Wellington United - Wellington United

Wellington Diamond United and Wellington City merged in 1986 to form Wellington City Diamond United, which soon shortened its name to Wellington United.

United p.s. - United Business

United Business consists of 28 fully flat-bed seats in a 2x2 configuration from rows 1 through 7. This aircraft uses exactly the same Business class seats United uses on Boeing 757s configured for transatlantic flights, which is also used regularly on p.s. routes. The major difference is that the ps Business configuration includes 3 additional rows of Business class seats after Door 2L. This class of service includes AVOD at every seat and Business service standards. Access to the United Club is included with a Business class boarding pass. All seats on this aircraft feature 110 V power.

Wellington United - Wellington United

In January 2015 Wellington United announced a strategic partnership with Wellington Phoenix. The partnership has the Academy and Premiers ( ISPS Handa Premiership ) able to play through the winter in the Central League as Wellington United.

United Airlines - United 3411

On the evening of April 9, 2017, a revenue passenger was forcibly removed by law enforcement from United Airlines flight 3411 at Chicago-O'Hare, bound for Louisville. United announced that it needed four seats for airline staff on the sold-out flight. When no passengers volunteered after being offered vouchers worth $800, United staff selected four passengers to leave. Three of them did so, but the fourth, a doctor named David Dao, declined as he said that he had patients to treat the following morning. He was pulled from his seat by Chicago Department of Aviation security officers and dragged by his arms down the aisle. Dao sustained a concussion, broken teeth, a broken nose, and other injuries. The incident was captured on smartphone cameras and posted on social media, triggering an angry public backlash. Afterwards, United's chief executive officer, Oscar Munoz, described Dao as "disruptive and belligerent", apologized for "re-accommodating" the paying customers, and defended and praised staff for "following established procedures". He was widely criticized as "tone-deaf". Munoz later issued a second statement calling what happened a "truly horrific event" and accepting "full responsibility" for it. After a lawsuit, Dao reached an undisclosed settlement with United and airport police. In the aftermath, United's board of directors decided that Munoz would not become its chairman and that executive compensation would be tied to customer satisfaction. Following this incident, passenger complaints increased by 70 percent.

United Congress - United Missions

The United Congress collective briefly changed its name to United Missions in the mid-1990s, and for the 1997 Calgary ArtWeek Gala Bacchanal, presented Golden Boy, a show based on the personal artifacts of Rafael Albert, a Victorian cyclist.

United Airlines - United First and United Business

In 2015, United released its new domestic first class seat design. The new leather seats feature cradling headrests, granite cocktail tables, and a tablet stand. These seats will debut on Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 aircraft, and will eventually be installed on all domestic aircraft.

United Airlines - United First and United Business

In 2019, It was announced that United is increasing first and business class seats "by 1,600" across all their aircraft in their fleet, to include the Bombardier CRJ550 for which United is the "launch customer" of.

United Airlines - United First and United Business

United First is offered on all domestically configured aircraft. When such aircraft are used on international services such as services to Canada, Central America and the Caribbean destinations, this cabin is branded as United Business. United First seats on narrowbody aircraft have a 38 in seat pitch, while United First seats on re-configured domestic Boeing 777-200 aircraft feature fully flat bed seats. Passengers receive priority boarding and baggage handling, pre-departure beverages, complimentary meals and separate check-in desks.

Surrey United Firefighters - Surrey United

Founded in 1983, Surrey United Men's Soccer Club was an adult club consisting of two teams that played in the Fraser Valley Soccer League until 1998. They established a dynasty as league champions of the Premier Division in 1992 and four consecutive Premier and First Division (reserve) Championships, two President Cup wins, a Pakenham Cup win and in 1998 lost 2–1 in extra-time in the final of the British Columbia Provincial Soccer Championship for the Province Cup.

