Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

Woolston Rovers were one of the original ten clubs invited to join BARLA's National League in 1986, this later became the National Conference League in 1992, Rovers were champions for the first three years and then runners-up for the next two.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

The Jubilee Pavilion at Bennetts Recreation Ground was opened in 1978. Along with the clubhouse and changing facilities, Rovers had three playing pitches. These playing facilities were used to the full when the junior section got into full swing in 1978. From 1978 up to 2002 Rovers had in excess of 10 teams per season.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

At the end of the 2006 season the Woolston Rovers committee decided to relaunch an open age team. An applications to the North West Counties league was accepted but Woolston Rovers had to start in Division 6. They were Division 6 champions in their first year back and this was followed by finishing the next four seasons in the top two league positions to win back-to-back promotions.

Dream Rovers - Persian Rovers

In January 2007 the band was formed under the name of "Persian Rovers" in Tehran by Erfan Rezayatbakhsh as the singer. The main activity of Persian Rovers was covering old songs. This procedure went on until Erfan came back from his military conscription in April 2007 and the band decided to start recording their original songs. With respect to this subject, they started working on the songs written by Erfan. In October that year Persian Rovers collapsed while they had only succeeded in preparing a demo for the song February Snow.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

Woolston Rovers Rugby Club was founded at the Lido Country Club on Manchester Road, Woolston in 1959. The first game played by Woolston Rovers was against Cadishead in the 1960–61 season with Woolston losing 58–8. For the first two seasons Woolston had no pitch, and played all their games away from home. At the start of the third year they acquired a pitch in Victoria Park, where they played until they moved to Bennetts Recreation Ground, Padgate.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

With just four junior teams remaining, a new committee formed in 2004 breaking away from the control of the open-age team. Calling themselves Woolston Rovers Juniors they struggled to keep the remaining teams together.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

Confusion between Woolston Rovers and the summer team Warrington Woolston Rovers had led to Woolston Rovers' winter team being relegated even though they had won their league and then failing to have a team entered for the 2004-5 season. The summer club then broke away and renamed themselves Warrington Wizards. On a more positive note, Woolston Rovers were allowed to rebuild their home ground.

Woolston Rovers - Woolston Rovers

Woolston continued to flourish until arsonists destroyed the Jubilee Pavilion in October 2002, along with all the memorabilia within. With the club needing to rebuild, a summer club was launched under the name Warrington Woolston Rovers

Tranmere Rovers F.C. - Tranmere Rovers Ladies

Tranmere Rovers Ladies Football Club were founded in 1990. Based in the Wirral, they are affiliated with the men's team, and play home games at Villa Park, the home of Ashville F.C. in Wallasey. Between 1996 and 2004 they competed in the FA Premier League National Division, then the top tier of the English women's football pyramid. Since 2011, they have played in the North West Regional League, Premier Division. As of the start of the 2011–12 season, they have won the Cheshire Cup a record 11 times.

Shamrock Rovers F.C. - Shamrock Rovers B

Throughout its history Rovers have entered reserve teams in various leagues including the Leinster Senior League Senior Division, the League of Ireland B Division, the A Championship and the League of Ireland U19 Division. In 2014 they played in the League of Ireland First Division.

The Irish Rovers - The Rovers era

In the early 1980s, the group adjusted its style and began aiming itself towards the country-rock field. Renamed The Rovers, the group scored a major international hit with "Wasn't That a Party" and also found success with the Christmas novelty recording "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer". By the late 1980s, however, the group had reverted to their original Irish Rovers branding.

Achill Rovers F.D.A.C. - Achill Rovers on Radio

In 2014 RTÉ Radio 1's The John Murray Show announced that they were going to follow and support Achill Rovers as their underdogs during the 2014 season. Packie Bonner was appointed celebrity coach for the show. In August 2014, Achill Rovers also featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary series Crossing Continents. The episode focused on immigration from Ireland and the importance of sport in rural communities. The programme featured interviews with Enda Kenny and with players and officials from Achill Rovers, Achill GFC and Kilmeena GAA.

