Smage Brothers Riding Shows - Shows

The shows consists of the duo doing trick riding, stunts, and jumping between obstacles. They also do wheelies and compete for who can do the most wheel hops. They time how long that they can ride a motorized unicycle; they hold the world record at 3 1/2 minutes.

Smage Brothers Riding Shows - Shows

The Smage brothers have traveled around the United States including the International Motorcycle Shows expo at Long Beach, California.

Wild West shows - Other shows

Over time, various Wild West shows were developed. They included Bee Ho Gray's Wild West, Texas Jack's Wild West, Pawnee Bill's Wild West, Jones Bros.' Buffalo Ranch Wild West and "Buckskin Joe" Hoyt.

List of IWRG shows - Recurring shows

Over the years IWRG has created a number of recurring events, some on an annual basis that IWRG has held year after year since the show was created, other events that they will run on a regular basis although not always at the same time each year, sometimes holding multiple events in one year, other times not holding a specific event in a year. Each year on or close to January 1 IWRG holds their IWRG Anniversary Shows to celebrate their creation on January 1, 1996. Some years the show is promoted specifically under that label, other times they combine the anniversary celebration with another of their annual shows.

List of IWRG shows - Recurring shows

Lucha libre has a very strong family tradition and IWRG honors this with various shows and tournaments throughout the year, including the father/son tournament IWRG Legado Final ("Final Legacy"), as well as their annual IWRG Rebelión de los Juniors ("The Junior Rebellion"), and finally their recurring IWRG Guerra de Familias ("War of the Families") show.

List of IWRG shows - Recurring shows

The oldest show after the anniversary shows is the IWRG Prisión Fatal ("Deadly Prison") show, with the first being held in 2000, then again in 2009 and then 2012, from then on a regular basis since then. The main event of the Prisión Fatal is a multi-man steel cage match contested under Lucha de Apuestas, or "bet match", rules where the loser would be forced to unmask. the Lucha de Apuestas steel cage match is one of IWRG's signature matches as they promote a number of those matches each year on a regular basis such as IWRG El Castillo del Terror ("Tower of Terror") and IWRG Guerra del Golfo ("Gulf War"). They have also held various one-off steel cage centered shows such as IWRG Guerra del Sexos ("Battle of the Sexes"), an inter-gender match that allows both male and female wrestler to fight each other. Other steel cage match shows have included IWRG La Jaula del Honor ("The Cage of Honor") and IWRG La Jaula de la Muerte ("The Cage of Death").>

Philippine noontime variety television shows - Sunday noontime shows

Its current rival program is Sunday PinaSaya aired on GMA Network and co-produced by APT Entertainment, a subsidiary of TAPE Inc. (the producer of the longest-running noontime show, Eat Bulaga!). SPS aired its pilot episode in August 2015 as a replacement to Sunday All Stars. Other popular defunct Sunday noontime variety shows are the following:

List of television shows and films in Charleston, South Carolina - Television shows

The following television shows have been filmed in part in or near Charleston, South Carolina. Filming locations that are identifiable in the final production are indicated in parentheses. When the filming location was meant to represent Charleston as the setting, an asterisk has been added.

List of Australian music television shows - Music-oriented talent quests/shows

Talent quest shows have been popular throughout Australia's television broadcasting history. A typical format is a selection of unknown singers or musicians (as opposed to established recording artists) performing before a panel of judges who award points with the winner receiving a cash prize or a recording contract. More recent incarnations have had the heats and eliminations running over several months with public votes included (e.g. Australian Idol).

List of Australian music television shows - Music-oriented talent quests/shows

Young Talent Time was one of Australia's longest running talent quest shows (1971–1988) and included a mix of regular in-house performers with a weekly talent competition.

Gun shows in the United States - ATF criminal investigations at gun shows

It is difficult to legally acquire fully automatic firearms at American gun shows (as opposed to the semiautomatic-only versions of these firearms that are legal on the U.S. civilian market), due to National Firearms Act (NFA). To legally purchase or transfer a fully automatic firearm, U.S. citizens must pay a $200 transfer tax, submit a full set of fingerprints on FBI Form FD-258, obtain certification provided by a chief law enforcement officer ("CLEO": the local chief of police, sheriff of the county, head of the State police, or State or local district attorney or prosecutor), and obtain final approval from the BATF on a Form 4 transfer of NFA registration to the new owner. All private citizens must wait, typically months, before receiving the tax stamp for the $200 tax paid, authorizing taking possession of the already paid-for fully automatic firearm. Until in receipt of the tax stamp, the Class III dealer retains control of the fully automatic firearm. In addition, only fully automatic firearms manufactured before the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of 1986 are permitted to be transferred. No fully automatic firearms recovered in Mexico have been traced to the United States.

Gun shows in the United States - ATF criminal investigations at gun shows

From 2004 to 2006, ATF conducted surveillance and undercover investigations at 195 gun shows (approximately 2% of all shows). Specific targeting of suspected individuals (77%) resulted in 121 individual arrests and 5,345 firearms seizures. Seventy nine of the 121 ATF operation plans were known suspects previously under investigation.

Fiesta Shows

Fiesta Shows is a travelling amusement park that entertains and visits over 60 communities throughout the New England region. It is New England's largest carnival.

Fiesta Shows - Rides

Here are a list of carnival rides that Fiesta Shows currently has (in alphabetical order).

Lakeland Shows

While the Westmorland County Show claims to be "one of the largest one day Shows in the Country", Lakeland shows are often on a smaller scale than other agricultural shows. They are held in summer or early autumn.

Fiesta Shows - History

It was founded in Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts, in 1935 when Eugene Dean and Jack Flynn entered the amusement park business. Fiesta Shows has been in partnership with the Topsfield Fair for over 50 years now.About 500,000 views come to the fair every year. In the year of 1967, Dean and Flynn purchased Fiesta Shows completely. Fiesta Shows is a traveling amusement park that features rides and concession set up for fairs and carnivals.

Don Shows - Illnesses and death

In the fall of 2012, while he was recovering from fatigue and was off duty on medical leave, Shows was suspended from coaching for two games by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association because of questions about the eligibility of a player, offensive lineman Cameron Robinson, who transferred to West Monroe High School and sought immediate eligibility. LHSAA placed the Rebels on disciplinary probation from September 2012 to September 2013 and fined the school $1,000 and the costs incurred for the investigation into Robinson's eligibility.

Ronnie Shows

Clifford Ronald Shows (born January 26, 1947) is a former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Mississippi.

Strates Shows

Strates Shows, Inc. is a family operated traveling carnival midway company based in Orlando, Florida. It provides amusement rides, games and concessions for local, county and state fairs throughout the United States. Strates Shows is the only midway company in the country that transports their personnel and equipment by train during its annual seven-month season. The train currently comprises 61 rail cars and 34 trucks.

Reithoffer Shows - Rides and attractions

Reithoffer Shows owns a wide range of rides and attractions. Some examples are listed here.