List of Welsh-language programmes - Television programmes

Television programmes originally made in the Welsh language or first shown only in Wales.

List of programmes broadcast by TV9 (Malaysia) - Current programmes

The programmes listed below are not children-related. Some local programmes may also have repeats on certain times of the day.

List of television programmes broadcast by the BBC - News programmes

For programmes which only air on the BBC World News Channel, see programming on BBC World News.

Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development - The framework programmes

The framework programmes up until Framework Programme 6 (FP6) covered five-year periods, but from Framework Programme 7 (FP7) on, programmes run for seven years. The Framework Programmes, and their budgets in billions of Euros, are presented in the table below. For FP1–FP5, program expenditures were made in European Currency Units; from FP6 onward budgets were in Euros. The values presented below are in Euros.

Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development - Criticism of the programmes

The programmes have been criticized on various grounds, such as actually diminishing Europe's industrial competitiveness and failing to deliver fundamental excellence and global economic competitiveness. In 2010, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency launched a petition calling for a simplification of administrative procedures, which attracted over 13,000 signatories. The numerous other criticisms of the petitioners were later distilled into a green paper. In Horizon 2020 there are significant simplifications: e.g. fewer funding rates (increasing the funding rates of the large companies), less reporting, less auditing, shorter time from proposal to project kick-off.

ATV World - Programmes

Since the Hong Kong government does not have its own television station, its agency Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) required the-then two domestic free television stations to broadcast their programmes and advertisements. One of the well known programmes is Educational Television (ETV) which began in 1971. This followed the Hong Kong education syllabus, serving as a reference for primary and secondary school students of mathematics, Hong Kong English, Putonghua and other school subjects. During the thirty-two-week school year, ETV programmes were shown on ATV World from 10:00 to 12:00 and TVB Pearl from 14:00 to 16:00 each weekday.

Pebble Mill Studios - Programmes

BBC Birmingham and BBC Midlands, from their initial conception, were to provide local interest and national programme output for the Midland Region. Over Pebble Mill's 35 years of operation the studios produced some of the BBC's most iconic programmes and was second to Television Centre for total output. The following is a small list of the total programme output of the complex. There were many single and short run documentaries, OBs and pilots which have come and gone over the years many of which will never be remembered.

Zurich University of Applied Sciences/ZHAW - Programmes

A total of 26 Bachelor and 10 consecutive Master degree programmes are currently offered. The general language of courses is German (Hochdeutsch). Notably all lectures at the School of Management and Law's bachelor programme in International Management are held in English, as are courses for exchange students. Generally, there is an increasing use of English observed in many other programmes.

ARD-alpha - Programmes

ARD-alpha broadcasts educational programmes including; science, religion, music, philosophy, literature, language learning, art and culture.

ITV Border - Programmes

Current programmes

Institute of Education (Dublin) - Programmes

Being a Senior Cycle-only school, The Institute provides several programmes to secondary-level students. Those who wish to study full-time at the school are known as day students and pay standard yearly fees. Students may also attend the school's part-time and evening grinds classes which take place in the evenings and Saturday mornings. These classes provide students with intense tuition support with fees based on the number of subjects taken. Intensive five-day revision courses are also available during normal school holidays at Christmas, Easter, winter mid-term break, in May and August. Study skills seminars available in September. The Institute also runs preparation courses for the Health Professions Admissions Test (HPAT).

Jönköping School of Engineering - Programmes

The School of Engineering offers various undergraduate and graduate programs in English and Swedish. The Bachelor of Science programmes are given in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management and Mechanical Engineering majors. Master of Science programmes can be found in Informatics, Production Systems and Product Development majors. The University Diploma degree programmes last for two years and are open to Swedish students.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur - Programmes

Deutschlandfunk Kultur is noted for its radio plays and documentaries. The station's programmes also cover arts, culture, and science. Deutschlandfunk Kultur carries no commercial advertising.

David France Collection - Programmes

It is difficult to calculate the precise number of friendly matches Everton have been involved in during this time, however, experts have estimated that the collection features over 90% of all programmes involving Everton over this period, and is hailed as the most complete compilation of such archival material for any football club.

David France Collection - Programmes

The collection includes every Everton programme published in the inaugural 1888-9 League season. Another highlight is the 32 programmes from the pre-League era when Everton played at Anfield. The collection can also claim to include the earliest known programmes for a number of today's top clubs, including Manchester United (then known as Newton Heath), Celtic, Aston Villa, Derby County, West Bromwich Albion, Bolton Wanderers, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Blackburn Rovers.

RNIB College, Loughborough - Programmes

In addition to young people, RNIB College Loughborough also supports adults aged 18+ with sight loss and/or other disabilities committed to securing employment through skills training, job search support, job coaching and mentoring and planned work placements. Programmes are funded through the Department for Work and Pensions and are flexible in length, typically 6 to 9 months. The programmes are designed for people who are unemployed and need to develop their skills in order to get back to work.

University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business - Programmes

The UCT GSB also offers programmes that are customised for corporates, government, NGOs and [[The Skills Development Act 97 of 1998#Sector Education and Training Authorities (“SETAs”)|SETAs]]. Programmes are modular and accredited national qualifications can be customised to suit a client's specific needs.

TVB J2 - Programmes

Korean and Japanese dramas are the most watched programmes on TVB J2. The time slots in prime time are specialized for most popular dramas every day, with ones from Korea (Mon-Fri), Taiwan (Mon-Fri, Sun), Japan (Fri-Sat) and USA (Sat-Sun).

Programme One - Programmes

The news department did not employ news journalists until 1989, when they began to front the shorter bulletins (the main 18:30 and 21:00 news programmes was fronted only by senior journasts until after the failed coup d'etat).