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SPR domain

In molecular biology the SPR domain is a protein domain found in the Sprouty (Spry) and Spread (Sprouty related EVH1 domain) proteins. These have been identified as inhibitors of the Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascade, a pathway crucial for developmental processes initiated by activation of various receptor tyrosine kinases. These proteins share a conserved, C-terminal cysteine-rich region, the SPR domain. This domain has been defined as a novel cytosol to membrane translocation domain. It has been found to be a PtdIns(4,5)P2-binding domain that targets the proteins to a cellular localization that maximizes their inhibitory potential. It also mediates homodimer formation of these proteins.

SPR domain - Examples

Human genes encoding protein containing the SPR domain include:

Pindad SPR

The Pindad SPR (abbreviation from Indonesian: Senapan Penembak Runduk, Sniper Rifle) is a family of sniper rifles made by Pindad. The gun allows the shooter to adjust the height of the position and stability by regulating the bipod of the rifle located on the bottom front of the handguard.

Pindad SPR

The SPR is available in four variants. The SPR-1 and SPR-3 are chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO cartridge, the SPR-2 is chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge and the SPR-4 is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge.

SPR Tarnów

SPR Grupa Azoty Tarnów, known as Grupa Azoty Tarnów for sponsorship reasons, is a men's handball club from Tarnów, Poland, that plays in the Superliga.

SPR Chrobry Głogów

SPR Chrobry Głogów is a men's handball club from Głogów, Poland, that plays in the Superliga.

SPR Coffee

SPR Coffee is a coffee chain operating in China and Taiwan. It entered mainland China in 2001 and in 2010 claimed 545 franchises worldwide. In March 2011 Asia Times Online counted SPR Coffee, with another originally Taiwanese competitor UBC Coffee, as one of the major competitors with Starbucks and Costa Coffee "competing for a slice of China's coffee pie."

SPR domain

The SPR domain can occur in association with the WH1 domain (see ) (located in the N-terminus) in the Spread proteins.

SPR Stal Mielec

SPR Stal Mielec is a men's handball club from Mielec, Poland, that plays in the Superliga.

Surface plasmon resonance - SPR Immunoassay

The first SPR immunoassay was proposed in 1983 by Liedberg, Nylander, and Lundström, then of the Linköping Institute of Technology (Sweden). They adsorbed human IgG onto a 600-angstrom silver film, and used the assay to detect anti-human IgG in water solution. Unlike many other immunoassays, such as ELISA, an SPR immunoassay is label free in that a label molecule is not required for detection of the analyte. Additionally, the measurements on SPR can be followed real-time allowing the monitoring of individual steps in sequential binding events particularly useful in the assessment of for instance sandwich complexes.

MV Agusta F4 series - F4 750 SPR

The F4 750 SPR was released in 2004 and was intended to be the final evolution on the F4 750 platform, mainly aimed at track use. The engine was uprated from the 750 Senna with higher compression pistons, redesigned inlet and exhaust post, refrofiled combustion chamber and hand polished inlet port. Additionally, the camshaft, tappets and valve springs were also changed. These modifications allowed the SPR to produce 143 bhp (107 kW) at 13,000 rpm (146 hp (109 kW) with the optional race exhaust and chip). The clutch was uprated and a close ratio gearbox fitted.

Oil-storage trade - Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)

The United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is the world's largest supply of emergency crude oil—727 million barrels— stored in huge underground salt caverns along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. An emergency oil stockpile was recommended by several Presidents throughout the twentieth century, in 1944, in 1952, 1956 and in 1970. The SPR is a "deterrent to oil import cutoffs and a key tool of foreign policy" but it has rarely been used.

Ligand binding assay - Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

Surface Plasmon Resonance does not require labeling of the ligand. Instead, it works by measuring the change in the angle at which the polarized light is reflected from a surface (refractive index). The angle is related to the change in mass or layer of thickness, such as immobilization of a ligand changing the resonance angle, which increases the reflected light. The device for which SPR is derived includes a sensor chip, a flow cell, a light source, a prism, and a fixed angle position detector.

Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano - Other SPR relay transmitters

In October 2015, the SPR signed a contract with Grupo Intermedia, owner of XHILA-TDT and XHIJ-TDT, in order to expand the coverage of Una Voz con Todos into Mexicali and Ciudad Juárez, neither of which had ever had national public television service. While the SPR prefers to build its own transmitters, the length of time needed to obtain a concession, as well as spectrum availability in the border markets, makes a subchannel plan more effective.

Frederic W. H. Myers - Mediums and psychics

In the late 19th century Douglas Blackburn and George Albert Smith were endorsed as genuine psychics by Myers and Edmund Gurney. Smith even became an SPR member himself and the private secretary to the Honorary Secretary Gurney from 1883 to 1888. However, Blackburn later confessed to fraud. Blackburn called Gurney and Myers a "couple of credulous spiritualists" and wrote "we resolved that we should be doing the world a service by fooling them to the top of their bent, and then showing how easy a matter it was to 'take in' scientific observers."

Channel 45 - Mexico

SPR transmitters that carry XHHCU (Canal del Congreso) place it on virtual channel 45.

Sive, Paget & Riesel - David Sive

After Sive's death, SPR partner Daniel Riesel described him as "a great litigator" and said that "To watch him in court was a thing of beauty. He was very low-key and he was very gracious, but when he had a point, he wouldn't let go." Professor Nick Robinson of Pace University stated that "Sive was a brilliant litigator and could imagine legal strategies where no one else envisioned them. He persuaded courts to give remedies to those who sought to safeguard nature. He helped invent environmental law." The New York State Bar remembered Sive after his death as "an intellectual and spiritual leader of the modern environmental law movement." Another obituary of Sive stated that "it was his love of the outdoors and especially of the Catskills" that turned him toward environmental law. "As a teenager his growing love for the outdoors and fascination with the American wilderness, as well as his interest in the writings of Thoreau, Emerson and Wordsworth, led him to a lifelong passion for the natural environment, to wilderness preservation and environmental protection."

Agnieszka Kocela

Agnieszka Kocela (born 17 January 1988) is a Polish handball player for SPR Lublin SSA and the Polish national team.

Angels of Mons - Angels

Kevin McClure's study describes two types of accounts circulating, some more clearly based on Machen, others with different details. In a time of intense media interest all these reports allegedly confirming sightings of supernatural activity were second-hand and some of them were hoaxes created by soldiers who were not even at Mons. A careful investigation by the Society for Psychical Research in 1915 said of the first-hand testimony, "We have received none at all, and of testimony at second-hand we have none that would justify us in assuming the occurrence of any supernormal phenomenon". The SPR went on to say the stories relating to battlefield "visions" which circulated during the spring and summer of 1915, "prove on investigation to be founded on mere rumour, and cannot be traced to any authoritative source.” Given that the Society for Psychical Research believed in the existence of supernatural forces, the conclusions of this report are highly significant.