated deskphone

Unlike fixed line system, SIM operated deskphone feature built in batteries so can operate without wires if required and be easily moved and installed from office to office, location to location.

The Operated Jew

The Operated Jew (Der operirte Jud’) is a satirical antisemitic book published by the German physician Oskar Panizza in 1893. Written from a supposedly medical perspective, it exemplified the scientific racism characteristic of the era.

Gas-operated reloading - Muzzle booster

The French Chauchat, German MG-42 machine gun, the British Vickers machine gun, and some other recoil operated firearms use a gas trap style mechanism to provide additional energy to 'boost' the energy provided by recoil. This "boost" provides higher rates of fire and/or more reliable operation. It is alternately called a gas assist, and may also be found in some types of blank-firing adapters.

SIM operated deskphone

A SIM operated deskphone is a home or office-based deskphone that operates using a mobile SIM card. Connecting to a 3G/GSM virtual Private Automated Branch Exchange (PABX) network set up by a mobile operator, a SIM operated deskphone combines the features and flexibility of a mobile phone with the functionality of a traditional deskphone.

SIM operated deskphone

Tecdesk released the first Android powered SIM operated deskphone, the Smart 5500, in February 2013 and features include compatibility with Android apps, Virtual presence support, Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, Wi-Fi back up connection should the 3G / GSM network get interrupted, phonebook capacity for 6000 entries and a colour capacitive touchscreen.

Gas-operated reloading - Gas trap

A gas trap system involves "trapping" combustion gas as it leaves the muzzle. This gas impinges on a surface that converts the energy to motion that, in turn cycles the action of the firearm. Hiram Maxim patented a muzzle-cup system in 1884 described in though it is unknown if this firearm was ever prototyped. John Browning used gas trapped at the muzzle to operate a "flapper" in the earliest prototype gas-operated firearm described in. The Danish Bang rifle used a muzzle cup blown forward by muzzle gas to operate the action through transfer bars and leverage. Other gas-trap rifles were early production German Gewehr 41 (both Walther and Mauser models). These systems are longer, heavier, dirtier and more complex than later gas-operated firearms. Despite these disadvantages, they used relatively low pressure gas and did not require a hole in the barrel. The American and German governments both had requirements that their guns operated without a hole being drilled in the barrel. Both governments would first adopt weapons and later abandon the concept. All US M1 Garand rifles were retrofitted with long-stroke gas pistons.

Directly Operated Railways - West Coast Main Line Company

In October 2012 the competition for the franchise was cancelled following the discovery of technical flaws in the franchise process. The Secretary of State for Transport announced that an investigation would be conducted, with the running of the West Coast line likely to be passed into the hands of West Coast Main Line Company to ensure that train services continued uninterrupted. Directly Operated Railways confirmed that it had been asked in mid-September 2012 to prepare to mobilise for temporary transfer of the InterCity West Coast franchise in December. With the announcement the Department for Transport was opening negotiations with Virgin Rail Group about operating the franchise on a short-term basis, Directly Operated Railways stepped back from mobilising, but remained on standby.

SIM operated deskphone

UK telecommunication companies, BT and Vodafone have adopted SIM operated deskphones as part of their single-hosted business service communications, One Phone and One Net.

Operated equipment rental

Operated Equipment Rental is the term used for the rental of large or complex machinery where the rental company supplies an operator or driver to operate the machinery. This is also sometimes referred to as Wet Rental (particularly in Australia), and Operated Plant (in the UK). In India, the Middle East and Asia a large percentage of all heavy equipment and cranes are supplied with operator reflecting the comparative youth of training programs for specialized operators in construction companies in those countries.

Air-operated valve

An air-operated valve is a type of power operated valve that uses air pressure against a piston or diaphragm to produce linear or circular movement to operate a valve. Types are 2-way, 3-way and 4-way. The 2 way air-operated valves can be either normally closed or normally opened.

Voice-operated switch

In telecommunications, a voice operated switch, also known as VOX or voice-operated exchange, is a switch that operates when sound over a certain threshold is detected. It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks and turn it off when they stop speaking. It is used instead of a push-to-talk button on transmitters or to save storage space on recording devices. On cell phones, it is used to save battery life. Intercom systems that use a speaker in a room as both a speaker and a microphone will often use VOX on the main console to switch the audio direction during a conversation. The circuit usually includes a delay between the sound stopping and switching direction, to avoid the circuit turning off during short pauses in speech.

Directly Operated Railways

Directly Operated Railways Ltd. (DOR) was a holding company set up by the Department for Transport in the United Kingdom in July 2009 to operate rail franchises should it become necessary to bring them into public ownership. From November 2015, its function was taken over by the Department for Transport, who set up DfT OLR Holdings Limited to carry out that function. A partnership of Arup Group, Ernst & Young and SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit were appointed temporarily to support them in that function.

SIM operated deskphone

Leading design and manufacturers of SIM operated deskphones include Tecdesk, Huawei and Jablocom. SIM operated deskphone models range from standard deskphone functionality such as built-in display, caller ID, phonebook, mute, redial, loudspeaker, conference call facility, memory keys and SMS support, through to HD voice call quality, 3G connection to PC and laptop and Bluetooth wireless connection to headsets. Some SIM operated deskphones are powered by an Android operating system.

Vietnam Airlines - Previously operated

Since its conception in 1956, the airline has operated a wide range of aircraft, including Soviet, American, and European aircraft. Due to having retired all Soviet-made planes, the airline currently uses Boeing, ATR, and Airbus aircraft.

Albarka Air - Previously operated

The airline previously operated 3 Boeing 747 and 1 Boeing 767 aircraft, all delivered in January 2002, but all since disposed of.

No. 452 Squadron RAAF - Aircraft operated

No. 452 Squadron operated the following aircraft:

No. 459 Squadron RAAF - Aircraft operated

No 459 Squadron operated the following aircraft:

No. 106 Squadron RAF - Aircraft operated

Line drawings of aircraft operated

Open top buses in Weston-super-Mare - Crew operated

A 'new' Bristol K5G appeared in 1974. It was fitted with a 59-seat Eastern Coach Works (ECW) body and had been built in 1941 for the Bristol Tramways fleet. In 1954 it had been sold to Brighton & Hove where it was converted to an open top. In 1965 it was sold to Thomas Brothers in Port Talbot and named "The Sandfields Belle". In 1969 it was sold back to Bristol Omnibus and was put in store until returned to service at Weston-super-Mare in 1974. It operated alongside the Lodekkas in cream livery that year and again in 1978 and 1979. It also appeared on television, including an episode of the Shoestring detective series, when some criminals met on the top deck as it drove along the Sea Front. In 1979 it was placed in the hands of a preservation group but returned to Bristol Omnibus and then on to Badgerline who put it to work on the city tour in Bath for several years where it carried the name "Prince Bladud". It has now returned to preservation.