Mike Dee (baseball coach) - UIC

Dee has won the Horizon League Coach of the Year award eight times: 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008. During his tenure, UIC has had two league Players of the Year, three Pitchers of the Year, and seven Newcomers of the Year.

Mike Dee (baseball coach) - UIC

After a losing record in 1999, UIC began the most successful stretch in program history from 2000 to 2008. In the stretch, the Flames had nine 30-win seasons and won eight Horizon League regular season titles and four Horizon League Tournaments.


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UIC College of Business Administration - Illinois Small Business Development Center at UIC

The Illinois SBDC at UIC works closely with students, faculty and the community to assist entrepreneurs with market analysis, business planning, securing business loans, and obtaining outside equity investment.

Mike Dee (baseball coach) - UIC

UIC made its first NCAA Tournament in 2003, then reached the postseason again in 2005, 2007, and 2008. The team went 0–2 in 2003 and 2005 but won a game in both 2007 and 2008. In 2007, as the fourth seed in the Long Beach Regional, it upset top-seeded Long Beach State. In 2008, as the fourth seed in the College Station Regional, it defeated second seeded Dallas Baptist in an elimination game. UIC extended Dee's contract after the 2008 season.

UIC Building

The UIC Building (United Industrial Corporation Limited Building) was a 40-storey, 152 m skyscraper in the city-state of Singapore. The tower was completed in 1973, and it was the 39th-tallest building in Singapore, tied in rank with Chevron House, Meritus Mandarin Singapore Tower Two, and One Marina Boulevard. At the time of its 1973 completion, the UIC Building was the tallest structure in the city-state and one of the tallest buildings in Southeast Asia. It retained the former title for only one year, as the 162 m United Overseas Bank Plaza Two was completed in 1974. The building was renovated in 1986 and was given a new concrete facade in the Brutalist style of architecture.

UIC franc

The UIC Franc (code: XFU) was a virtual currency unit used by the International Union of Railways (UIC). It was withdrawn from the ISO-4217 currency list in 2013. The euro has taken its place.

UIC Building - V on Shenton

V on Shenton (pronounced as Five on Shenton) is a 54-storey, 237 m (778 ft) mixed residential and commercial development located at 5 Shenton Way, Singapore. It is developed by the United Industrial Corporation (UIC), and was completed in 2017. It has been built on the site of the current UIC Building.

UIC 568 - History

The UIC 568-cable and connector was first introduced along with the specifications for carriages built according to the UIC type Y (24.5 meters long, 8 cabins) and the UIC type X (26.4 meters long, 10 cabins), but have later on been used for variety of other passenger carriages, allowing mixing of InterCity (medium to long distances) and regional (short to medium distances) carriages.

UIC Building

In 2007, United Industrial Corporation, under a collective sale, bought the 21.2 per cent of the UIC Building that it did not already own in order for a redevelopment.

UIC 568 - Train communication network

Attempts have been made to use this cable for a complete communications bus (Train Communication Network, TCN) but it was decided that backwards compatibility was important, so that un-converted carriages could still be used. This would require an 18-conductor cable, which led to the development of the UIC 558-cable and connectors. 13-wire plugs can be connected to an 18-pin socket, and the signals from the 13-wire cable carried through. The remaining five wires are used for the Train Communication Network (TCN)-bus and side-sensitive door control.

UIC Flames

The UIC Flames are the intercollegiate athletic teams of the University of Illinois at Chicago. They are called the Flames as a reference to the Great Chicago Fire, and their team colors are navy blue and fire engine red. The Flames participate in NCAA Division I athletics as part of the Horizon League in baseball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, and volleyball. The Flames also compete in gymnastics in the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics League. Garrett Klassy is the current athletic director after Jim Schmidt retired on 1 August 2017 after 25 years.

UIC Flames - History

UIC athletics began with the College of Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) in the 1880s with their basketball and football teams whose team colors were red (blood) and iodoform (iodine). P&S eventually affiliated with and then became absorbed into the University of Illinois forming its College of Medicine.

UIC Building

The UIC Building is to become V on Shenton (Five on Shenton) development which will include mix of residential and commercial units. Demolition work has since been completed.

UIC Flames - Other sports

Current Miami Marlins player Curtis Granderson played baseball for the UIC Flames.

UIC 568

The UIC 568 standard from the International Union of Railways (UIC), describes a 13-conductor cable and connectors used for transmitting a variety of data and commands between a locomotive and passenger carriages. Examples of those commands and data is loudspeaker messages, train destination signs, and control of doors (locked/un-locked, open/close) and others. Since 1996 this standard number has been reused for "Loudspeaker and telephone systems in RIC coaches Standard technical characteristics " The current standard is given in UIC leaflet 558 "Remote control and data cable – Standard technical features for the equipping of RIC coaches "

UIC 568 - Head end power

Along with the UIC 568-cable and connectors, carriages used for international traffic are required to be equipped with electric heating. The power for this, as well as for lighting, air-conditioning, electric outlets for passengers, etc., is carried by a separate cable. This cable carries single-phase electric power at 1500 volts AC, 50 Hz (with the tracks as the ground connection), supplied from the locomotive, or in some cases a carriage with a generator. In order to use this power, each carriage is equipped with a transformer, which reduces the voltage and supplies a number of electric groups (typically one for heating/air-conditioning, one for lighting, one for outlets to passengers and so on).

UIC Skyspace

UIC Skyspace is a skyspace by James Turrell located at the southwest corner of Roosevelt Road and Halsted Street in Chicago. The sculpture was created in 2005 as part of the creation of the South Campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The sculpture and a fountain are located in the middle of Earl Neal Plaza, named for the lawyer who was instrumental in coordinating the development of the South Campus.

UIC Flames - Other sports

UIC had a men's ice hockey team before the program was discontinued in the spring of 1996.

UIC College Prep

UIC College Prep is a public. four-year Charter high school located in Chicago, Illinois. It is operated by the Noble Network of Charter Schools. The school has a partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago.