Proffitt's - Acquisitions of Dillard's, Parisian, Younkers, Herberger's, and Carson Pirie Scott

Birmingham, Alabama, based Parisian and Younkers of Des Moines, Iowa, were both acquired in 1996 and retained their names and operating units. Herberger's was purchased in 1997 and kept its nameplate. In the same year the company moved from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange and began trading under the PFT symbol. The company purchased the Carson Pirie Scott chain in 1998 which also consisted of Boston Store and Bergner's and they continued to operate those stores under their respective names. Later in 1998, the company purchased North Carolina based Brody's and those stores were converted to the Proffitt's name. 1998 also saw Proffitt's acquire a group of 15 stores from Dillard's after its buyout of Mercantile Stores. Five former Castner Knott store in Nashville, Tennessee were renamed Proffitt's, but sold in 2001 to May Department Stores after proving marginally profitable under Proffitt's management. The former Brody's stores were sold to Belk in 2004. Also, in 2004, Proffitt's opened a store in Alabama at the Riverchase Galleria in the Birmingham suburb of Hoover in the location vacated by Macy's which now houses a Von Maur store. The Carson Pirie Scott, Bergner's, Boston Store, Herberger's, and Younkers names were eventually sold to Bon-Ton Stores on March 6, 2006.

Proffitt's - Going public

Proffitt's Inc. went public on July 3, 1987 on the NASDAQ market under the symbol PRFT. The West Town Mall location in Knoxville was expanded to 122000 sqft later that year making it the largest store in the chain. Proffitt's purchased the Chattanooga based Loveman's Department Store in 1986, adding four Chattanooga stores and one in Dalton, Georgia, its first location outside of Tennessee.


Proffitt's was a department store chain based in Alcoa, Tennessee. On March 8, 2006, the Proffitt's and McRae's stores were converted into Belk stores. Belk acquired the two chains in July 2005 from Saks, Inc.

Proffitt's - Going public

In 1989, a new 80000 sqft store opened in Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, North Carolina, bringing the total stores to eleven. The years 1992 and 1993 saw a number of acquisitions, making Proffitt's one of the fastest growing retailers in the US. During that time, the company purchased 18 Hess's locations in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia. Some of these locations were formerly Miller's of Tennessee stores. This added new stores in Rome, Georgia; Elizabethtown and Ashland, Kentucky; Bristol, Virginia; and Kingsport and Johnson City, Tennessee. In fall 1992, shortly before the Hess's purchase was completed, a new Proffitt's store opened in The Mall at Johnson City in the company's entry into the Tri-Cities market. The Hess's purchase led to a dual-store format in the mall, similar to the one in the Foothills Mall in Maryville. In Johnson City, once the Hess's store was vacated and renovated, the Men's and Home Stores were moved to that building, leaving Women's and Children's in the newly constructed Proffitt's building.

Proffitt's - Acquisitions of McRae's and Parks-Belk

Proffitt's purchased the Jackson, Mississippi based McRae's chain in 1994. The McRae's stores, unlike the previous acquisitions, continued to operate under their nameplate and operational division. In 1995, Proffitt's purchased Parks-Belk, an independently owned affiliate of Charlotte, North Carolina based Belk, Inc. This purchase gave Proffitt's a presence for the first time in Greeneville, Tennessee, and gave the company an additional store in each mall in Kingsport and Johnson City. A Parks-Belk location in Morristown, Tennessee was part of the deal, but the store was closed instead of being converted to a Proffitt's. The Johnson City Proffitt's was already operating under the dual-location concept and this gave the company three stores in the same mall. The former Hess's store (now home to Forever 21, formerly Goody's Family Clothing) which housed the Men's and Home Store was vacated and relocated to the former Belk site along with the Children's department. This move created the largest Proffitt's Men's Store in the company and allowed the Women's department its own store. The former Hess store in the Fort Henry Mall in Kingsport was transformed into the largest Proffitt's Home Store, with all other departments remaining in the former Parks-Belk location. Proffitt's would later open stores in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Morgantown and Parkersburg, WV, and they would eventually build a new store at College Square Mall in Morristown, Tennessee.

Proffitt's - Merger with Saks Fifth Avenue

Late 1998 would see the biggest name change when Proffitt's purchased Saks Holdings Inc, the holding company for luxury retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. Upon closing of the acquisition the company name changed to Saks, Inc. and its NYSE ticker symbol changed to SKS.

Proffitt's - Sale to Belk

The McRae's operations would ultimately be consolidated into the Proffitt's division's Alcoa, Tennessee, based offices. They would however, continue to operate under the McRae's name. The year 2005 would signal the end of the Proffitt's and McRae's names with the purchase of those stores by Belk. On March 8, 2006, all McRae's and Proffitt's stores were converted into Belk stores. The conversion ended two of the most well-known retailing names in the southern United States. The only exceptions were two Alabama McRae's stores in Tuscaloosa and Gadsden, which were retained to convert into Parisian locations. On October 2, 2006, the Parisian unit was sold to Belk and these two locations downgraded to Belk stores almost a year after the purchase.

Saks, Inc. - Proffitt's Inc.

Proffitt's Inc. began as five Proffitt's stores in the Knoxville, Tennessee, metropolitan area. After going public under the symbol PRFT on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1987, Proffitt's Inc. grew by acquiring several department stores. In 1989 the company purchased 18 Hess's locations in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia. From 1994 to 1998, the company added McRae's, Younkers, Parisian, Herberger's, Carson Pirie Scott, Boston Store, and Bergner's chains, as well as additional stores from Loveman's, Parks-Belk, and Brody's, which were converted into existing store nameplates. After acquiring Parisian, Proffitt's relocated its corporate headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama, from Knoxville in October 1997. Although the full Saks company no longer has a store in Mississippi, Saks operates its data services from the former McRae's headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi.

