Clear Channel UK - Clear Channel UK

Clear Channel UK is an Out of Home media owner, operating over 40,000 advertising sites across the UK. These sites include classic Adshel 6-sheet posters, digital Adshel Live 6-sheet posters, digital 6-sheet screens and large format screens at malls nationwide, as well as Sainsbury's and Asda supermarkets, and smaller Socialite screens in pubs and bars; classic billboards, digital Wrap billboards, and large format digital Storm sites.

Dannii Minogue - UK television

On 14 May 2011, it was announced that Minogue would not be returning for the eighth series of The X Factor UK. Of her decision, Minogue said "During discussions for me to return (to The X Factor) it became clear that unfortunately, this year, the X Factor audition dates in the UK clash with the live shows of Australia's Got Talent during June and July. For this reason I am unable to return." She was replaced by Kelly Rowland. In January 2012, Minogue appeared on the ITV documentary The Talent Show Story where she talked about her time on The X Factor and working on talent shows. Other The X Factor judges who were interviewed included Gary Barlow, Walsh, Tulisa, Rowland and Simon Cowell as well as the host Dermot O'Leary. In June 2013, Minogue joined Elle Macpherson and Tyson Beckford on the judging panel for the ninth series of Sky Living's Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. She replaced Whitney Port and Julien McDonald.

Four Star Mary - UK appearances

In 2008, the band made a number of appearances in the UK, finishing in Manchester.

Henri Selmer Paris - Selmer UK

The factory in Braintree also developed the manufacturing of Lowrey keyboards from KD kits exported from the Chicago manufacturing base of CMI. These instruments were technically advanced but the build quality was poor compared with keyboards which were just beginning to reach the UK and European markets from Japan. To supplement earnings the company took the decision to import a low cost Italian designed organ marketed as a Selmer product which was distributed in large numbers by catalogue sales. Again the return rate, this time due to damage in transit, was significant. In spite of a rebranding as Norlin Music (UK) the management of the company failed to address the key factors preferring to effect a range of cost-cutting measures. In 1976 Norlin Music Inc., faced with mounting debts, began dismantling Selmer UK piece by piece, until the only facility was a repair center for Lowrey organs with a single employee. This shut down in the early 1980s.

Amateur radio repeater - UK repeaters

In the UK, the frequency allocations for repeaters are managed by the Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) of the Radio Society of Great Britain and licensed by Ofcom, the industry regulator for communications in the UK. Each repeater has a NOV (Notice of Variation) licence issued to a particular amateur radio callsign (this person is normally known as the "repeater keeper") thus ensuring the licensing authority has a single point of contact for that particular repeater.

UK Youth

The charity's mission is to provide all young people with access to appropriate, high quality services in their local community or online.UK Youth sits at the heart of a national movement for change of Changemakers and Innovators, to support an estimated one and a half million young people across the UK. UK Youth with the UK Youth Movement, offers support, advice and training to equip young people with the vital life skills needed to engage in education, volunteering and employment.

CDKL5 UK - Rett Disorders Alliance

CDKL5 joined the Rett Disorders Alliance in July 2015 in an aim to collaborate on shaping a more positive future for people with Rett and Rett-like Disorders in the UK.

Sky UK - Sky Mobile

On 21 October 2016, it was announced that public pre-registration for Sky's new mobile network, Sky Mobile, would take place from 31 October 2016. The network will operate as a Full MVNO, utilising the O2 radio access network infrastructure, and O2’s full network speeds and 4G+. On 5 January 2017 Sky Mobile went live to the public across the UK. Coining itself as the Smarter Network, with tariffs mainly focused on data rather than traditional calls & text, effectively saving consumers money in wasted unused minutes and texts. 1GB data costs £10.00 per month while 5GB costs £15.00 per month with 10GB data costing £20.00 per month. With all those data tariffs, the customer can choose from two different call & text packages with the 'Pay as you use' costing 10p per minute of calls and 10p per text message sent or £10.00 per month for Unlimited Calls & Texts. The Unlimited Calls & Texts package is free for new or existing Sky TV customers using the Sky Mobile network.

Freeview (UK) - Services

The Digital TV Group, the industry association for digital television in the UK, is responsible for co-ordination between Freeview and other digital services.

Freeview (UK) - Channels

The full range of channels broadcast via digital terrestrial television includes some pay television services such as BoxNation and Racing UK. These channels, although available only to subscribers with appropriate equipment, are listed in the on-screen electronic programme guides displayed by many Freeview receivers but cannot be viewed.

Humanists UK - Ethical issues

The organisation also campaigns on marriage laws, demanding full equality for same-sex and humanist marriage ceremonies throughout the UK. Humanists UK had been providing same-sex wedding ceremonies for decades, and had strongly supported legalising same-sex marriage years in advance of eventual UK and Scottish legislation. In 2013, it secured an amendment to the same sex-marriage bill to require UK Government to consult on letting humanist celebrants conduct legal marriages. Though the consultation result strongly indicated that legalisation should go ahead, ministers have so far declined to use the order-making powers to effect the change. It also campaigns for same-sex and humanist marriages in Northern Ireland. In 2017, it supported a humanist couple to challenge Northern Ireland's refusal to give legal recognition to humanist marriages through the High Court in Belfast, which resulted in legalisation of humanist marriages in Northern Ireland in June 2017. After campaigning to legalise same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, it celebrated its success with a promotional billboards across Belfast emblazoned, 'Love wins for everybody', advertising humanist ceremonies.

