Korean Chemistry Olympiad - Supports

Korea Foundation for the Science and Creativity, LG Chem, and Korea Dow Chemical Company supports the KChO.

America Supports You

America Supports You was a United States Department of Defense program proving opportunities for citizens to show their support for the U.S. armed forces. The program was launched in November 2004 to highlight citizen support for U.S. military men and women.

America Supports You

Dozens of corporations, recognized on the program’s website, were also America Supports You supporters.

America Supports You

America Supports You connected individuals, organizations and companies to hundreds of non-profit support groups, called homefront groups, offering a variety of support services to the military community. The groups provide support in many ways, including writing letters and e-mails, sending care packages, offering scholarships, and helping wounded service men and women when they return home. The America Supports You program also connected military service members and their families to homefront groups that provide assistance.

Supported employment - Natural supports

Natural supports models were funded by the federal and state governments, but public discussion of the concept and implementation has been lacking giving its relevance to workplaces and its federal research status (e.g., Butterworth et al, 1996). "Natural supports funding packages" were recommended by the university sector to state employment agencies with preferences for schemes which are based upon coworker training, the use of employment specialists to facilitate natural supports, and matching the supported employee with the natural supports of the worksites. Early models of "natural supports" were proposed by the rehabilitation community as part of research studies (e.g., Hagner, 1988), and knowing the colloquial paths of this approach international speaker Racino retorted, "What is natural about natural supports anyway?" The natural supports approaches were also aligned with related initiatives including empowerment and choice in employment, and gender differences in supported employment.

State Correctional Institution – Chester - Inmate Supports

There are several Supports at SCI Chester, including:

State Correctional Institution – Coal Township - Inmate supports

At SCI Coal Township, there are a plethora of inmate supports available to them, including:

Peptide synthesis - Solid supports

Three primary types of solid supports are: gel-type supports, surface-type supports, and composites. Improvements to solid supports used for peptide synthesis enhance their ability to withstand the repeated use of TFA during the deprotection step of SPPS. Two primary resins are used, based on whether a C-terminal carboxylic acid or amide is desired. The Wang resin was,, the most commonly used resin for peptides with C-terminal carboxylic acids.

Pipe (fluid conveyance) - Pipe supports

Pipes are usually either supported from below or hung from above (but may also be supported from the side), using devices called pipe supports. Supports may be as simple as a pipe "shoe" which is akin to a half of an I-beam welded to the bottom of the pipe; they may be "hung" using a clevis, or with trapeze type of devices called pipe hangers. Pipe supports of any kind may incorporate springs, snubbers, dampers, or combinations of these devices to compensate for thermal expansion, or to provide vibration isolation, shock control, or reduced vibration excitation of the pipe due to earthquake motion. Some dampers are simply fluid dashpots, but other dampers may be active hydraulic devices that have sophisticated systems that act to dampen peak displacements due to externally imposed vibrations or mechanical shocks. The undesired motions may be process derived (such as in a fluidized bed reactor) or from a natural phenomenon such as an earthquake (design basis event or DBE).

Homelessness - Social supports

While some homeless people are known to have a community with one another, providing each other various types of support, people who are not homeless also may provide them friendship, food, relational care, and other forms of assistance. Such social supports may occur through a formal process, such as under the auspices of a non-governmental organization, religious organization, or homeless ministry, or may be done on an individual basis. In Los Angeles, a collaboration between the Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California and the Union Rescue Mission shelter offer homeless people in the Skid Row area free dental services.

Tom Clancy's EndWar - Mission supports

There are also three mission supports that can be upgraded:

Supported employment - Employment supports

Best practices dictate that an individualized support approach to supported employment, funded as a professional vocational rehabilitation service (now changing to infusion of risk and protective health factors), is used to assist individuals with gaining and maintaining employment (later, termed job retention). These practices may involve a supported employment service provider (professionals)to understand how to customize employment and provide supports, school personnel in transition, or it may involve an approach similar to bridgebuilding and person-centered community development. Supports could include: modifying a job, adding accommodations or assistive technology, enhancing on the job site training among other approaches, such as identifying network relationships (e.g., family business, local job sites and owners) and training parents regarding better futures. What is needed will vary from one person and one employer to the next, but do involve the human resource offices, the funding agencies, the supervisory levels, and even union leadership, among others. In 2010, customized employment, state employment first policies, and "revisiting key federal policies" are recommended as leadership in "employment of persons with severe disabilities"; however, with a newer movement toward the development of "non-work supports".

Structural support - Roller supports

Roller support allows thermal expansion and contraction of the span and prevents damage on other structural members such as a pinned support. The typical application of Roller supports is in large bridges. In civil engineering, roller supports can be seen at one end of a bridge.

Peptide synthesis - Solid supports

Solid supports for peptide synthesis are selected for physically stability, to permit the rapid filtration of liquids. Suitable supports are inert to reagents and solvents used during SPPS, although they must swell in the solvents used to allow for penetration of the reagents, and allow for the attachment of the first amino acid.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families - Livelihood Supports

With a scene of devastation everywhere in a little town of northern China in 1937, Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke, a foreign Presbyterian minister, tried to contribute himself to save more orphans and homelessness away from the war. After he went back the States, he called for the public’s attention and established the China’s Children Fund (abbreviated as CCF) in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Through one-on-one sponsorship program, the sponsors contributed a fixed amount on a regular basis to help with children in need. Even after TFCF’s independence, they still insist to carry on this concept in order to help their sponsored children become self-reliant. TFCF provides them with livelihood supports as well as an opportunity to continue their education through sponsorship program, scholarship, emergency relief fund, life care, nutrition program and Self-Reliant Program for Youth.

Social enterprise - Legal supports

The Ministry of Labor is obliged to "establish the Basic Plan for Social Enterprises Support" every five years (Article 5), and not only enterprises but also cooperatives and non-profits can be recognised as social enterprises, which are eligible for tax reduction and/or financial supports from the Korean / provincial governments or city councils. 680 entities have been recognised as social enterprises as of October 2012. The majority of Korean social enterprises are primarily concerned with job creation. The Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency was established to promote social enterprises, which include Happynarae and Beautiful Store.

Pastel - Pastel supports

Pastel supports need to provide a "tooth" for the pastel to adhere and hold the pigment in place. Supports include:

Angle of repose - With different supports

Different supports will modify the shape of the pile, in the illustrations below sand piles, though angles of repose remain the same.

Tom Clancy's EndWar - DEFCON 1 supports

When a battle reaches DEFCON 1 two supports are unlocked for the losing player; these are the ability to Crash an Uplink and deploy a WMD. When an uplink is crashed its upgrade can no longer be used and it no longer counts towards victory; Crashing an Uplink does not damage any units on the battlefield and can only be done once. A WMD, however, destroys all units within a large blast area, whether friendly or not. WMDs recharge slowly, so they can be used again. If the losing player uses a WMD, their opponent can retaliate by using a WMD of their own. Additionally, during DEFCON 1, units used as reinforcements only cost two Command Points.

Rapid Re-Housing - Levels of Supports

For practitioners who would like a more targeted approach, the following matrix may be helpful, showing five different levels of supports available in a Rapid Re-Housing Intervention.