Saks Fifth Avenue - Proffitt's acquisition

In 1998, Proffitt's, Inc. the parent company of Proffitt's and other department stores, acquired Saks Holdings Inc. Upon completing the acquisition, Proffitt's, Inc. changed its name to Saks, Inc.

Younkers - Acquisition by Proffitt's

After a hostile takeover bid by Carson Pirie Scott was rejected in 1995, Younkers' shareholders agreed to a friendly merger by Proffitt's, Inc., of Knoxville, Tennessee. The merger was completed in December 1996. Proffitt's would later acquire Carson Pirie Scott, and in 1998 Proffitt's acquired Saks Fifth Avenue to form Saks Incorporated. In 2003, Saks closed Younkers' headquarters in Des Moines and merged its operations with those of Carson Pirie Scott in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Parisian (department store) - Acquisition by Proffitt's in 1996

In 1996, Proffitt's Inc. bought 38-store Parisian for $200 million and assumed Parisian's $250 million debt. Proffitt's, which had acquired Younkers and McRae's two years before, also acquired G.R. Herberger's in 1996. In 1997, Proffitt's included five brands: 19 Proffitt's stores, mostly in Tennessee; 29 McRae's stores in Alabama and Mississippi; 48 Younkers stores, mostly in Iowa and Wisconsin; 40 Parisian stores; and 39 Herberger's stores, concentrated in the Midwest.

Parisian (department store) - Acquisition by Proffitt's in 1996

Proffitt's continued to make acquisitions, buying the Carson Pirie Scott chain of 52 stores in the Midwest in 1997 and Brody's in North Carolina in 1998. Proffitt's bought Saks Fifth Avenue for $2.1 billion in 1998, which included 100 Saks stores and 40 discount Off 5th outlet stores, and changed its own name from Proffitt's, Inc. to Saks Incorporated.

Bergner's - Bankruptcy and acquisition by Proffitt's

Proffitt's Inc., now Saks Incorporated, bought the company in 1998 and named the purchased group of stores the Northern Department Store group internally; its purchase increased the northern presence of the Saks company.

Saks, Inc.

Saks, Inc., originally Proffitt's Inc. until 1998, was a Fortune 1000 operator of high-end department stores in the United States under the nameplate Saks Fifth Avenue. It was founded in Birmingham, Alabama. Hudson's Bay Company acquired Saks in November 2013.

Patrick Henry Mall - History

Patrick Henry Mall, which is named after the adjacent Patrick Henry International Airport, opened as the Peninsula area's third enclosed regional mall in 1987. It was built on a site previously occupied by a large dairy farm run by the Yoders, a local Mennonite family. It was the first mall in the region to feature a food court. Built by Crown American, it was originally anchored by Hess's, Belk Leggett, and Bradlees. The Bradlees store became Uptons in 1988. Hess's sold its store in the mall to Proffitt's in 1995; both it and the Leggett became Dillard's stores in 1998. A 1998 expansion added Hecht's (rebranded Macy's in 2006). Uptons closed in 1999 and became J. C. Penney in 2000.

Boston Store - Bankruptcy and merger with Proffitt's

In 1991, Bergner's filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with Maus Freres S.A. losing control of the company in a bitter fight. In 1993, the organization emerged from bankruptcy court under the name Carson Pirie Scott & Co, trading under the symbol CPS. Eventually, Proffitt's Inc., now Saks Incorporated, bought Carson Pirie Scott in 1998 and its purchase increased the northern presence of the Saks Incorporated company.

McRae's - History

Proffitt's merged with Saks Holdings, owner of Saks Fifth Avenue, in 1998. The merged company changed its name to Saks Incorporated. Proffitt's and McRae's became part of Saks Incorporated's Southern Department Store Group.

Foothills Mall (Tennessee)

Opened in 1983, Foothills Mall is the only shopping mall in suburban Blount County, part of the Knoxville Metropolitan Area. The mall was originally anchored by Maryville-based Proffitt's, a regional department store; Miller's, another regional department store that was a division of Allied Stores; JCPenney; and Sears, which closed in February 2019. Proffitt's and Miller's no longer exist. The original Proffitt's space is now used by Belk, while the former Miller's/Hess's was demolished in 2011 to accommodate a new movie theater. There is also Mall Jump! with bungee trampoline.

One Bellevue Place - 1990s

Bellevue Center's upscale offerings showed initial promise, but foot traffic at the mall began to decline soon after, with competition from the Mall at Green Hills and Cool Springs Galleria, where new locations of stores previously exclusive to Bellevue Center began to open. Sears came to Bellevue Center in 1999 (shortly after Castner Knott became Proffitt's), building a new store on the empty anchor space in the northeast corner of the mall. Despite the arrival of a third anchor, foot traffic continued to suffer, and retailers began abandoning the mall in the early 2000s. Mall space began to be filled by professional services, churches, and the instructional arts. When Dillard's eventually closed its store and sold its property to the mall's owners (Oaktree Capital Management) in 2007 following years of declining sales, drastic plans for redevelopment were announced.

Golden East Crossing - History

Proffitt's was closed in 2005. Part of the store became Bed Bath & Beyond that year, while the rest became Ross Dress for Less a year later. Petco was added in 2008, replacing a Books-A-Million bookstore which moved to the former theater space. Best Buy and Sears both closed in 2012. A year later, Dunham's Sports was confirmed to be opening in the vacated Sears. Petco closed on January 24, 2015. Bed Bath & Beyond closed at the mall in 2016, while the same year, Conn's opened in the spaces previously occupied by Petco and Best Buy. Fallas opened in the former Bed Bath & Beyond on July 26, 2018.