Soft updates - Implementations

FreeBSD supports soft updates for the UFS file system and they have been enabled by default during installation for many years. Soft updates are manually enabled or disabled during file system creation with an option to the newfs command. They can be disabled or enabled anytime thereafter with an option to the tunefs command. FreeBSD 9.0 introduced a journaling supplement to soft updates for the purpose of eliminating a background fsck for garbage collection after a crash. However, enabling journaling on a filesystem with soft updates disables the ability to make filesystem snapshots. This may cause issues when filesystems are dumped with the -L option, as snapshots are used to guarantee filesystem coherency during the dump.

Soft updates - Implementations

NetBSD supported soft updates until the 6.0 release (2012) at which time it was deprecated in favor of WAPBL journaling.

Soft updates - Comparison to journaling file systems

An advantage of a file system with soft updates is that it can be mounted immediately after a crash, since there is no log replay.

Soft updates - Method of operation

Soft updates require periodic flushing of the metadata to nonvolatile storage.

Los Updates

Los Updates are a minimal dance group formed by Jorge González of Los Prisioneros. They began sometime in the summer of 2006 after Los Prisioneros had broken up. Throughout the year they recorded some songs which will be released as an EP.

Los Updates - History

Loreto Otero and Jorge González are Los Updates, South American auto exiles with laptops, turntables, synthesizers and voices produce a strong sound collage, whose ultimate goal is the pleasure in the dance floor, while searching that immortal song. Jorge joined as a singer, bassist, guitarist, programmer, songwriter and producer the legendary group The Prisoners, who sold over a million and a half albums since the mid-80s, breaking records asisitencia public (with its particular mix of electropop and new wave ) in over a dozen nations, filling two days running the National soccer Stadium Santiago in December 2001 (140 thousand people in total) and related thronging stadiums in several other countries. Without going any further, Latin MTV began broadcasting with " We are sudamerican rockers " written, sung and produced by Jorge Gonzalez. Loreto since 2001 photographically documented every tour the band and produced the visual accompaniment of various tours. Jorge edited vinyls parallel as a composer and singer in various electronic projects, highlighting the success of clubs " I am not the Sound" Sieg Über Die by Sonne from Germany, with whom he released the album also "+1", the hit " Tour France " by Lord Coconut, the song " Kind of Wrong " by Sussie 4 and his latest EP, " No Sleep " by Dinky. Abandoning the comfort it gives to play in a legendary rock band in Spanish, experience in Mexico under, is a brave move and visionary hope. The Updates are publishing their first self-titled EP in Castilian : in Mexico with the prestigious independent label " Noiselab " in USA under " National Records " in Argentina with " Secsy Music " and in Chile with Fair -La Oreja discs. Lore and George addition, under the name of Los Updates, launched in May 2007, a double vinyl through the label Cadenza in Berlin.

Soft updates

Soft updates is an approach to maintaining file system meta-data integrity in the event of a crash or power outage. Soft updates work by tracking and enforcing dependencies among updates to file system meta-data. Soft updates are an alternative to the more commonly used approach of journaling file systems.

Soft updates - Method of operation

Soft updates allow only asynchronous metadata writes that do not render the on-disk file system inconsistent, or that the only inconsistency that ever happens is a storage space leak (space marked allocated when not used by any file). It avoids having to do ordered synchronous metadata writes by temporarily "rolling back" any part of a metadata block that depends on another potentially non-flushed or partially rolled-back block when writing it.

Soft updates - Implementations

OpenBSD supports soft updates for the FFS file system. Soft updates are enabled when the file system is mounted by exercising an option to the mount command.

Soft updates - Comparison to journaling file systems

Neither journaling nor soft updates guarantees that no data will be lost, but they do make sure that the filesystem remains consistent.

Updates (TV program) - Weekend expansion

Unlike the weekday newsbriefs that rotate every half-hour, the weekend updates air every top of the hour.

Updates (TV program) - Special cases

When warranted, Updates can be aired beyond its regular news brief format for special coverages; and when a breaking story occurs, it will air as CNN Philippines Breaking News. If a particular/political event occurs (e.g. presidential speeches, media briefings etc.), CNN Philippines Happening Now is being aired. Whenever possible, breaking stories from CNN International may be simulcasted on CNN Philippines, before or after the local updates air; in some cases, CNN PH may keep some of the simulcast overnight.

Natural Product Updates

Natural Product Updates is a fully searchable online, text and graphical database that is updated weekly with the latest developments in catalysis. It is also available as a monthly print bulletin.

Synthetic Reaction Updates

Synthetic Reaction Updates is a current awareness bibliographic database from the Royal Society of Chemistry that provides alerts of recently published developments in synthetic organic chemistry.

Steam Controller - Updates

Valve has pushed out updates that enable more customization and functionality to the Steam Controller. Valve has added improvements to the controller's capabilities based on public feedback following its launch, which include movement and aiming controls schemes using its internal gyroscope, the ability to trigger actions that enable cursor movement limited to certain regions on a UI (such as to manipulate a game's mini-map), a quick-access popup for 16 commands that can act similar to hotkeys for keyboard-and-mouse games, cloud-based controller configuration saving, and support for non-Steam games that otherwise can be played through the Steam Overlay. Several updates were introduced in June 2016. One update enabled users to create actions using the Controller to switch between two or more different configurations on the fly. This update also enabled the ability to customize the motion-sensing controls to be used for virtual reality games. A second update in June 2016 enabled buttons to be "Activators" which can respond differently based on the type of input on the button, distinguishing between a single short tap, an extended hold, and a double-tap, for example. Activators can also be used to simulate the constant holding of a button with a single press, such as often used for the action of crouching in many first-person or third-person shooters.

Sun News (Indian TV channel) - Updates

The Channel comes out with updates every hour. Updates range from world, national, regional to local news events. As the channel has a broad base of reporters, exclusive videos are shown pertaining to each news item. Also, exclusive stories are presented daily that cover large range of issues concerning Tamil Nadu.

Evite - Updates

Hosts may opt to send guests updates when other guests RSVP for the event, or when the event details are changed.

BeOS R5 - Updates

Three updates for R5 were released during 2000.

LTspice - Updates

Every month, minor updates are released by Analog Devices for software fixes, updates for existing device models, and new device models. A user can manually update their installed copy by doing a "Sync Release" from the pulldown menu. LTspice has a "Show Change Log" screen that lists every change to the software and models since LTspice XVII was released. LTspice does not show any subversion numbers as many software programs do, though the software "build date" could be treated as such. For example, on 64-bit Windows, the "about" screen shows "LTspice XVII(x64)" then a build date and time.

Windows Desktop Update - Updates

Updates to the Windows Desktop Update were part of IE 4.0 hotfixes and service packs. Later, shell security updates for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 included both the update to the Windows Desktop Update version and the original version. Also sometimes the Windows Desktop Update version and the update to the original version were packaged separately.