UK funky - History

Popular singer Katy B duetted with Ms. Dynamite on a track called "Lights On". It reached number four in the UK Singles Chart and was the first UK funky track to chart in the UK.

Sky UK - Transmission

As of 2019, Astra 2E, 2F and 2G are the sole satellites used by Sky UK; a number of services are served via narrow UK-only spot beams, the other services downlinked with a Europe-wide footprint. UK-only spot beams are intentionally tightly focused over mainland UK, however they are still receivable dependent on location and access to a sufficiently large dish and sensitive LNB.

BMX - UK BMX explosion

In the UK, BMX was a craze which took off in the early 1980s, specifically 1982/3, when it became the "must have" bicycle for children and teenagers. Previously a small niche area, BMX exploded at this time into the dominant bicycle for the younger rider, with older teenagers and even adults becoming known names through publications like BMX Bi weekly, featuring big names like Tim March and Andy Ruffell. The shift to freestyle from racing came in 1985 with popular styling moving from chrome frames and contrasting components in black blue or red being the norm, to brightly coloured bikes in one colour only, including their mag wheels and even matching tyres. Because BMX exploded into Britain's streets so suddenly, it was perhaps inevitable that it would implode with similar speed, when the children who rode the bikes left school and went to work. This was indeed the case, as by 1986/7 sales in the UK had dropped off dramatically, with the new ATB or "mountain bike" taking off and soon to become the generic adult bicycle, again from California where it had begun in the mid 1970s. Nevertheless the first BMX track in the UK was founded in Landseer Park, Ipswich in 1980 by the Ipswich BMX Club which still provides coaching and races on a regular basis.

Green New Deal - In the UK

On April 30, former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband joined Caroline Lucas and former South Thanet Conservative MP Laura Sandys in calling for a Green New Deal in the UK. The left-wing campaigning group Momentum also wish to influence the Labour Party's manifesto to include a Green New Deal.

Charlie Harper (singer) - with UK Subs

see U.K. Subs#Discography

Evita (musical) - 2017 UK Tour

A replica of the 2013–2014 UK Tour began touring early 2017, once again in the UK. Led by Madalena Alberto, with Gian Marco Schiaretti as Che; Jeremy Secomb as Juan Perón; Oscar Balmaseda as Magaldi and Sarah O’Connor as the Mistress; this production ran through to July. In the same way the previous tour had a limited London run, this production performed a limited 91 performance run (due to the failure of The Girls) at the Phoenix Theatre from July to October 2017. Hatton reprised her role along with all her previous cast members. The tour then continued into 2018.

Hamleys - Other UK stores

In 1987 Hamleys opened a new store in one of the richest shopping streets in the UK, Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. Surprisingly, it operated for only 12 months, and closed in 1988. It had seemed a "perfect combination" (Hamleys and Northumberland. Street)But, it did not work out. Sadly, despite extensive research, no photos of Hamleys in Newcastle seem to exist.

National Front (UK)

Ideologically positioned on the extreme right or far right of British politics, the NF has been characterised as fascist or neo-fascist by political scientists. Different factions have dominated the party at different points in its history, each with its own ideological bent, including neo-Nazis, Strasserites, and racial populists. The party espouses the ethnic nationalist view that only white people should be citizens of the United Kingdom. It calls for an end to non-white migration into the UK, with settled non-white Britons to be stripped of citizenship and deported. A white supremacist group, it promotes biological racism and the white genocide conspiracy theory, calling for global racial separatism and condemning interracial relationships and miscegenation. It espouses anti-semitic conspiracy theories, endorsing Holocaust denial and claiming that Jews dominate the world through both communism and finance capitalism. It promotes economic protectionism, Euroscepticism, and a transformation away from liberal democracy, while its social policies oppose feminism, LGBT rights, and societal permissiveness.

NICOL Forests UK - NICOL Board of Directors

Akyaaba Addai-Sebo: Independent Consultant on Preventive Diplomacy, National Development and Resource Mobilisation. Director of Tribute Inspirations Limited and Director of Cultural and Political Relations at Listen Campaigns Limited, London, UK. Formerly Special Advisor to His Excellency Amara Essy, Secretary-General of the OAU and Chairman of AU Commission. Special Envoy of International Alert, and helped to broker peace in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Appointed by President Hilla Liman as member of the Presidential Commission on Ghana-US Relations in 1981. Has written widely on peace and conflict, contemporary African politics and national security. He founded Black History Month through the Greater London Council in the UK in October 1987; it later expanded to be a national event.