WatchOS - watchOS 5.x

WatchOS 5 was first shown to the public at the San Jose WWDC developer conference held by Apple. It had an instant watch-to-watch Walkie-Talkie mode. This is the first version of watchOS to not support the first-generation Apple Watch.

WatchOS - watchOS 6.x

Apple announced a new version of watchOS that would contain features such as the App Store, a calculator with tip tools, an audiobooks app, noise level monitoring, and Apple's Voice Memos app.


watchOS is the operating system of the Apple Watch, developed by Apple Inc.. It is based on the iOS operating system and has many similar features. It was released on April 24, 2015, along with the Apple Watch, the only device that runs watchOS. Its API is called WatchKit.

List of Apple codenames - watchOS

watchOS often follows the codename convention for beaches.

WatchOS - Interface overview

Prior to watchOS 3, Glances provided fast access to a summarized view of the most popular native or third-party applications used on Apple Watch. The Glances view was opened with a swipe up gesture from the watch face screen. With watchOS 3, Glances has been replaced by a redesigned Control Center – much like the one in iOS. The friends menu, invoked with the side button, now acts as a dedicated dock for apps.


The second version, watchOS 2, included support for native third-party apps and other improvements, and was released on September 21, 2015. The third version, watchOS 3, was released on September 13, 2016, emphasizing better performance and including new watch faces and stock apps. The fourth version, watchOS 4, was released on September 19, 2017. The fifth version, watchOS 5, was released on September 17, 2018, adding more third-party support and new workouts, along with the “Walkie-Talkie” feature. The sixth version, watchOS 6, was released on September 19, 2019.

Mobile operating system - watchOS

The most current version of the watchOS operating system is watchOS 5.

Mobile operating system - watchOS

watchOS is the operating system of the Apple Watch, developed by Apple Inc. It is based on the iOS operating system and has many similar features. It was released on April 24, 2015, along with the Apple Watch, the only device that runs watchOS. It is currently the most widely used wearable operating system. Its features focus on convenience, such as being able to place phone calls and send texts, and health, such as fitness and heart rate tracking.

WatchOS - HealthKit

For several years now, Apple has been developing its HealthKit product in a bid to change the way people interact with their devices. There is also a conscious attempt to penetrate the lucrative healthcare and wellness industry, which many observers believe to hold a huge growth opportunity for Apple. This was confirmed by Jony Ive, Apple's chief designer, in an interview. He said that health was a crucial element in the Apple Watch since the day of its inception and that the developmental trajectory of the hardware and the WatchOS were geared towards health-based capabilities. Ive pointed out that that one of the primary apps that shipped with the first WatchOS allowed users to track and communicate as well as encourage them to move, exercise, and stand. He said: Many of us have our phones with us all the time, but they aren't connected to you. Imagine having something this powerful with you at all times, and what opportunities that might present to the user. The opportunity is phenomenal. Particularly when [you] don't understand just where we are today in terms of technology and capability, but where we are headed. One of the most recent updates to the WatchOS included applications that do not only keep users active but also diagnose illnesses. For example, there is the app called DeepHeart, a deep learning network that can detect atrial fibrillation, hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes. It taps the HealthKit platform to collect data, particularly those collected by the Apple Watch's heart sensor.

Smartwatch - watchOS

watchOS is a proprietary mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. to run on the Apple Watch.

Messages (Apple) - watchOS version

Messages has been included in every version of watchOS on the Apple Watch. Apple Watches can send and receive SMS and MMS messages through a paired iPhone, while iMessages can be sent and received over Wi-Fi without a paired iPhone. As the Apple Watch has no keyboard, users can respond to messages using preset replies or text transcribed by Siri. Apple Watch can also send emojis, audio recordings, and hand-drawn "scribbles".

Music (software) - iOS, tvOS, and watchOS versions

The Music app has been included in every version of watchOS on the Apple Watch. Music can be downloaded directly to an Apple Watch for use without a paired iPhone.

Apple File System - iOS, tvOS, and watchOS

iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2, and watchOS 3.2 convert the existing HFSX file system to APFS on compatible devices.

Podcasts (software) - iOS, tvOS, and watchOS versions

Podcasts was added to the Apple Watch with watchOS 5 on September 17, 2018.

Apple Maps - 2015–2018

In 2016, Apple Maps opened a new development center and it was updated for watchOS and iOS. The application was improved when watchOS 2.2 came out in March 2016. Apple Maps was renewed in the new version of the operating system and received a number of new features, including "Nearby" which had previously been exclusive to iOS. Four months later, Apple CEO Tim Cook inaugurated a new office in partnership with IT company RMSI, Noida, at the WaveRock campus in the Indian city Hyderabad. The development center focusses on the development of Apple Maps and employs 4,000 people. According to ZDNet, the 250,000 sqft office cost US$25 million. In September, iOS 10 was released. The update of the Apple's mobile operating system was accompanied by a new design of Apple Maps. Moreover, the application was opened up to developers and gained a few features: it makes suggestions for places to go based on earlier usage of the app, it can remember the location where the user parked their vehicle, it allows a user to filter search suggestions, and the turn-by-turn navigation was improved. The navigation automatically zooms in and out, shows traffic ahead, and allows users to search for points of interests along the route. These features are available for CarPlay as well.

Apple Watch - Version history

watchOS 2.0 featured new features and more general improvements to Apple Watch. Following the software update, some users experienced issues with lag.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference - 2018

WWDC 2018 was held from June 4 to June 8, 2018, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. The announcements at the event included iOS 12, macOS Mojave, watchOS 5, and updates to tvOS. As with 2016, there were no new hardware announcements. Panic! at the Disco performed at the Bash at Discovery Meadow Park.