Oxford United F.C. - Headington United

Oxford United were formed as Headington in 1893, adding the suffix United in 1911 after merging with Headington Quarry. The club was founded by Rev. John Scott-Tucker, the vicar at Saint Andrew's Church in Headington, and a local doctor named Robert Hitchings. A football team was a way for the cricketers of Headington Cricket Club to maintain their fitness during the winter break. The club's first football match played was against Cowley Barracks. Headington had no regular home until 1913, when they were able to purchase Wootten's Field on London Road, but this was redeveloped in 1920, forcing the club to move. A permanent home was found in 1925, when they purchased the Manor Ground site on London Road. The facility was used as a cricket pitch in the summer, and a football pitch in the winter. In 1899, six years after their formation, Headington United joined the Oxfordshire District League Second Division, where they competed until the outbreak of the First World War; the Second Division was renamed the Oxfordshire Junior League after the resumption of football in 1919. In 1921, the club was admitted into the Oxon Senior League. The first season included a 9–0 victory, with eight of those goals coming from P. Drewitt. This remains a record for the highest number of goals scored by an Oxford player in a first-team match. At this time a small rivalry existed with Cowley F.C., who were based a few miles south of Headington. During a league game on May Day, the referee gave two penalties to Cowley; supporters broke past security and players, resulting in the referee being "freely baited". The first FA Cup tie played was in 1931, against Hounslow F.C. in the Preliminary Round, ending in an 8–2 defeat for Headington. United spent two seasons in the Spartan League in 1947 and 1948, finishing fifth and fourth respectively. It was around this time that the cricket team left the Manor and moved to new premises near Cowley Barracks.

Ayutthaya United F.C. - Ayutthaya United

After Sena Municipality got promote to Regional league division. They requested patent to be corporation called "Ayutthaya United (2015) Company limited" and change club name to Ayutthaya United. The team plays their home matches at Senabodee Stadium, Sena District.

Portmore United F.C. - Hazard United

The club was formed as Hazard United and has been around for more than 20 years. They started out in the Clarendon League in Division 2, then played two years in Division 1 when they qualified for Craven A Premier League. They have been in Premier League ever since. Hazard United were based in May Pen and won two league titles (1993 and 2003).

United Living Group - United House

After Jeffrey Adams joined the company in 1981, becoming its joint owner with Granter, the company changed its name to United House and expanded into housebuilding and housing refurbishment. In the 1990s, the company won substantial business under the Private Finance Initiative linked to the Decent Homes Programme, and building of new social under the 1997–2010 Labour government. A development division named Modern City Living was established in 1990. United House became the leading housing PFI contractor in the UK, managing over 7,000 homes. In 2008, Modern City Living was rebranded United House Developments.

United Nations Medal - United Kingdom

Other countries, in particular the United Kingdom, permit a service member to receive the relevant United Nations medal and authorization for it to be worn is given by the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office), Numerals may be added to denote multiple tours to one mission, the medals are worn in order of award and take precedence alongside British campaign medals.

Surrey United Firefighters - Surrey United

In 1994 the adult club merged with a youth club and the name Surrey United Soccer Club included a full youth system as well as adult teams.

Ayutthaya United F.C. - Ayutthaya United

On 19 March 2016, Ayutthaya United played their first football league match at Nakhon Sawan Province Stadium with Nakhon Sawan F.C. Ayutthaya United won 1–0 by the goal of Rungroj Sawangsri, former Thailand national defender. So, he was the first player who score a goal for Ayutthaya United in professional level.

Pattaya United F.C. - Pattaya United

However, in January 2015 the club was sold to Enigma Sport Ventures (ESV), the sporting arm of the Enigma Global. It marked the first change in ownership in the club history, after several lucrative bids were submitted for the Kunpluem family's consideration. The family, and Pattaya United board felt that the club's best interest, and future lies with Enigma Sport Ventures. The new ownership's management team moves very quickly in rebranding the club, appointing the new President is, Club's first foreign Head Coach, and securing 8 top players from TPL to play in the Division One. Many of players were former first elevens players from Muangthong United, as well as couple thai and foreign national team players. In 2016, Pattaya United was taken over by the Kiarti Thanee Group led by Tanet Phanichewa.

The United Group - United Media

United Media is a combination of top Pay TV channels in the region (sports, movies, kids) and CAS Media providing clients with targeted media buying on most of the regional cable channels. United Media channel offer is available for cable, DTH, OTT and IPTV distribution. In 2018, United Media announced the acquisition of Direct Media, a regional advertising agency.

United Living Group - United House

The origin of United House lies with Geoffrey Granter who founded it as Harp Heating in 1964. Initially, the core business was installing central heating in council housing while the tenants remained in occupation. Harp Heating broadened this service into an internal refurbishment product for the GLC, installing a package of heating, bathroom, kitchen and electrical works in four days. To achieve this they developed highly organised logistics arrangements, distributing materials on a just in time basis from its 100,000 sq ft warehouse adjacent to the head office at Swanley.

Sheffield United F.C. - United Women

Sheffield United also have a Women's team, formerly known as Sheffield United Ladies, who play in the FA Women's Championship after having been promoted in the 2017-18 season from the FA Women's National League. Sheffield United Women also have a Development team and numerous junior teams as part of the Regional Talent Club and an additional grassroots arm.