Doncaster Rovers Belles L.F.C. - Merger with Doncaster Rovers

The Football Association had promised to create a professional women's league in 2003 and wanted clubs to merge with professional male counterparts as part of that strategy. In order to keep up with rivals who were already backed by men's clubs, the Belles were increasingly keen on finding their own link-up. A merger with Doncaster Rovers was considered at a meeting between representatives of both clubs on 3 April 2002, followed by EGMs five days later. In January 2003, Belles chairman John Gomersall met with the FA women's committee to discuss the merger. Rovers' existing women's team rejected the proposal by 77 votes to one at their AGM in March 2003. Nevertheless, in July 2003 the Doncaster Belles website announced the merger's completion. Under the terms of the agreement, the Belles would retain their financial and strategic independence. They also secured agreements to play a portion of home games at Belle Vue, to use the male club's Cantley Park training facility and to sell merchandise in Rovers' club shop. As a result, the Doncaster Belles, often described as "the most recognisable team name in the women's game", became Doncaster Rovers Belles. In 2011 Doncaster Rovers Belles was reconstituted as a Community Interest Company and today is run independently of Doncaster Rovers. The Belles continue to play their league games at the Keepmoat stadium.

Hayabusa2 - Rovers

Hayabusa2 carried four small rovers to investigate the asteroid surface in situ, and provide context information for the returned samples. Due to the minimal gravity of the asteroid, all four rovers were designed to move around by short hops instead of the normal wheels. They were deployed at different dates from about 60 m altitude and fell freely to the surface under the asteroid's weak gravity. The first two rovers, called HIBOU (previously Rover-1A) and OWL (previously Rover-1B), landed on asteroid Ryugu on 21 September 2018. The third rover, called MASCOT, was deployed 3 October 2018. Its mission was successful. The fourth rover, known as Rover-2 or MINERVA-II-2, failed before release from the orbiter. It was released anyway on 2 October 2019 to orbit the asteroid and perform gravitational measurements before impacting the asteroid a few days later.

Luna programme - Rovers

The United States landed crewed rovers (Lunar Roving Vehicles) on Apollo 15 (July–August 1971), Apollo 16 (April 1972), and Apollo 17 (December 1972). Apollo 15 covered 27.9 km; Apollo 16 covered 26.7 km, and Apollo 17 covered 35.74 km.

P. B. Nevill - Rovers

Rovers held his attention and support from its early beginning in the 1920s and he became The Boy Scouts Association Headquarters Commissioner for Rovers. Nevill organised the first jamboree for Rovers (which Baden-Powell termed a "Moot"). Nevill organised several more Moots. He resigned as Headquarters Commissioner for Rovers in 1930, to focus on his other commissionerships. He remained involved with Rovers and attended further Moots. In 1966, The Boy Scouts Association discontinued Rovers following The Chief Scout's Advance Party Report and Nevill resigned all his active positions with the Association.

Astrobotic Technology - Rovers

Astrobotic has a line of three rovers called Polaris, CubeRover, and MoonRanger.

Astrobotic Technology - Rovers

*CubeRover is a class of planetary rovers with a standardized format meant to accelerate the pace of space exploration. The idea is equivalent to that of the successful CubeSat format, with a standardized architecture to assemble new units that will be all compatible, modular, and inexpensive. The rover class concept is being developed by Astrobotic Technology in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, and it is partly funded by NASA awards. The Principal Investigator of the program is Andrew Horchler. The first CubeRover is planned to be deployed on the Moon in 2021 on board Astrobotic's Peregrine lander. It is called Andy, has a mass of and is 103 cm tall.

Fairlawn Rovers - Leagues

There is very little information on the leagues Fairlawn Rovers belong to over the years. In 1922, they won the Pawtucket and District League. Then, in 1934, it entered the New England Division of the American Soccer League for two seasons. The latest mention of Fairlawn Rovers comes in the biography of David Pacheo, a member of the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame. It mentions that, “In 1948-49 he was a key member of the Fall River Soccer Club and the Fairlawn Rovers of Rhode Island.”

Featherstone Rovers - 1960s

Johnny Malpass took over as coach of the Rovers in August 1963. In his first season, Malpass steered Rovers to fourth in the table, other highlights that year included beating the Australian tourists for a second successive time. The next seasons Rovers finished 15th and Malpass quit as coach after a heavy defeat to St Helens in the play-offs.